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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Kitchen Design Trends 2012 – Part 1

The Mogul is sure that many kitchen designers have been in a situation where the client brief is a little hazy.  Many clients undergo a personal style struggle, the classic situation of wanting a contemporary, fashion statement kitchen for now but fearing that it will be prone to premature aging.  This design phenomenon has subtly created a new trend, a hybrid kitchen that creates a balance between design longevity and being stylishly hip! 
This design is an example of a contemporary classic kitchen.  The lines here are linear and some fussy traditional details like cornicing have been removed, but the whole look has been softened by integrating a traditionally profiled door.  In this example we see the next level of integration as the door profiles are mixed allowing the design to be predominantly contemporary while tentatively dipping its plinth into traditional water!
It is also interesting to see how the islands contrasting worktop has been cut short allowing a colour matched material to pollute the look.  This feature breaks some unspoken rules and gives this design a real edge!  Love it!

You’ll see much more of this in 2012!

Take Me To A More Enlightened Place

This concept is beautiful and is an example of how a kitchen should be designed.  Design quality has preceded manufacturing quantity.  The designer has reflected what is important to the client and translated their desires into something special. 
All the modern kitchen design trends are here but the use of colour and texture as well as an innocent ignorance of traditional kitchen design legacy has allowed both designer and client to evolve.
How you see this design will be influenced by where you live, who you know, what you do and what you aspire to be.  On a personal level kitchen design can be controlled by the road you have trodden, but by considering the vision of others you can allow yourself to end your journey in a new and more enlightened place.  

Functional self expressionism!

Functional self expressionism is spreading!  The kitchen is the new expressive media for the man…or woman on the street!  However, The Mogul is not a fan of the cleaning and cooking zones being positioned on opposite sides of an island…particularly on an island of this size!  There must be a good reason for this potential functional annoyance? 
It might also be a good idea to have interchangeable door panels so that new artistic influences can be expressed without the need to invest in a brand new kitchen every few years.

Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum Kitchen!

This simplistic design is futuristically inspired to the point that it has been given its own protective force field.  This buffering layer wraps itself around the functional core like a piece of Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum, adding huge aesthetic interest to the design and even providing tasty voids and shelves that could be practically optimised and even individually personalised.
There is pod like feeling to this kitchen because the functional segments are independent, detached from each other, being characterised by soft curved edges.  The outer wrap amplifies the soft edges further by capturing all of the independent elements together, making them whole and visually united.
This design is also crying out for some atmospheric back lighting, a colour changing element that allows for mood reactions and human control.  The spacing between the outer wrapping element and the functional core would be more intensely showcased if the space between could glow red and then blue and then yellow…a dimmer would also be good – providing ultimate control!
A simple but brilliant design!

Ribeye Kitchen

Having a designer kitchen is all about having the best, something that is well considered and effective in creating a symbolic reflection of what you like and what you aspire to be.  This design certainly ticks all the boxes in terms of impact and wow factor giving the owner the pleasure of showcasing their individuality. 
The use of a black wood veneer with a super strong grain pattern framed with polished white lacquer and carrara marble means that any onlooker will take a second glance.  This is a designer kitchen and could have you salivating with expectation as the grain pattern used on the black doors reminds The Mogul of a piece of raw ribeye steak which is just about to be tossed onto the griddle.
But is the grain pattern too rarely powerful and inconsistent to encourage those vegetarians in the audience to reawaken their primeval carnivore instincts?  It might be!!

PC Kitchen – Brilliant Kitchen!

We live in a time when technology is changing design and designers are impacting upon our society by making things more accessible, adaptable and efficient.  The Liberty Project by Whirlpool is a modular kitchen design which embraces ergonomics, kitchen zoning and technology to deliver an effective and adaptable kitchen solution for doth disabled and able bodied users. 
The zoned modularity means that the zones can be reshuffled making the design totally adaptable to each individuals set of circumstances and it comes complete with a water recycling system and a work surface which can be easily adjusted to different heights!
This is a brilliant design and the video is well worth a look if you want to fully appreciate this concept!!  See Below:

Cigar Smoke and Bikinis!

Stepping from your Learjet onto the melting tarmac and moving towards your air conditioned limo you long to get settled in your high roller Vegas suite! 
The Mogul believes that this is a fitting introduction for this little gem!  A kitchen that oozes opulence and a style that is more in keeping with a 1970’s mobster movie!  You can almost visualise the flared trousers, big lapels and scantily clad hostesses moving through this space!  There is everything here to impress, exquisite wood veneers, stainless steel, high gloss lacquers and mirrored panels, everything except thick cigar smoke and brandy! 
The Mogul loves this modern “step back in time” design and particularly how the veneered walnut panels along the back wall drop at various heights to meet the arsenal of modern appliances.  This stepping feature is great and gives the design an extra layer.  Notice also how the kitchen moulds itself into the space with tall concave doors making that effortless transition from kitchen to wall panelling on either side of the party evoking coolers!!
The tall ceilings, stepped floors and dropped lighting all add to the WOW effect!  The Mogul approves as kitchen, architecture, lighting and interior design have merged to create a fantastic space!