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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Alien Kitchen Fitters

You disembark from your landing module in full body armour and laden with the latest, most sophisticated array of weaponry known to your species.  You are now 2 clicks from the crew’s quarters and the eerie silence is deafening.  Your mission is to re-establish contact with the crew and explain the lack of radio contact. 
As you make your way into the building through docking hatch C you uncover evidence of a serious disturbance!  The adrenaline levels in your blood stream soar with anticipation as you come across the first body, Flight Lieutenant Smith’s body is heavily mutilated and you are only able to establish his identity by his tags.  As you move towards the mess hall you find the other crew members all in a similar state to Smith and buried in a 500mm deep layer of purple smoke! 
As you move into the kitchen area you establish that the layout plan you have been working off no longer agrees with what you now see before you, the solid oak, raised panelled kitchen with 3 piece cornices has been replaced with something much more menacing and futuristic.  This installation is not of your world!  This is a transformer, an alien art installation with islands that are carefully configured to align with the star clusters on each side of the wormhole you just travelled through!
You realise that this is an exceptional find and decide to bring it back to earth so that the technology can be studied and developed for human use!  As you blast off for Earth with the kitchen safely stored in the cargo hold you remember that you should have repatriated the crew members…obviously the alien kitchen has blurred your judgement!!
Guess you’ll have to reschedule a new mission! 

Kitchen – A Design Parasite

In the beginning we created fire; harnessing a seemly uncontrollable element that had the power to transform our primeval diet and stimulate basic sociability. 
The pace of kitchen evolution has been driven by a human desire to do things better, quicker and more efficiently, that is why the modern kitchen has become a console of communication built upon a foundation of function.  This concept by Toncelli illustrates the power and influence of modern kitchen design.  
If we simply wore clothes there would be no fashion, if we had stayed at home there would be no cars and if the kitchen was just for cooking we wouldn’t have designs like this!  Featuring an impressive interactive, translucent worktop complete with Samsung tablet technology this design redefines kitchen function by fusing cutting edge interactive technology with primary functionality. 
The kitchen is evolving into a design parasite, absorbing furniture, technology and architecture in a way which could make these elements surplus to requirement.  But will the integration of interactive consoles of communication within the kitchen environment lead to a reduction in the type of one to one communication required to make our society work and which ultimately helped to shape our primitive fireside society at the beginning of time?!   Only time will tell!

The Holy Grail of Kitchens

This is a melting pot of ideas and materials that works fantastically well giving the design an edgy feel without striking fear into those who are looking for a more traditional style! 
The skeletal metal framework gives this kitchen a modular and progressive appearance while the use of natural wood veneers provides a welcoming reassurance; softening the overall look in order to make it more mainstream palatable.  Free hanging units, skewed symmetry and cleverly integrated holistic lighting provides visual stimulation for the viewer while the island provides a merry mix of function and sociability.
The Mogul feels that this design by Bazzeo is a real hybrid, attempting to give clients the holy grail of kitchen solutions; the perfect ultra-contemporary kitchen that is completely traditional and totally ageless.  Enjoy!

Interstellar Sustenance Platform

This super-charged monolith considers careful adjustments of texture and form to satisfy the need for aesthetic interest.  
The metallic finishes give this design an industrial accent that spits shards of metallic attitude at anyone considering anything less than all things contemporary.
An oasis of vegetation completes the transformation from simple kitchen to interstellar sustenance platform, allowing kitchen consumers to go where no man has gone before.
The Mogul approves! Looks great.

Your Style, Your Kitchen!

There is just something about approaching kitchen design from an artistic stand point that really surprises people.  Design is about creating something that is useful; inventing something that solves a problem and fulfils a need; like a paper clip!  But the discipline of design also offers a unique opportunity for an individual to shine; to make their well thought out solution more personal, there is room for self expression and artistic flare. 
For years the idea of artistic design has been recognised and encouraged in furniture design and architecture but this idea has only become more main stream for kitchen design in recent years.  Why has it taken so long?  Have artistically minded and talented people been reluctant to get involved in the field of kitchen design due to the systematic under valuation of kitchen designers?
Is it because the people using kitchens couldn’t see past their basic function, or has the idea of the artistically defined kitchen design been seen as elitist?  Has the advancement of more cost effective manufacturing techniques and new technology made the creation of bespoke, artistic installations easier to achieve?  The Mogul cannot be sure, but would suspect that it is a combination of all of these things.
No matter how you see things you will have to accept that the humble kitchen has seen a change in fortune in recent years becoming an extension of personal image…a must have fashion accessory that can promote affluence and style.  As important as the car you drive! 
Whatever type of kitchen you choose to own you will find that the artistic element involved will be personal to you.  Your style, your kitchen!

Simple Evolution

The simplicity of linear design is appreciated for its purity, for its wilful determination to remain straightforward and for its ability to remain effortlessly understated in a World that has become complicated by un-necessary distractions!
The challenge now is to take something that is commercially un-broken and allow it to evolve into the next generation of uncompromised purity!!
This design allows the clean lines to remain but adds interest through the introduction of depth and height variation.  Functional cantilevers, mixed materials and shapes overpower the original monolithic island in a struggle which is sympathetic to the original concept but daring enough to challenge our preconceptions!
This design presents great flexibility allowing the more daring elements to be stripped back to a more tried and tested format if necessary. But would the extended walking distances and the appearance of dissolved, unfocused functional zones call the functional integrity of this design into question?  The Mogul will let you decide!