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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Physical Dynamic Rendering

Throughout the course of writing this blog The Mogul has uncovered many different kinds of Shape Shifting kitchens, all of which are progressive and all of which are aspiring to the ultimate objective; the creation of a versatile and individually adaptive functional space.
Concepts give birth to trends and this Electrolux H20 kitchen introduces us to the possibility that in only a few short decades’ kitchens as we know them today will become social artistic artefacts!  The future kitchen consumer will demand flexibility and customisation and just like users of modern technology today will not accept anything which is dated.  Imagine getting hold of your new I-Pad 2 and finding that you need to load the App’s by cassette tape..  Not cool!
This H20 kitchen uses Claytronics to create a responsive, organic reaction to the user and its environment through the use of programmable matter.
Claytronics is an abstract future concept that combines nanoscale robotics and computer science to create individual nanometer-scale computers called claytronic atoms, or catoms, which can interact with each other to form tangible 3-D objects that a user can interact with.   See video below:
This concept kitchen begins as an easily transportable cube which contains all of the basic elements required to define it as a kitchen.  The cube is made of heat conductive metal to allow for induction cooking.  The claytronic atoms have the ability to absorb food waste processing it to the correct waste disposal element and making the functional aspect of the design super efficient and completely green.   The kitchen can have applications added making it even more client specific and offering the opportunity to purchase upgrades.
This idea may seem farfetched but so was the notion of travelling into space!  Funny how we have just celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first manned flight into Space.

Zero Gravity Feature of Fantasy

There are some interesting features in this design.  Immediately the eye is drawn to an impressive cantilever which extends endlessly across the room only defying gravity by leaning subtlety on a supportive crutch. 
This zero gravity feature of fantasy has also been given a shoulder to cry on, a functional support which is designed to take the weight off the burdens that everyday life can throw at us.  The low level storage area which supports the end of the cantilever has been given an extended gable that transforms it into a cosy snug, perfect for casual entertaining.  The wall units mirror this feature by including a high level shelf which meets an extended gable end.
These features are impressive allowing this kitchen to traverse the void between kitchen and living space but do these elements dilute the functional capacity of the kitchen.  Is it possible that potential storage space has been replaced by fresh air and that the high and low level cabinetry has become guarded by an impassable cantilevered border?
Kitchen design is a highly personal mix of eclectic style, functional performance and fashion; it is the designer’s duty to empathetically translate the personal priorities of each individual client!

The first cut is the deepest one!

The kitchen is becoming an island but every now and again the surrounding architecture decides to reach out to grab hold of the kitchens new found influence.
This design displays the resilience of the modern kitchen, brilliantly building upon its architectural foundations and highlighting the power of a fertile human imagination.
There is a natural right to left movement within this design with the user obtaining consumable items from the dry and chilled storage area then gradually moving left, collecting non-consumables and then steadily working through the preparation and cleaning areas to finally end up at the cooking zone.
The aesthetics are powerful too, with the low level cabinetry resting upon an impressive stainless steel hilt while vigorously lunging towards the high level units.  The depth of the penetration is emphasised by using open shelving and a contrasting finish. 
This design is certainly sharp and has the ability to cut deeply into any architectural space!   


The new artistic medium of kitchen design!
Functional self expressionism in the domestic gallery!

Architectural Kitchen Designer

Historically the kitchen played second fiddle to the architecture with kitchen designers finding their avenues of self expression restricted by steel and concrete.  But increasingly the kitchen designer is being invited into the limelight by the architect and the client and providing architectural definition within their designs. 
This kitchen illustrates the point perfectly as the bulk framing around this design showcase how future architects may only be required to present the client with a cavernous space so that the “newly appreciated” kitchen designer can work a little magic, giving the client a highly versatile piece of functional artwork.   Having internal structures created in this way also means that the inner space is more flexible and more easily adaptable to the changing personal and demographical circumstances within the home over the years to come.
We are entering the age of multi-discipline respect and communication, the age of the architectural kitchen designer.

Air Blade Extractor

We can linger on how kitchen design can impact on architecture and interior design, offering a functional and aesthetical influence over disciplines that traditionally have dictated the rules.  But you can’t get around the fact that the sensory impact of a kitchen is not just visual; the kitchen produces smells!
It is therefore fitting that this functional zone of sustenance should be enveloped by an invisible curtain of air, offering purification and enhancing the experience for the user! 
The Mogul would love to see this recessed into the ceiling!  It’s only a matter of time for this “Air Blade” extractor!

Style Peacemaker

To mediate is to broker agreement and here we see a kitchen becoming a style peacemaker.  The industrial architecture sets the contemporary scene aptly aided by the exposed ventilation system which has been laid bare through the calculating incisions made by an architect’s drafting pen. 
Light is allowed to penetrate and contradict the industrial space through more classically styled windows, casting shadows that have been polluted by the traditional influence of Georgian frames.
The kitchens detachment from the floor is aesthetically powerful but it also shows how we have become scientific in our approach to functional furniture design.  We have learned that it is difficult to reach things at floor level while standing up straight! 
The introduction of layers, shapes and warm light helps to soften the surroundings without confusing the picture.  It can be argued that the kitchen designer has been sensitive to the architecture while providing a reminder that people occupy this space.  Although linear and contemporary in its design this kitchen creates a versatile and animated buffer between the opposing architectural styles.
The introduction of personal items, conversation and culinary aromas can help transform a desolate architectural space into a place we can call home.
The influence of kitchen design is only beginning to be explored!

Recycled coat of many colours!

This design is unusual, presenting a text book approach to contemporary kitchen design and yet giving us an unusual if not unsettling design contradiction.  The kitchen itself is dominated by a sleek, monolithic island that has been anchored to a recessed plinth giving it a free hung appearance. 
The modern look has been enhanced by using smooth finishes and integrating the handles into the design; this popular combination of features gives this kitchen a clean and un-interrupted look!   What makes this design different though is that it has been dressed in a recycled coat of many colours!
From a simply aesthetical point of view The Mogul feels that the chequered pattern used to define the design is deliberate and un-natural, making the clean, linear lines of the design too busy and over dramatic; confusing the picture for the viewer!
However, could it be that this is in-fact an emerging trend?  The Mogul has noticed several designs surfacing of late that feature a tiled or mosaic pattern built upon a contemporary format!  Cynically though it could be seen as over design!
But amid this aesthetic argument is one fact that supersedes everything!….This design has been manufactured from recycled paper (Paperstone)!  There is a real opportunity here to awaken the eco warrior within, and wallow in the satisfaction that comes from knowing that the kitchen you own is having no impact on the environment! 
For that fact alone we must salute the designers!  Aesthetically!  Argue amongst yourselves!