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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Introspective Contemplation

Reflective surfaces cause unavoidable introspective contemplation.  With this design there should be no regrets!
It is fabulous!

More from IMM Cologne

This design from Nolte Kitchens continues the trend of mixing a wood veneer finish with a pale gloss or satin finshed door to provide variety and warmth to the overall aesthetic.  This idea is extremely commercial at the moment as clients feel that more vibrant or monochrome designs, although fashionable statements of individual style, will simply not last the test of time!
Kitchen design is actually part of the fashion industry with cutting edge designs presenting themselves as a dominant feature in any personal space.  It’s about time some of the designers got a little credit!
Does The Mogul also see some asymmetrical design happening here? 

I’m Loaded! Oh yea baby!

Imitation is the best form of flattery, or so they say, well if this is the case then Mr Christian must be feeling pretty pleased with himself!  Not only has he managed to create a range of kitchens that are globally perceived to provide the ultimate in social snobbery but he has managed to spawn an epidemic of Corinthian Capital clad, super ornate imitations that are being flogged to the socially aspiring middle classes! 
There is nothing says “I’m Loaded” like a Clive Christian!
Where did you by yours at half the price!?!