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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Playing With Shapes

In order for kitchen design to keep pace with the evolution of human existence we must consider new ideas and innovations.  By rejecting the surrounding architecture as the divine design influencer kitchen designers are free to explore diverse shapes and forms which allow the kitchen to perform its primary functional role but also encourages new interior design and social trends.
This kitchen is a play with shapes, a simple combination of forms which helps to maximise functional performance while delivering aesthetic desire in a compressed form.  By Including a book shelf this free standing design even manages to consider how it can replace traditional living room furniture. 
It’s reassuring to know that even though our living spaces and kitchens are becoming more compressed designers can still find room for the ever essential wine cooler!!  Cheers!!


You could be mistaken into believing that the photographer has got it wrong here; he had been sent to photograph a kitchen!  Instead he has captured a slumbering example of function, a kitchen that is waiting to be wakened through the introduction of human animation. 
The use of open shelves on the island and the back wall section is excessive, but this is still a very practical design with the crumpled metal panel acting as the transformer, the curtain raiser for the functional core of this design.  The staggered and layered approach to the island offers aesthetical interest to the viewer while providing a practical opportunity to get social while preparing and enjoying a meal. 
The material choices of stainless steel and walnut always offer a luxurious visual contrast that works every-time and this design is certainly no exception.
Great Job!

High speed aerodynamic kitchen design!

Lately there have been many parallels drawn between the automotive and kitchen industry as both of the products created are functional, aspirational, driven by fashion and provide an immediate insight into the owners personal style choices and social position.  But the type of car you drive does not normally influence the architectural design of the garage it sits in; the same can be said of the modern kitchen. 
This design showcases how, like the car, the kitchen is totally independent from the surrounding architecture, becoming a functional and artistic centre piece to the modern home.  And it is obvious by looking at this concept that kitchen designers are now exploring some of the more fluid forms and shapes usually introduced to aid high speed aerodynamics….possibly to keep up with the pace of modern life!
Lovely job!!

Teacup Kitchen

If you crave a nice cup of afternoon tea accompanied by assorted fancies it is somewhat appropriate that your rather refined refreshment should originate from a kitchen resembling a teacup!  A transforming teacup that is!

The Mogul loves this transforming; kitchen pod design by Vitor Xavier as it presents a commercial concept for tomorrow while tantalising the design possibilities of today.  Re-defining the social legacy and fashionable expectations of kitchen design is the biggest obstacle to making a design like this as overwhelmingly trendy as the iPad! 

We don’t buy computers or mobile phones on the basis that “bigger is best” we buy them because they are compact, functional and have been painstakingly well designed.  Very slowly, but ever so surely consumers are realising that these attributes are defining the modern kitchen.  The transforming, automated kitchen pod cometh…..or has it arrived?!!

Mug Tree Kitchen

This is a thing of beauty, a kitchen that can mesmerise the viewer into a hypnotic state and deliver the kind of wow factor that will cement the owner’s position within the elite style hierarchy. 
This is a dark destroyer that demands some serious attention having the ability to dominate any architectural space.  You are initially led into a false sense of security by familiarity of colour and texture.  The glossy lacquered panels are not peculiar to you as you have seen this before, but their polished perfection presents a mirrored finish that excites your narcissistic tendencies. 
The tall units in the back ground tell a deliberate story of how the natural ebony wood has lived, with each individual panel telling an elaborate story of survival against the elements and how its perfect beauty has now become immortalised in this piece of functional art.   This timber book is certainly not matched and The Mogul is grateful for that.
You will also notice that this particular kitchen comes with a rather unusual accessory….a pop up, rustic mug tree!  Brilliant!

Softly Spoken Design

This design is simple but it manages to ignite our human curiosity with things that look a little peculiar.  We may question why the island looks off set, asymmetrically unbalanced and wonder why we find it interesting?  A closer examination of the design satisfies our inquisitive nature as we discover some crafty functionality integrated into this monolithic configuration! 
Ornate detailing can be exquisite, showcasing flamboyant flair and inherited craftsmanship but simple shapes can be equally inspiring.  The simplicity of this island takes centre stage surrounded by an architecturally embedded and arguably impotent kitchen backdrop.   It is interesting that the mirrored panels around the oven housing reflect the island, allowing its influence to resonate throughout the architecture.
Sometimes softly spoken words can deliver tremendous consequences.  The same can be said of this design!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow!

This kitchen design is so incredibly powerful that it actually exudes its own blue aurora.  This is a triumph of kitchen influence as neither architecture nor interior design will ever be able to overpower the stature of this heavenly creation.
The Island is obviously the centre piece of the entire design and its unrestricted form flows outwardly from the sink area.  It is as though one single droplet of water has fallen from the tap and upon making contact with the island top has caused an undulating ripple effect which moves outwards and away from the functional epicentre of the design.  
It could be argued that this island design has been inspired by nature as the heavy set worktop reminds The Mogul of snow which has yet to succumb to the fluid, water like, softer geometry below.  The soft LED lighting bathing the floor and the ceiling also brings the end of the rainbow right into this architectural space.
There are many kitchen designers working today who have the artistic ability and functional vision to create a kitchen like this but it is clear that many of The Mogul’s readers never get to meet clients with deep enough pockets! 
This is an exceptional kitchen design and The Mogul is impressed!

I, Exclamation! – Can you see it?

This kitchen is smooth and sophisticated offering a subtle introduction to functional kitchen art.  The wall units defy convention and resist the temptation to embrace, instead they repel against each other as though a predetermined force field prohibits an interaction.   The un-natural voids between these units present the opportunity for the lighting box shelving to create an interesting ambient effect.  The combination of the lighting and the artistic position of the wall units give this design a moody edge!
The dominance of the thick set stainless steel bridging worktop is obvious, as the lower shelving unit knees beneath it in a weighted submission.  This low open shelf unit carries a great burden; and just as Heracles struggled to hold up the heavens this aspect of the design shoulders great responsibility allowing the kitchen to blend effortlessly into the living space.
The Mogul approves!