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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Imagine a Kitchen

Just imagine what is possible using Corian!!  Future Kitchens may be integrated into the surrounding architecture….Functional Kitchen Art!

Catwalk Kitchen

There is just something about using polished stainless steel and glass that can allow a simple design to become more than just simple.  The smooth reflective surfaces are vulnerable to human touch, in danger of becoming contaminated and spoiled by a clammy handprint.  And let’s face it if you own this Argento Vivo kitchen from GeD Cucine you are bound to get a little hot under the collar!
The centre island totally steals the show flaunting a gaunt, silky functionality that can only be compared to an anorexic catwalk model swaggering down the runway!  The island appears narrower than expected in order to allow for duel sided functionality and this aspect emphasises the elongated appearance of the design. 
The eye is finally drawn to the illuminated, acid etched glass table that glows like an inviting social beacon for family and friends. 
Without the island this design is ordinary….with the island it is absolutely exceptional!

The kitchen is a functional mannequin

The kitchen is a functional mannequin which can be tailored and dressed to suit the individual style preferences of each and every client. 
Although the appreciation of aesthetics may appear shallow to many kitchen design purists it is an element of the design that has far reaching implications.  The chosen aesthetics help to define the social and artistic affiliations of the user and whether we like or not the kitchen you own will outwardly proclaim something about you.  
Functional design perfection will achieve a quiet contentment within the user but so too can individually styled aesthetics, delivering a holistic element to the design which can last as long as the personally tailored functionality.
This functional human barometer will quietly display an empathetic understanding of those souls who occupy the space around it, as over time many personal items will become integrated into the original design, making it unique and personal.  But why not start as you mean to go on?
Everyone wants a designer kitchen; the very description implies that the product has been specially commissioned for the user; so why not get involved in the personalisation of your new kitchen in the early stages.  Italian company Effequattro offer a unique glass painted door which allows the ultimate in personal self expressionism.  The company have embraced technology and you can actually upload personal images right onto your new kitchen.  Check out the link below and have a little fun.
It is important to remember though that fashion is a shifting tide and so too are human relationships so if you want to get style longevity out of your design you will need to consider your images carefully!
Check out the fridge in images 1 and 4!  Looks like a lost extra, excluded from the main stage!

Subterranean Dining Experience

Exaggerated lines, colours and features make this a deceptive design!  Strong feature colours are used to attract attention away from the benign, architecturally absorbed cabinetry!  The effect is to camouflage the functional identity of the furniture and create some artistic impact!
The unique foot well in the floor allows for an interesting subterranean dining experience but it may prove tiresome to those serving the food!! 

Dislodged Bridge!

To some this design may only be worth a second, nonchalant glance but The Mogul feels that this kitchen is quite noteworthy!  There is great use of contrasting materials and textures here with the design displaying some great contemporary features; but the real centre piece of this particular design is the stainless steel cooking zone.
The stainless steel bridging element with inset domino hobs is chunky and masculine against the slender and arguably more feminine worktop being used along the sink run.  The thickness of the bridge is used to conceal the services but it also causes a dramatic step in the cabinetry as the kitchen gravitates away from the wall and moves towards the island. 
Upon meeting the island the bridge again displays its dominance by embedding itself and dislodging a corner of the island!  This aspect is brilliant adding real aesthetic interest to the design.  The Mogul also loves how the bridge doubles up as an informal eating area, inviting conversation and creating a wonderful visual step in the design.  Great Job!

The Elephant and the Daisy!

Okay there is allowing the kitchen to be absorbed into the surrounding architecture and there is losing the opportunity to actually have a kitchen!  This idea is forward thinking but it could be seen as a little naive! 
The idea of the kitchen transformer is one that has been explored by lots of designers in many different ways but this particular creation lacks soul.  The Mogul can appreciate how this design could be considered to be a piece of contemporary art but feels it might be stretching it a little to actually describe this design as a commercially viable kitchen. 
Seeing the outline of the kitchen on the wall would eventually irritate The Mogul….if the kitchen is going to disappear into the wall it would be nice not to have such a strong reminder of its presence.  The Mogul would even argue that having an island in the centre of the room with transforming elements and subtle lighting may be less obvious than this kitchen, which while in the standby position gives away its position like an elephant hiding behind a daisy!
There is also the little issue of creating the architectural void into which the kitchen will slide!
It is great to see individual designers trying to come up with new ways of expressing kitchen design and although The Mogul has voiced an opinion, concepts can be fine tuned and become revolutionary.

The Pragmatic Culinary Artist

When considering these concept stainless steel islands it is easy to appreciate that they are the physical manifestation of an artistic mind.  Obviously a kitchen designer would include an additional, equally impressive sculpture on which to prepare gastronomic surprises and culinary treats.
Kitchen designers can be described as frustrated artists with a pragmatic approach to culinary function.  Please appreciate yours!

Sitting on the dock of the bay!

This expanse of stainless steel is like a functional jetty reaching out into a sea of open space while asking for mainstream acceptance by tethering itself to an anchor of conventional cabinetry.  This kitchen delivers a powerful visual experience by allowing light to penetrate through the design maximising the feeling of space.
But the lack of storage would certainly be an issue here! The Mogul is guessing that the designers have submerged some adequate storage into the surrounding architecture so that it does not impose on the light and airy feel!
Impressive stuff!