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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Minimal – Enough Said!

Imagine unveiling this little cutie to all of your family and friends; there would certainly be a synchronised clatter of chins as they unceremoniously make contact with the floor.  This effect would be followed by rapturous applause and an undisciplined charge towards the monolithic structure in order to get up close and personal with its shapely form.
With smooth contemporary lines and transforming elements allowing the design to morph between states of use, this design by Minimal USA has certainly been created to become the dominant feature within any architectural space.
This is a stunning design that also helps to illustrate how kitchens are being used to create definition within an open plan area!  Walls are surplus to requirement!

Integrated Compromise?! You Decide!

Okay!  It is an eclectic mix of mind bending styles but the current kitchen in the UK celebrity big brother house does illustrate how the modern kitchens functional presence has become diluted. 
There is a considered trade off here between kitchen and interior design with both disciplines showing a mutual understanding in order to create the desired bigger picture. 
Could it be argued that this kitchen has been un-naturally neutralised or does this design showcase the ultimate compromised integration?  YOU DECIDE!

Leading Light

This is an exemplary example of how to create a classical look with a modern twist.  This kitchen by Design Republic is beautiful and uses soft colours and traditional lines to provide the cautious client with comfort and reassurance.  There is nothing dangerous in this design and it evokes a feeling of calm right down to the artistic and personal pattern that has been backlit through the translucent Corian worktop. 
The Mogul loves this one because it is a traditional kitchen that has been led into the 21st Century by the power of light and modern materials. 
Great Job!

Playing with functional shapes

Some of the coolest kitchen designs are created by applying functional practicality to shapes.  This design certainly wets the taste buds of functional possibility!  The Mogul approves.

Wood and Stone

Natural elements can bring out the basic instinct within us allowing innate, subconscious memories to surface.  No two materials do this better than wood and stone.
This design emphasises the simplicity of the chosen materials by omitting the wall units and introducing some “plank like” shelving along the back wall.  This brilliantly clean feature gives the end user the option of displaying some of their personal functionality, making the space their own! 
The overall effect is enhanced by the having two opposing, plinth-less monoliths that are harnessed together by the tall, recessed units along the right hand wall.  The overall effect is to create an impressively minimal but functionally adaptable space.
Enter some asymmetry!  A two legged table that cosy’s up to the island and off-sets the picture.  This feature is very strong and could easily accommodate a long line of hungry mouths.  Just as well the cook is protected within the eddy of function behind the island!  

Virtual Kitchen

This design is a virtual vision, a glimpse into what can be achieved when you have a disciplined, fertile imagination that has been honed to deliver functional satisfaction and aesthetical pleasure on many levels.  It is an example of what can be achieved when you employ a great kitchen designer.  So you should hire Paul Anater then, the creator of this concept!
The Mogul was drawn to this design because of its softness and warmth.  The colours and textures run into one another in a way that soothes the eye, inviting you to get tactile, placing your skin on the various elements that make the design different.  But you won’t be touching this kitchen anytime soon!
The feature curve on the island that doubles up as a splash back is the hook in this design; offering femininely curved modesty to a cleaning zone that has potential to embarrass from time to time.  The island curve has been emphasised further by using a custom hood with a matching radius over the cooking zone and the stage is set by the wall units bowing out gracefully to the minimal, “cook’s kitchen” shelves!
 This design was never actually manufactured; it was created as a virtual brief solution for an outdoor kitchen for the website  Amazing work!

Spacetime of Kitchen Design

Behold!  A sand blasted blue granite creation that has the ability to unbalance the current trajectory of accepted kitchen design.  A glimpse through this wormhole of design, space and time gives moderate designers a taste of what is coming; a selfish and incredibly stylish example of functional art by Minotticucine. 
Jaw droppingly brilliant!!

Kitchen Sauna

The temperature is certainly rising in this kitchen with a melting pot of styles being fused together to create a contemporary culinary centrepiece with Scandinavian overtones! 
Being adventurous is artistic but integrating a stainless steel bridging element into this environment can certainly be considered creative!  All artistic installations will be subjectively judged this one just happens to be functional, so kick off your opinionated slippers and allow your toes to feel the quality of that carpet!