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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Snow Blind Abyss

At first glance it might seem that this is your average, run of the mill, been there, done that white monolithic kitchen, but upon closer inspection it seems that this design is attempting to raise the bar by creating division.
The snow blinding whiteness helps to camouflage a deep functional gorge, an abyss that strikes though the heart of this kitchen like a hot knife through butter.  This worktop fracture acts as a docking station for contrasting walnut accessories which help stimulate the design and assist functionality. 
It could be argued though that this unique feature could resist its intended functional programming, unwittingly attracting worktop elements in an invisible gravitational tractor beam and causing them to fall beyond the natural reach of the user. 
The integrated induction technology, which is only defined by light worktop incisions, gives this design a futuristic and minimal edge while the perforated doors add subtle texturing to the design. 

That’s a Wrap!

The Mogul loves the integration here!  The Architecture is just hugging this kitchen which is incredibly stylish in its own right.
The units above the cooking and cleaning area just hang in space and this feature illustrates that there are real kitchen pod tendencies here. 
The tall unit integration with the architectural wrap really works well because of the detachment from the exterior architecture of the building.
The Mogul Approves!

Silk Ice

This is great!  A kitchen that is frozen in time!
Even with the rather sensational transforming element in the back ground of the image the cabinetry still doesn’t manage to steal the show!  It has been left to the worktop to provide the drama in this design. 
Although the worktop appears thick, its form has a lightness which resembles a silk sheet which has been left adrift, floating through the air and upon making contact with the cabinetry the soft fluid form has become frozen, creating a strong, angular and artistic element to the design.  The separation between the cabinetry and worktop creates voids and interesting depth variations which certainly increases the visual impact of the design!
Check out the matching table with the very impressive cantilever!!

Outside the box!

Here we have an example of “thinking outside the box” – literally!  The tried and tested box wall unit has been replaced with an inspired array of stainless steel cylinders.   The varied depth and size of each individual compartment presents an interesting and artistic alternative to a flat panelled door.
The only drawback might be the fact that your wears are on view and that spills might be difficult to clean….but this is an exception example of kitchen design evolution!

Double Impact

This on trend kitchen has some subtle design features which make it quite unique.  The extraction system has been detached from the kitchen, instead being merged into an architectural multi-media pod, which drapes itself over the functional island. 
Heavier stainless steel worktop mirrors the ceiling feature by enveloping the island to create a multi layered work surface.  These double impact features may at first appear independent or unobvious but their positioning and shape add continuity to the design while delivering the required functional performance.
Resisting the urge to centre the oven housings along the back wall also adds the right amount of contemporary asymmetrical styling to this design to make it quirky and trendy. 

Fruitalicious Kitchen Baby!

There is a fruity flavour to this design with the vibrant colours of nature being allowed to randomly explode over the back wall.   This abstract approach certainly brightens up this otherwise mundane design with variations in cabinetry size and colour creating functional niches and expressing artistic preference for all to see! 
The Mogul wonders where the oven housing disappeared to and why was it placed so far away from the hob!  Fragmentation of kitchen zones can become problematic, reducing efficiency and functional flow!
Remember aesthetic flamboyance is one thing but function efficiency is king!

It’s a Kitchen….Man!!

This kitchen is loosely defined; falling into the social space as though it has just been off loaded from a VW Camper with a surf board strapped to the roof.  This design is not bothered about conformity, it manages to function and look cool…what else do you need! 
This concept is fantastically relaxed offering a great blend of steal, stone and wood veneer, but with two ovens the design is prepared for guests but unfortunately the preparation zone isn’t!
Abstract and trendy this kitchen tests our expectations of what a kitchen should be but The Mogul can’t help but get a dentist surgery feeling from the cleaning and cooking zone! 

Warehouse Kitchen

Every picture should have a frame, an edge that can intensify the visual experience and draw the eye of the viewer.  That is why every contemporary kitchen manufacturer worth their salt owns a rundown warehouse!

Here though the purchase of an expensive docklands warehouse was not necessary as this design has all the presence needed to stop you in your tracks!  Smooth curves, multiple textures and an industrial overtone help to make this design different. 

However with so much space available in the warehouse, a warehouse with one previous and not so careful owner, it must be asked why the consumables area was not orientated a little differently to prevent the other functional zones becoming a functional obstruction.  It is also a shame that the plinth doesn’t follow the contour of the cabinetry!

With that said this is still an exceptional design!