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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Fashion Kitchen

This photographic set up by Tayfun Cetinkaya looks to the future from a slightly retro standpoint, so it is interesting that this feature, which appeared in Marie Claire magazine depicts the perfect modern kitchen as being white, smooth and ever so slightly glossy with a statement island to match the models beauty!
These images prove one very important point though; that kitchen design and fashion design are intrinsically linked together and in this set of images the relationship is mutually complementary!

Would you like “Dust Collectors” with that?

People say that trends can go full circle and that fashions will re-emerge back into main stream popular culture!  Are we witnessing the re-emergence of a kitchen design feature that had been consigned to the history books?
Open shelves in kitchen design have been perceived as dust collectors, impractical voids that attract unwanted items of everyday clutter.  But increasing in modern kitchen design these features provide the necessary aesthetic imbalance to present the required asymmetrical design trend! 
Even though the description used is the same, the design of the modern shelf is very different.  Originally these open shelves would have been manifested as fancy wall quadrants, complete with decorative rails and fancy spindles.    But these were times when the kitchen was shackled architecturally!  Now the boundaries between kitchen and living space are blurred and these dust collectors actually serve a practical purpose! 
Your kitchen stores everything you need to prepare a meal but now it also stores everything you need to entertain!  Books, CD’s and DVD’s can all find a place in the modern kitchen!  The placement of open shelves in kitchen design is now fundamental to the progressive unification of kitchen and living space!

Monolithic Functionality

The palate here is crisp and futuristic delivering an immediate visual experience.   There is presence to this design with sharp stainless steel edges contrasting strongly against the surroundings. 
The cabinetry backdrop is absorbed by the architecture and the resulting solidarity of colour gives the monolithic functionality even greater authority.
Duel islands are certainly trending at the moment and this is a fine example of what can be achieved! 
The Mogul loves the spiral staircase!!

Kitchen Architecture

Humans like to architecturally compartmentalize, to create intimate spaces for introverted reflection and congregational hot spots for sharing conversation and enjoying each other’s company.  It could be argued that these spaces are socially required to break down the inevitable tensions caused by cohabitation and to provide separation between areas of the home used for different functions at different times of the day.
Here we see how the kitchen can dominate an open plan setting and create subtle divisions which help to define unique areas within a space which is devoid of walls.  The colours and unity between kitchen, furniture and space add continuity to the overall design and showcase how the kitchen has become one of the most defining elements within any residential property.


The kitchen you own and use can be seen as a reflection of who you are and what you aspire to be.  And just like receiving a tattoo, the permanence of this outward and artistic expression of self can be the result of a lengthy and considered design process. 
Having faith in your style convictions will determine whether or not you choose a personally expressive kitchen like this.

The Kitchen Table

The kitchen has become detached, removed from the historical rock unto which it has always clung.  The surrounding architecture creates space, defines scale and perspective but the modern kitchen appears to no longer need these architectural manacles! 
The mogul even begins to question the future existence of the kitchen as we recognise it today.  The kitchen is becoming an island and that island is becoming a table!  Is there the distinct possibility that in the future functionality will be preceded by sociability, or that the two elements will fuse that closely with technology that the kitchen table will facilitate all our needs!!
This may all sound like fantasy but look at some of these images including the N1 robot table and see if you can see into the future!!

Axis of Domestic Life

The kitchen is becoming more focused, precise and calculated in every way.  Designers have released it from its traditional architectural confines and are presenting this functional furniture in a new light. 
The Mogul loves this design as it is determined to keep our attention on the task at hand with short walking distances between functional zones playing a key role in this concept. 
This is not just a square island; it is a kitchen that considers ergonomics, functionality, sociability and natural light.  It is a design that appreciates how layers and voids can make simple shapes interesting, user friendly and artistically influential. 
The dropped ceiling and significant canopy only act to focus our attention on this axis of domestic life.  This design is the dot on the “I” of the word kitchen – punctuated, and deliberately influencing the surrounding environment.
This is a very clever concept with complex layers and it should be appreciated!