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Kitchens are becoming more delicate and feminine with a bashful charm making some models appear venerable and submissive.  There is a tendency for designers to conceal the kitchen within the surrounding walls making it invisible; the kitchen is being taught some manners and now only speaks when it is spoken to!
But silence and mystery can be very powerful.  Slender worktops, handless doors, transforming elements and appropriately placed appliances convey a smouldering persuasiveness that means you want to get to know the creation lurking within your home.  There is a desire to expose the beauty that the nasty designer has tried to hide and there is a need to lay your hands on the forbidden elements within the drawers!!
The exterior softness portrayed in many modern designs is only superficial and just like the modern woman, these new kitchens are articulate, able to do the job and in some instances radiate a powerful dominance!
The modern kitchen is now a genderless space with manufacturers now using marketing and styling techniques adopted from the motor industry to attract both male and female buyers.   What do they say SEX SELLS!
Happy Valentine’s Day from The Mogul!

Splatter Art Kitchen

This kitchen embraces the dominance of asymmetry in modern kitchen design, empowering the imagination and offering the eye something that is casual and yet calculated.  The series of wall units in the first image look as though they have been splattered onto the wall by an uncomforting artist.  And just as with splatter art the act is deliberate but the result is open to critical interpretation!
The physical layering here is fantastic and presents an opportunity to cross-dress the kitchen, disguising it as something less functional; the perfect life-space accessory.  The handless, free-hung, box matrix design which is only occasionally interrupted is brilliantly adorned by basalt ceramic finishes.  The use of a ceramic cabinet frontage opens the door into a whole new range of sensory pleasures.  The colour of the ceramic fronted design mixed with the slender stainless steel worktops is great and having this accessorised with wood veneer and lighting only adds to the kitchen-less experience. 
Eventually the design cascades from the wall and has been given a set of landing gear to ensure the touchdown is smooth and effortless!
Sometimes presenting wall units in this way can be perceived as being a gimmick, a hook to get the design noticed but in this instance the flexibility and use of materials just make this a good design!
The Mogul approves!

FLASH! Superhero Kitchen Design

Okay kitchen design enthusiasts welcome to 2012 and what a great way to start a blisteringly good year of design than to focus your retina on this little beauty from Splinterworks! 
This design is opulently dressed in a mix of American black walnut, Californian burr walnut; teak and silver leaf and is a showcase of how deep pockets and a vivid imagination can deliver something really special. 
The Mogul’s initial reaction on seeing this design was to think that it was in-fact Flash Gordon’s Art Deco kitchen!  There was also the lingering question about whether or not the addition of a very artistic second island between the cooking zone and the back wall would cause a functional obstruction!
Upon further consideration it becomes obvious that the second kitchen island enhances the usability and allows the design to achieve perspective against the expansive architecture!  The slender design and central position of this island creates a natural and unobtrusive flow allowing the gastronomic engineers to bounce from the tall units positioned on either side of the room, gathering what they need and choosing a functional lane, left or right of the island dependent upon the activity they are involved in!  This culinary relay also provides ample opportunity for sociability and functionally to collide, creating the perfect mix for intimate conversation and large social gatherings!
Cladding the large structural column in the centre of the room with polished mirror and using the custom extraction as a functional camouflage is brilliant and one that Flash would approve of! 
The Mogul can also see that this design is a melting pot, an amalgamation of kitchen design influences!  Not only can you see Splinterworks own unique style but by looking closely you can also see subtle influence coming from 2 elder Statesmen of kitchen design! 
The Mogul approves!

Clinical Culinary Theatre

In order to captivate and delight an audience a theatre must have two working elements; a front of house and a back stage.  The front of house is organised, deliberate and confidently projects a professional and artistic ambience to those in attendance.  Backstage can be busier, more chaotic and is the engine room for success.
This kitchen by Mal Corby is complex because it understands its user!  Designed for a professional Chef this kitchen provides versatility and performance in two separate zones. 
Front of house presents a mouth watering array of colour, texture and light.  The monolithic island is designed to allow sociability to flourish and yet it can be argued that the lack of stools make the design a little more artistic. 
Light is embraced, nurtured and celebrated within the design adding definition to the island and providing some interesting secondary features, with glossy panels reflecting the light beyond its physical reality!  X marks the spot!
Peeping out from behind a smoked glass curtain the backstage area is designed for speed, precision and functional performance.  Engineered shelving allows the cook to operate with clinical precision and the lack of doors here adds some oil to the calibrated culinary performance expected within this functional theatre.
The Mogul approves!

Frankenstein’s Kitchen

Welcome to Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory!  An experimental and unconventional place where primitive looking mechanisms influence volumetric flasks and where functional enlightenment is occasionally allowed to bubble to the surface!
This is the latest solution to the green living conundrum by Phillips.  A kitchen that is a self contained organic converter, an advanced experimental processer of food waste to energy!  The Microbial Home concept features this bio-digester which turn’s organic waste into methane gas which is then used to power the cooker and also converts solid waste into compost.
But unlike Frankenstein monster this creation should not be feared, after all, kitchen designers are not that scary!  This design should be celebrated as a huge step forward along the evolutionary path of kitchen design.

Isn’t She Lovely

This design is absolutely beautiful, a magnificent example of how contemporary kitchen design can be appreciated by architecture that doesn’t have the stereotypical hallmarks of a contemporary build. 
There is a growing trend at the moment that seems to point to a contradiction, a skewed alignment between kitchen and architecture that works brilliantly well!  Classically styled architecture and interior design can soften the edges of a minimal kitchen concept and provide a subtle avenue for artistic expression. 
Doing this also makes contemporary kitchen design more accessible to those who don’t have a contemporary dwelling, so although this looks great and works well there may well be a commercial interest driving the notion of this style.  Interestingly though this idea doesn’t work as well in the opposite direction where you have contemporary architecture and a traditional kitchen!
Whatever the reason….it looks fantastic.
However, just to burst the bubble on this design!  It is sprawling and the distance between the ovens and the hob is huge.  The functional zones seem to have been compromised in the name of beauty; but if you own a kitchen of this size you might not mind having your personal chef walk a few extra feet now and again!

Mayan Kitchen

There is a great presence in this design by Saporiti Italia drawing the viewer in and presenting hidden treasures at every turn.  The main focal point of the design is the island which looks as though it has been forged by the hand of an ancient Mayan stone mason.  There is a compromise here in that the ultimate functional possibilities for the island have been purposely restricted to enable the aesthetical beauty of this monolith to be adored in all its splendor!  
But that’s not all; this design considers that the kitchen is a functional art installation and that there should be an appreciation of light and of all three dimensional planes.  Some of the doors have been etched, again reminiscent of Mayan artwork, to invite light and shadows!  Add to this mix a simple linear matrix, modern materials such as coloured glass, quartz worktops and LED lights and this kitchen is an understated functional beauty!
The Mogul Approves!

Size and Features are Everything

This island is impressive, dominating the space and presenting itself as a metal monolith for gastronomic gratification!  It is also very pleasing on the eye and is loaded to the back teeth with stuff!!
The features include; laser etched stainless steel worktops and doors, an integrated warming worktop that heats up to 40 degrees C, an integrated chilling worktop that cools to 4 degrees C, integrated induction cooking, a vertical dish warmer, a concealed under worktop lift oven….DEEP BREATH!!!! An Electric pull-out table with touch controls and two positions: complete (table) and partial (snack bar). A ceiling-mounted extraction unit in modular lengths (BRILLIANT), an LED lighting system, There is a pocket door system integrating washing, pantry, cooking and oven units. And finally in order to relax after all that exertion there is a wine storage unit featuring flush doors with Stopsol double-glazing and magnetic seals.
And there is always the possibility that someone will walk into an Arclinea Cucine showroom and say; “Is that all you have?”

Efficiently executed gastronomic sortie

This kitchen presents itself as a futuristic culinary transformer, sitting dormant while awaiting engagement in the next efficiently executed gastronomic sortie. 
The extraction system looms ominously above the shape shifting island connected to the dominant housing in the background like an extended pod from a mother ship; involving itself in the cooking experience! 
There is something brilliantly menacing about this design that presents the viewer with an efficient and somewhat soulless vision of what kitchen design can be.  But this design is not a cold and heartless creature from science fiction; it is in-fact fantastically human! 
This design displays all of the traits now found within our society; it is efficient, organized, functional and ruthlessly cool!  We are the masters of our own creations and in many ways kitchen design is becoming an inward exploration of who we are!

Beam me up Scotty!

If you want to have a focused workspace, an area that allows you to command the room both functionally and socially then the horseshoe island is for you.  The island wraps itself around the kitchen user providing a near infinite amount of worktop area and the efficient movement between kitchen zones can be quantified in twists and shuffles instead of proper steps!  This kitchen allows the cook to become the main attraction surrounded by salivating tiers of family and friends, but this Roman amphitheatre kitchen has several limitations. 
The tight curves can limit the use of base unit drawers and therefore the functional efficiency of the kitchen.  If drawers are used space can be wasted due to the parallel positioning of the runners.  A busy kitchen may also need a sous-chef but due to the functional focus of this design the second in command may end up treading on the chefs toes a little!  It also seems strange that in this instance the chef will need to walk around the island in order to reach the fridge, larder and ovens.  Maybe one of the screaming hoards, baying for gastronomic satisfaction on the outside of the island could do the honors there!  Or The Mogul suggests the easier option of placing them directly behind the island?!
If all the attention gets too much for the Chef and his apprentice they could always request some inter-galactic assistance and be instantly transported though the extraction system, just like Spock and Captain Kirk!
Beam me up Scotty!