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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Blossoming Relationship

It is said that opposites attract and here we see how contemporary kitchen design can become timelessly elegant though the sympathetic use of classically styled architecture.  The quiet respect is mutual with both architecture and kitchen benefiting from the relationship. 
The kitchen brings a fresh, youthful energy to the space, delivering the required amount of functional and sensory impact expected of any new kitchen.  The architecture keeps the kitchen upstart in check, keeping the atmosphere grounded and bringing a tried and tested safety to the design.   
This type of relationship is blossoming but cannot be reversed as traditional kitchens do not work well with contemporary architecture!  Or maybe we just haven’t seen it done properly yet!?

Pregnant Kitchen Cantilever!

Kitchen design is certainly becoming more and more artistic!  Here we see an island which is formed by using simple shapes and the result is very dramatic.  The structure appears to float in mid air, defying gravity and repelling an architectural connection.  But the designers haven’t quite pulled off an engineering masterpiece; this cantilever doesn’t float instead it is supported by using clear acrylic. 
You can’t knock this design though as it has real visual impact becoming a real talking point at any social gathering.
Interesting too that the model in the image is pregnant!  She is also creating a very naturally formed cantilever of her own.
Love it!!

The Kitchen Wears The Trousers!

Everyone dreams of creating an architectural statement that resonates with individual style and has the cultural presence of a cathedral, a timeless monument of who we are and an outward expression of how we react to the World around us. 
It is therefore fitting that this building, which has been deliberated and planed for years, a dream which has become a physical reality, and is subjectively believed to be the “eighth wonder of the world” should be given a heart that pulsates to the rhythm of your needs.
But has this architectural marvel been created to frame the centre piece of your home?  Is the architecture just an afterthought, built upon and embedded within the bigger picture, the one thing you have really wanted to become a reality….your dream kitchen?! 
Here we see the kitchen becoming an island and the lines between kitchen and architecture becoming blurred.  Each element needs the other and the relationship is designed to be mutually complementary!  
There is also an interesting contradiction here whereby the architecture is conceived from wood, a naturally sympathetic material! The kitchen on the other hand is constructed from the more industrially dominant materials of steel and concrete!  Usually this relationship would be the other way around!  Is this a visual and physical euphemism for the kitchen now wearing the trousers in this particular relationship?!

Nipped Cantilever

This off set cantilever is certainly impressive but you can see how it may have some practical limitations. 
Creating an angled feature like this can create a nip point which limits the seating on one side.  The angle also allows the feature to reach beyond its natural position allowing it to become a potential obstruction!
Looks great though!

The Orb!

The Mogul is unsure about this design!  From a positive standpoint you have to see this as a bold and deliberate attempt to make kitchen design progressive, more artistic and generally more interesting.  The abstract breakfast bar shape casts a futuristic shadow against the compact and relatively neutral kitchen. 
This significant design feature displays integrated lighting; surface orbs of various sizes which add a quirky interest to the concept.  All of this is brilliant and should be highly commended but is it possible that this fantastic feature and its particular placement could become a functional obstruction to the cabinetry placed above and below.  The Mogul will let you decide if a balance between artistic expression and function has been achieved!

Kitchen Garden

There is a little bit of everything in this design; seamless architectural integration, soothing holistic elements and an empathetic unity between interior and exterior design.
Coloured light is a powerful medium with the ability to sooth the soul, providing warmth to any design.  The reflective stainless steel overhang and white surfaces on the island allow the light to move around the room and provide a prelude to the fantastic exterior backdrop.  
The integration with the garden area is seamless and the breakfast bar acts as a visual runway leading onto an external garden path.   The sight lines are connected and so too is the carefully thought out lighting.
The Mogul loves this one!

Kitchen Art

The Mogul loves that architectural frame that this kitchen art has been given.  The step up and stainless steel worktop frame in front of the ovens is pretty cool too, adding interest and depth to the design.
The kitchen is art!


The air removal force delivered by those Elica Grace extractors must be pretty considerable in order to prevent this kitchen island touching the floor!  A truly gravity defying marvel!