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Efficiently executed gastronomic sortie

This kitchen presents itself as a futuristic culinary transformer, sitting dormant while awaiting engagement in the next efficiently executed gastronomic sortie. 
The extraction system looms ominously above the shape shifting island connected to the dominant housing in the background like an extended pod from a mother ship; involving itself in the cooking experience! 
There is something brilliantly menacing about this design that presents the viewer with an efficient and somewhat soulless vision of what kitchen design can be.  But this design is not a cold and heartless creature from science fiction; it is in-fact fantastically human! 
This design displays all of the traits now found within our society; it is efficient, organized, functional and ruthlessly cool!  We are the masters of our own creations and in many ways kitchen design is becoming an inward exploration of who we are!

Beam me up Scotty!

If you want to have a focused workspace, an area that allows you to command the room both functionally and socially then the horseshoe island is for you.  The island wraps itself around the kitchen user providing a near infinite amount of worktop area and the efficient movement between kitchen zones can be quantified in twists and shuffles instead of proper steps!  This kitchen allows the cook to become the main attraction surrounded by salivating tiers of family and friends, but this Roman amphitheatre kitchen has several limitations. 
The tight curves can limit the use of base unit drawers and therefore the functional efficiency of the kitchen.  If drawers are used space can be wasted due to the parallel positioning of the runners.  A busy kitchen may also need a sous-chef but due to the functional focus of this design the second in command may end up treading on the chefs toes a little!  It also seems strange that in this instance the chef will need to walk around the island in order to reach the fridge, larder and ovens.  Maybe one of the screaming hoards, baying for gastronomic satisfaction on the outside of the island could do the honors there!  Or The Mogul suggests the easier option of placing them directly behind the island?!
If all the attention gets too much for the Chef and his apprentice they could always request some inter-galactic assistance and be instantly transported though the extraction system, just like Spock and Captain Kirk!
Beam me up Scotty!

Multi-Media Kitchen

It is only a matter of time until that lift up panel becomes a fully interactive, LCD, touch control home entertainment system…That’s what The Mogul would do anyway!  WATCH AND COOK!

Kitchen or Art – Is there a difference?

You can’t exactly call this kitchen warm and inviting, but it is brilliant!  This concrete installation exposes the empathy between kitchen design and art and displays a morbid self indulgence that engages the viewer, making you curious, and presenting you with a concept that you can’t initially classify!  Kitchen or Art?
The designer Thomas Linssen of Studio Thol used a textile bag to manipulate the fluid nature of the concrete in order to create the definite contours of the design.  The overall affect is one of primitive industrial imperfection!
Experimentation will develop the discipline of kitchen design and push the boundaries of expectation. 
The Mogul approves!

Cool Cantilever

A white handle-less kitchen that has been absorbed into the surrounding architecture is nothing out of the ordinary these days but this concept will still encourage a double take!
The tall units are completely non-obtrusive allowing the island to take centre stage and the bland colour scheme is given some real vibrancy by displaying a weighty cantilever.  This single design feature catapults this kitchen into a different league not only because it would be difficult to achieve but because it gives this design an artistic feel.
This island could be described as a functional sundial born from a sympathetic understanding of our engineering legacy!  It projects the skill of human manufacturing techniques and our mastery of natural forces such as gravity while softly inviting the light!  It is also a very functional piece of kit!

KDS – Kitchen Design Supremacy

There is a simple purity to this design that disguises a cunning technological complexity.   The designers have indulged our innate love of natural materials and geometric form to create a kitchen which can only be described as an exemplary functional art exhibit.
This fantastic design has been lovely fashioned from solid ash boards and the functional services have been carefully entombed within the rich warmth of the timber. 
The simple shape of the island defies convention presenting a minimal but highly functional preparation and cooking area.  The functional and aesthetical requirements are completely satisfied though the introduction of a socially inviting cantilever which naturally runs off the main surface of the island.  And if the island wasn’t enough, lurking in a background is a show stopping transformer with the visual and functional power to floor any onlooker!
This is kitchen design supremacy!

Versatile Kitchen Canvas

Amid this eclectic and somewhat impulsive outpouring of personal and artistic expression lies a kitchen, a kitchen that is small and practical but equally as powerful as the surrounding art.
Its reflective qualities give this kitchen a cloak of many colours allowing it to become absorbed into its artistic and subjectively chosen surroundings.  This cloaking effect allows the colours, light and changing spatial moods to interact with this versatile kitchen canvas!
Who said kitchen design wasn’t artistic!  The Mogul loves this one!!

Armani Kitchen

Who said kitchen design wasn’t fashionable!  This little number which is manufactured by Dada has the Armani label attached!  In an attempt to look exclusive the wooden finish has been given a golden glow!  Nice kitchen but it looks as though Dada have kept their best work for themselves! 
It’s all about the designer label!  But this example illustrates how important kitchen design has become and is going to be in the future!

The Brave and The Bold

This is fantastic!  A brave and bold statement which challenges accepted design boundaries and proves that deliberate style contradictions between architecture and kitchen work really well.  It is interesting to now see this type of conscious design juxtaposition becoming more common illustrating how clients and designers are being subconsciously chaperoned towards the evolutionary channel of kitchen design!  

United Colours of Rhythmic Asymmetrical Cabinetry!

The Mogul thinks this is great!  There is relative safety in this design as it is developed around tried and tested materials and incorporates some popular 2011 design trends, like the split level worktop and asymmetry.
However the coloured units set in a rhythmic pattern on the left hand wall add warmth to the design drawing our eye towards the “Benetton Factor”.  It is almost as though the artist creating this picture had some vibrant paint accidently drip from their brush and in doing so they have created something unique!
Kitchens should be functional but they should also be fun!