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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Kitchen Post-Mortem

The Mogul loves this design as it flies in the face of convention!  Concept kitchen design can test our preconceptions and challenge the accepted norms of design.  The idea of having a mobile and highly versatile kitchen island is great but in order to ensure a tentative acceptance it is important that new concepts do not appear overly clinical. 
In this instance the island could be likened to a hospital trolley and it could be argued that the tethered waste and water feed may limit the mobility! 
Every new concept will receive a post-mortem, but it is important to realise that by pushing the boundaries we will deliver the designs of tomorrow!

Quiet Functional Order

A breathtaking fusion of kitchen and architecture which delivers a crescendo of visual stimulation whilst achieving quiet functional order!

Closet Kitchen

Imagine that you have never seen or used a kitchen before, imagine that the kitchen design rule book has been thrown out the window and you now have an opportunity to design a kitchen that functions well and looks beautiful.  Would you create something like this?

This design has all the influence of new age kitchen design and illustrates perfectly how the kitchen is now the focal point of our home lives.  The modern kitchen has “come out” of its architectural closet and now enjoys prancing around our home demanding our adoration. 
The modern kitchen is no longer classified as an ineffective series of air filled boxes covering every possible inch of wall space; kitchens are now smaller, detached from the floor, asymmetrically balanced and designed with finesse and artistic flair.  There is now great attention to hidden detail which gives the kitchen confidence to subtly dominate our living space.  
This design is brilliant and The Mogul would be happy with all of the elements seen here being included on page one of the new kitchen design manual.  The question is….where does kitchen design go from here?  The Mogul is not telling you yet!

Floating Bed…or Kitchen!

When Jan Jaap Ruijssenaars graduated from university as an architect he realised that everything within his chosen discipline was dictated by gravity!  He spent the next 6 years devising a way of defying this natural force.  The resulting platform or bed is repelled from the floor using magnets both in the floor and in the bed.  The working 1:5 model can carry a load of 80KG and the full scale model will be able to carry an impressive 900kg.    
This is an exceptional example of how someone can test the limitations of our imagination and achieve something that may change our future expectations.  The consequence of this advance may be felt in many design disciplines in the future, including kitchen design, and that is why The Mogul feels that this bed is worthy of a slot on KDTT.  The only boundary to this design is the cost!  Being estimated at $1.54 Million Dollars this design is certainly elitist, but through time it may become less expensive and more attainable…at least this shows that the idea is possible! 
The youtube link is worth a look.  Brilliant!!

Battle of Isengard Kitchen

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes real beauty can only be uncovered by looking beneath the surface.  Contemporary kitchens have been criticised for being cold and heartless but this little gem balances the scale, making us reflect on how the world was before high gloss lacquer and standard doors sizes!
To those in the audience who believe that creating a bespoke kitchen involves introducing an off size wine rack into the design; please pay attention!  This is a truly bespoke kitchen.   The Mogul totally understands that this design will not appeal to the masses; in-fact The Mogul can almost hear the horrified gasps as your retina focuses on the screen!  But this is a kitchen that has been pondered over, a beloved creation that was inspired by the architectural structure into which it would be placed long before the teeth of any saw blade touched the drying sap of the alder wood! 
Look at the detailing on the doors and appreciate the precision and thought that has created the corner base unit in this kitchen.  Custom shaped doors  meeting at an opposing angle…difficult to get right!
The Mogul thinks that this is a great display of bespoke cabinet making but does feel that the design lacks contrast and is very overpowering.  The amount of wood used here is likely to encourage an uprising amongst trees reminiscent of scenes from the battle of Isengard, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy!

The Wonderment of Kitchen Design

Nature provides us with daily beauty and here we see this wonderment celebrated through the medium of kitchen design. 
Rugged stone veneer provides an insight into the seismic violence that makes up our world while the smooth finished worktop provides an insight into how uneven and harsh surfaces can be perfectly polished by water, time and even human persistence.
Add architectural integration, abstract shapes and art to the mix and you have found a kitchen that exists in equilibrium with nature, architecture, design and individual! 
Who said kitchen design wasn’t interesting!

Tricky Brief?!

Is this the ultimate fusion of architecture and kitchen?   Or does this intimate connection illustrate the dramatic suppression of kitchen design by the powers of architecture?  Neither!  This is just a really tricky brief!

Grow your own kitchen

Who said that kitchen design was simple!  Not only are the best designers considering functionality, interior design, architecture, technology, sociability and individual style preferences but they are also doing their bit for the planet and bringing the outdoors, indoors!
This kitchen comes complete with a versatile herb garden which can be removed if necessary.  The design uses state of the art LED technology to promote photosynthesis, encouraging the growth of your kitchen garden. 
It could be argued that this unique feature provides a holistic element to the design offering the ultimate personal satisfaction to green fingered clients and adding the colour and fragrances of nature into your own personal space.  That has to be good, with the successful garden encouraging a sense of achievement and calm!