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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Kitchen Design Super Hero

To ignore the accepted rules of design can be risky but then again risk can deliver its rewards!  This design defies both convention and gravity but in doing so reshapes our expectations!
Check out the half bowl worktop cut in the sink area – has a kitchen design super hero signed their work!? 

Warehouse Kitchen Part 2

It’s that run down warehouse thing again!  Interestingly in this image the bridged breakfast bar at the end of the island runs right though from the social side of the island into the functional zone allowing it to double up as a preparation area!

3D Functional Art

You can expect to see more and more of this in 2011, but to be honest it may take until 2012 before this type of thing really takes off! 
This kitchen design by Grattarola shows how the human imagination can manipulate the eye, to trick the brain into following the most obvious visible contours of a design, leaving the actual functional elements of the kitchen disguised…or at least less obvious!
3D kitchen art is moving from the realms of concept to the mainstream arena.  And its about time too, as for too long the simplicity of making flat kitchen doors has created an economic reason for churning them out.  This concept creates some real interest for the viewer, light and shadow just drip from every raised element, inviting you to look and investigate the design further.  This idea works brilliantly in a room that gets lots of natural light and it would also be a lighting designers dream.   
This idea is so simple and yet so effective and it could be argued that it is a little more sophisticated than hiding your kitchen behind a sliding door!
Attitudes to kitchen design are changing!  Welcome to the world of 3D functional art!
Oh yea…………..check out the table leg!!!!  The Mogul thought you might like that!!  Enjoy.

Rubik’s Cube Kitchen

When it comes to functionality, mathematical precision, artistic expressionism, architectural influence and sociability you will find that good kitchen designers have it covered!  It is therefore only to be expected that the next step for this band of intrepid designers is to defy Mr Newton and gravity itself!
This abstract design gives the cabinetry freedom of movement on the vertical plane giving rise to a personally defined clustered structure under the worktop!
The Mogul approves!

Intergalactic Kitchen Design

Resembling a lunar landing module this compact kitchen will allow any would-be astronaut to enjoy the pleasures of home cooking while exploring the far reaches of the galaxy.
No matter what the aesthetics, architectural or planetary backdrop, if you introduce some human animation and some gastronomic aromas you’ve got yourself a homely kitchen!!

Functional Fabric

The modern kitchen has become an iconic symbol of fashionable style.  It is therefore appropriate that kitchen designers should now keep their eye firmly fixed on the latest textiles and fabrics to grace the runways of Europe especially now that fabric doors can be specified in their next kitchen design!
The Meccanica Kitchen by Valcucine evaporates the traditional rigidity of kitchen installation by using an innovative frame work system that can be transported easily, can be assembled by the end user and is 100% recyclable.  It even comes with an end of life cycle “take back guarantee” whereby your old kitchen will be collected, sand blasted and re-coated so that it can re-enter the production cycle!  Oh yea and did The Mogul mention that the doors are fabric!!
The Mogul knows that this is going to be a huge hit with the more Eco conscious inhabitants of the planet as the concept dramatically reduces the  carbon footprint of a kitchen.  But for those whose carbon footprint does not resemble a Vegan Range Sandal the concept may, in the short term at least, seem to be a step too far!
But this innovation must be celebrated as it adds yet another string to the kitchen designer’s bow; combining the flexibility of a break down system with the inexpensive versatility of fabric. 
The Mogul predicts saturated tones in 2013 with Viridian, Cobalt and Turquoise being used to make bold statements!  Aztec and Uzbekistan embroidery motifs will also show well!! 
Oh go on indulge yourself!

Artists Kitchen Canvas

This is the latest flamboyant kitchen contribution from Karim Rashid who literally treats kitchen frontals like an artist’s canvas!
In this design paints have been replaced with high pressure laminates and aluminium legs create a supporting frame for the free floating artwork.  This type of design may be overpowering if used on an entire kitchen but would work brilliantly as a colour accent to a more simplified and subdued kitchen palette.

Animated Design

If space is tight you might want to consider something like this as the “hub of your home”.  This futuristic kitchen transformer offers function, sociability and style in equal measure.  The texture and colours of this progressive concept give it a soft appearance, almost foam like!  Very child friendly!
This is yet another example of how the kitchen has become detached and removed from the surrounding architecture.  The kitchen can now be defined as an island. 
Traditionally the kitchen was imprisoned in the corner of a room, but now, with the help of forward thinking members of the design community clients are learning to celebrate the beauty of this important functional furniture!  The modern kitchen is now placed centre stage in our domestic drama! 
Having the main player transform at the whim of its user only adds to the experience, offering animation and giving the design the required wow factor!
The Mogul Approves!