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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Grey Sky

Who said that grey was dull!  It can be rich and warm and is currently quite trendy!!

Methodical Confusion

This design certainly encourages a second glance as the eye tries to decipher logic within the chaos!  But look past the aesthetic and instead try to grasp the inspiration! 
This concept is abstract, asymmetrical, layered and artistic; it also appears to be intimately integrated into the architecture – or is that the other way around!  This is an example of methodical confusion driven by the human need to be artistically extroverted!  In a functional kind of way!
The Mogul thinks that the fitters would have loved this one!  

Resistance is no longer futile!

This is architectural integration displaying a defiant functional message! 
This kitchen is resisting complete architectural absorption allowing its presence to be subtly defined through the use of depth variation and contrasting veneer!  The visual result instantly ignites the natural curiosity within us! 
Does the surrounding architecture need this kitchen to define the space, using its bulk to create spatial separation were walls were used before!?
A monolithic island stands as a solitary indicator of culinary and social intention!
The Mogul Approves!!

Retro Contemporary!

There are some serious style contradictions happening here in this duel island kitchen.  The style polarity is so purposeful that it has to be described as art! 
Check out the matching stools in the foreground!!  And was it a gutsy or foolhardy move by the designer to place a tall bank of unit’s right in front of the window!  Then again there are a lot of windows ……and curtains!

Unorthodox translation of residential kitchen design!

Enter an unorthodox translation of residential kitchen design.  A creation that is inspired by simplicity and has been adorned with a free hung underbelly of function! 
This design is abstract and edgy and may have been inspired by the no nonsense approach needed in a professional kitchen.  No need for frills or complicated social layering, just a desire to get the job done!
Arguably artistic, certainly commercially limited, this design is not for the faint hearted!  Especially considering the questionable extraction system which appears a little unrefined and clumpy for this particular approach.

Spot the kitchen!

Expressively flamboyant architecture, shy and oppressed kitchen!   
Missed opportunity!                        

Bond villa complete with high spec kitchen!

It takes a pretty spectacular building to compete with a pure white kitchen of this magnitude!  Complete with three separate islands, three sinks, a super charged extraction system and more storage and high spec equipment than a professional kitchen this design has some serious functional and aesthetical presence.
The Mogul is sure you’ll agree that the exterior of this building meets the very high expectations set by the kitchen!

Future Proofed Kitchen

The drive towards the kitchens harmonious integration into our architectural living space continues!  This rendered design uses a monochrome palette to great effect giving the kitchen only enough definition to be noticed and offering continuity to the storage units within the living room.
Future dwellings may not be defined by rooms but instead by the amount of open space that the interior architect can play with.  The future kitchen designer will make the internal walls functional, integrating everything and utilizing ever inch of floor space.  Offering un-structural room definition encourages a future proofed, design fluid environment that can be easily changed or manipulated without the need for serious structural work.
The Mogul has said it before…Kitchen Design is Changing!

Sheltered from the elements

This image is striking showing us a vision of the future while reminding us of the past.  The kitchen sits within a frame of decaying architecture, a frame showing the impact of time and human activity.  
The wall units of this kitchen appear to caress and shelter the base units, protecting their beauty from the ravages of the worn surroundings.   The smooth, gloss finishes incorporated into the design contrast strongly with the worktops amplifying the overall appearance of this kitchen.  However the strongest feature is the asymmetrical and unbalanced nature of the design which is given even more presence through the use of a strong linear door matrix.
Enter the rustic timber tables and the juxtaposition of this design and image is complete!