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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Ostentatious Tendencies

Confidence is an alluring quality which becomes even more potent when ostentatious tendencies are subdued!  This kitchen appears to be submissive, overshadowed by an architectural and interior design vision that has diluted its functional identity by dressing it in a living room masquerade!   
But silent elements can provide great drama and it is the complexity of this design that makes it almost unrecognisable to the untrained eye!  The clever layering of textures, shapes and materials allow this shape shifting kitchen to dictate a commanding position within the home, silently influencing everything and everyone who becomes inquisitive enough to be drawn in on a tractor beam of style!
Kitchen design has evolved into a confident discipline with the power to influence the future of our living spaces.  Given time this evolutionary process will help increase design discipline integration, allowing kitchen design to become an eminent design influencer!
Kitchen design is changing!


A sobering reminder that within kitchen design artistic expression is only allowed to exist as a consequence of functional necessity!

Over a Barrel

Designed to be a curious twist in the tale of traditional and contemporary design this concept would appear to be having us over a barrel.

The aesthetics promote a rustic and traditional tone…the kind of atmosphere you’ll find in your local cider brewery; whilst the oak finish and soft geometry provides a welcome rest bite from the classic linear lines used relentlessly in contemporary kitchen design.

The use of smooth engineered metal and flaming red industrial controls helps to punctuate this retro revolution with 21st century style.

This design shows how imagination and passion can harmonise both traditional and contemporary design into something that can intrigue and satisfy the user.

Insignificant Kitchen Design

Notice how the kitchen is absorbed into its surroundings as the stronger colours and textures in the foreground dominate the field of vision.  The white kitchen sits humbly in the background, almost insignificant, but providing great aesthetical contrast and balance.
In an open plan space like this it is vital to consider what impact the kitchen will have whilst sitting in the “standby” position. 
Great renders – we are entering a virtual World…or is the KBB industry already there?

Pale into Insignificance!

This design is striking because it has potential to pale into insignificance.  There is a deliberate lack of contrast in this image that dissolves some of the best features so much that they are in danger of not being noticed at all.
The kitchen itself is striking, creating an unusual blend of crisp linear lines and softer geometry.  The kitchen doors are thick and wide with a polished lacquer finish which gives the design a contemporary edge, but this edge has been blunted by the introduction of a scooped, raised panel profile which is reminiscent of a more traditional door shape.  Add to this some quadrant posts a curved breakfast bar area and splash back and the blended look is complete.  The Contemporary Classic style is emphasised further by the kitchen being framed with classical architecture and resting on a beautiful herring bone floor!
If you look really closely you will see some really nice lighting above the island!  More contrast may be required though to make these features shine!

Splinter Cell – A Contemporary Classic

And so behold the mighty hybrid kitchen; a shining example of what is to come and the epitome of style fusion.  This is a splinter cell approach to kitchen design, an amalgamation of opposing style tribes.   But as the conflict dissipates the impact of peace presents something beautiful!
This design shows how contemporary kitchen designers are searching for a new avenue to explore and that in order to make progressive leaps forward some designers are actually looking over their shoulder.  They are reflecting on what has worked in the past and morphing significant design elements from each style generation to create a new direction.  It is simple really; by introducing classical elements like raised panel doors and beautifully turned posts, all finished in a high gloss lacquer this design reaches a whole new level.  Add to the mix sweeping worktop curves and this kitchen can be classified as a contemporary classic.
Breaking a contemporary, linear design apart and introducing softer geometry and classical design features will help to create the contemporary classic kitchen.  Try it…because this is becoming a growing trend and you’re going to see a whole lot more of this!  Oh yea…you can also create the look by keeping the contemporary linear lines and using more traditional materials and finishes.

Transformers – Kitchens in Disguise

The architect and builder have provided you with a space, how are you going to define the space?  Do you decide to create an intricate array of cabinetry that covers every inch of available wall space and is linked by a spaghetti junction of pelmets and other elaborate dust collectors, or do you decide to make an understated statement of style.
The Mogul read somewhere once that the kitchen is an island with a backdrop of artistic self expression, and this is true, but the kitchen of tomorrow is also a shape shifting modular masterpiece that has the ability to interact with its user. 
The Mogul appreciates the power of shape shifting kitchens and this example from Linea Quattro is no exception.  Sitting in a standby position this kitchen offers uninterrupted earthy colours that empower a stereotypical vision of contemporary living.  Consisting of only two elements this kitchen lays dormant, ready to be awakened by human functional requirement. 
An array of sliding panels allows this kitchen to reveal its inner self, reflecting the legacy of its ancestors and the reason it came to be created….Function!  Like a robot transformer it glides seamlessly between states of use offering its user visual and functional satisfaction as well as the type social acceptance that breeds envy.
The kitchen of the future is happening now!  Are you ready?

Architectural Incarcerator

Kitchen design is a play with shapes; a medium for delivering functionality while satisfying artistic curiosity. 
This design has defied its architectural incarcerator, delivering a standalone design presence amid restrictive surroundings.  By manipulating only one of the 3 dimensional planes this design stands out from the crowd.  In this instance variable height is used to create interest and increase functional performance.
The island is elevated allowing the floor to become un-masked; the removal of low level cabinetry also allows items to be stored within an ergonomically efficient hot zone.
The elevated, table area allows this design to morph between states of use providing the user with the flexibility of casual dining and the aesthetic interest of a transforming shelf.  Consider how the feature looks when the table is retracted and not in use!  The cantilevered shelf hovers, causing shadows to manipulate the white surfaces and the layering effect is amplified through the cantilevers new found proximity to the contrasting work surface.  This is beautiful!
The Mogul is unsure about the long, wall mounted shelf though!  Is it needed?  Is it too high?  And could you bump your head?