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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Less is More!

This is a no nonsense approach to good kitchen design.  Good design does not need to be overly ornate; it doesn’t need to be aggressively flamboyant and in this example the necessity to scratch the age old kitchen design itch of providing acres of cabinetry has been well and truly avoided!  
This is a very refined design providing an understated declaration of functional intent!  This on trend transformer is seamlessly integrated into the architecture with only a shadow line providing an insight into the functional capacity of the design. 
It is also interesting to see how balanced the overall aesthetic of this kitchen is.  Not only is the front of the island evenly split between storage and sociability, clearly visible with the introduction of a dark contrasting timber against the light cabinetry, but the plinth is low set and appears to be of equal height to the stainless steel finger grip cavity.  The Mogul also loves how the darker, social overhang rests subtly and delicately onto the functional worktop area. 
This is a classic; “less is more” situation! 

Canvas Kitchen

You have to ask; at what point does the kitchen end and the art begin?!  The answer will be found at the source of intellectual inspiration and the empathetic understanding of another’s needs.
The kitchen is art!
The modern kitchen is becoming a canvas for individual expressionism!  Go on…express yourself!

Tearing down the walls!

Walls can leave an abrupt and permanent impact upon a living space, the type of restrictive influence that can be expensive to reverse and can deliver an un-compromising legacy for future design!
By creating separation between architecture and kitchen new possibilities begin to emerge!  The kitchen can be used as an approachable, multi functional buffer, providing spatial definition in an open plan setting that maximises storage and leaves sightlines free from obvious obstruction.
To embrace change is to consider new possibilities – so imagine the missed opportunity here if this kitchen had been placed against a wall!
The modern kitchen can now be defined as an island and this design showcases its potential!

Centrifuged Kitchen Concept

This is sublime!  Large free hanging cabinetry is presented against a contrasting and textured backdrop.  Having the ovens suspended from the central units makes it look as though the functionality has been centrifuged, forced from the cabinetry only to gather at an anthropometrically efficient height!
There is a sympathetic synergy between kitchen and architecture and the inclusion of low level cabinetry along the back wall dilutes to appearance of the kitchen.  Add to this the fantastic open selves that embrace two sides of the island and this design certainly ticks a lot of boxes!
The Mogul approves!

Earth, Wind and Fire Kitchen

Nature is an inspiration, an awe inspiring portfolio of design perfection which can exude a quiet influence over the refined disciplines of architecture, fashion and interior design. 
Powerful natural elements like wind and water can inspire designers to express themselves in an exceptional way, reaching beyond the norm and delivering something which can enrich the senses. 
The extended curve of this island design exudes the flexibility of canvas which arcs and moves with the wind.   The inviting and sensually smooth ebony curve reaches a refined climax by cutting though inherited design perceptions like a bow though the waves.
There is real beauty in this design and an understated appreciation of feminine charm! 
The Mogul loves this one.

Living our future now!

The I-Food Kitchen concept by Chiara Daniele is a classic example of how designers are exploring kitchen design, taking influence from other design disciplines like set design and fusing ideas into functional concepts for the future.   
This concept design boasts an array of gadgetry that makes the kitchen into an automated terminal of convenience!  There are integrated electronic controls that allow the hob to weigh added ingredients, the sink can shape shift into a washing machine, everything is touch control and all of the appliances are on the same electrical grid so that they can efficiently share power and reduce energy wastage! 
But although this concept looks and sounds futuristic The Mogul would argue that many of the ideas and concepts here are already in the mainstream market!  Touch control, automated, mobile, shape shifting, kitchen pods are being designed and manufactured every day….maybe concept kitchen design is actually becoming a reality, driven by the human desire to make things better and more efficient!

We are living our future now!

English Kitchen

England, a country of grassy meadows filled with dancing buttercups, blue skies and stone built walls that traverse the lush countryside connecting us to the deep ancestry of our forefathers.  And an English kitchen is a Chalon kitchen.
Walk  down the stairs and enter this room on a summers morning, birds are singing and there is a smell of fresh tea in the air.  Open your sliding sash windows to let the smell of freshly cut hay enter your nostrils, and you know that you are home.  This is England, and this is what the Chalon experience is all about!!
Timeless and extremely fashionable these framed and colourfully distressed designs reach beyond the room that we call the kitchen.  They are a timeless reminder of the unparalleled craftsmanship our very society has been built on!
The Mogul Approves.

Monochrome Master Piece

The Mogul thinks that this image is great.  The understated colour within the kitchen invites a dynamic interaction with the natural light coming from the long bank of glass doors, making the kitchen change its appearance at different times of the day. 
The kitchen has been seamlessly integrated into the architecture along the back wall and the overall room is given a vibrancy though the clever placement of colourful artwork!  Kitchen, nature and interior design are amplifiers for each other giving this space a great feel! 
Really nice Job!

Approachable Kitchen

It is interesting to see how this contemporary design has been softened by introducing more approachable geometry.  The underside of the impressive cooking zone displays the aerodynamic qualities of an aircraft wing and could even be likened to the hull of a sea fairing vessel which uses smooth and gradual geometry to cut though the ocean more efficiently.
But having the hard edges removed may not only have aesthetical advantages, as cantilevers and breakfast bar areas are notorious hazards for small children who can be unfortunate enough to occasionally pay a painful price for their parents  pleasure of owning a designer kitchen.
The breakfast bar of this design also appears to be counter balanced across the lover storage area so it may have been possible to create a fantastic free floating cantilever that could swivel between states of use, rotating 90degrees and resting upon the lower storage area when in a standby position and leaving the living area free from physical obstruction.
Doing this would not only allow this kitchen to become a dramatic shape shifter but it may also reduce the amount of occasions when small heads make contact with hard objects.