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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Functional Concentration

There has been a lot of effort put into this design in order to make it progressively different.  The overall look is great with many of the contemporary “must have” design features being included; but could it be argued that this design is trying too hard?
The island dominates the space and gives credence to the idea that the modern kitchen can be inspired by an island alone, and that if this element is designed correctly you don’t really need anything else.  The islands dominance is helped further by it being positioned at an angle to the surrounding architecture creating the minimal, art gallery feel.  But you really need to have ample room at home to get away with this idea, and you may have to present a strong case to your client, as doing this certainly eats up floor space. 
There is loads of worktop area here and The Mogul loves the off-set open shelves on the front of the island which are functional and offer a beautiful camouflage for potential mess at the sink.  However, The Mogul feels uneasy with the asymmetrical positioning of the units along the back wall!  They are abstract and tick one of the essential “contemporary kitchen trend” boxes, but The Mogul feels that there is too much open space between the floor and the units….what would this space be used for? 
This may be an example of how the quest for the most commercially appealing, aesthetically beautiful kitchen design can lead to a lapse in functional concentration! 

Fluidity of Form

The kitchen has evolved into a shape shifting, functional art installation and this conceptual showroom sculpture by Silestone proves that fluidity of form can captivate the human imagination!
The domestic application of this fantastic design may need a little tweaking though!
The Mogul approves!

Stylish Small Kitchen

This is a really stylish small kitchen!  It is so good that the architecture is actually trying to absorb it!  The gentle embrace between kitchen and architecture is great with the designers taking care not to over design this space, instead simple abstract forms and contrasting colours create the impact. 
The elevated detachment from the floor only emphasises the kitchens mutually beneficial relationship with the architectural alcove!  Truly brilliant!

Floater Hob!

This image is great and illustrates some of the most common trends within kitchen design at the moment.  Asymmetrical positioning of appliances, varying worktop depths, contrasting wood grained doors against a monochrome backdrop, streamline tall units that are conducive to architectural integration and a free floating island bridge that has been fitted with a stylish cooking zone!
The Mogul loves how all of the physical connections to the hobs have been concealed within the worktop…This is made possible by mitre jointing finer pieces of the chosen material and creating a void within a deeper work surface, this sounds easy but it takes real planning to get it right!  This is a growing and more dominant feature for 2011!

In this example though The Mogul would have placed the ovens behind the hob area as this would have created a more concentrated cooking zone without impacting the aesthetics.

Gorging on every kitchen morsel!

A good meal will have various courses, strategically planned culinary layers that although different in texture and taste will work together in a way that amplifies the sensory pleasure. 
The layers and textures in this kitchen work in the same way, it is only the human sense that is gorging on each visual morsel that is different.
Great design!

Vortex of style

This is a powerful image displaying all of the serious style contradictions required to create the perfect modern kitchen.   Contemporary styling has been perfectly counter balanced by the inclusion of some fantastic classical features.
The kitchen has become a vortex of style with the ability to fuse polar design elements.  The newly empowered kitchen has become a source of inspiration, an epicentre of artistic and personal stimulation, amalgamating conflicting ideas and styles in a new and positive way.
Love this one!  The seating is fabulous!


Within every kitchen design there is compromise, an agreed armistice between conflicting elements that can only be brokered on a very personal level.  The battle raging between form and function can evoke some opinionated outbursts, but after consideration and reflection every design will find its natural equilibrium.
Creating lines that deviate from conventional 90 degree angles will help deliver a strong aesthetic presence.  In this instance the unconventional approach is amplified by using monochrome accents that give this kitchen a futuristic feel.  The compromise for creating this look is the purposeful restriction of natural cabinetry size and the complications that will arise when placing internal drawer systems!
Justification in the form of client satisfaction always repels criticism!
The Mogul loves this one!

Untouchable hierarchy of materials

The legacy of kitchen design has lead to us making certain assumptions.  We assume that a kitchen is a collection of materials which have a functional resilience to everyday use and a comfortable tactile relationship with human skin!
Contemporary kitchen designers still make these assumptions but refuse to comply with the conventional order of placement!  That is why stone is becoming a popular material for cabinetry frontage!  And look at the results!
An unconventional material hierarchy mixed with brilliant colour choices, clever finger grip recesses and transforming elements allows this design to bridge the gap between creative concept and commercial gold!
The Mogul also loves the gap that has been left between the tall cabinetry and the architectural alcove as this creates a fantastic shadow line and gives this design an untouchable persona! 

The kitchen is certainly become more un-fitted!

Functional Thinking

Purity is a desirable attribute especially if used to disguise complexity! 
This design manages to encourage a lingering desire to admire, the type of art gallery presence that demands quiet contemplation to fully appreciate. 

By cleverly layering simple linear forms and combining a reserved colour palette this under stated design could be considered a masterpiece of functional thinking!
Think about it!