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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Social Deflector Shield

The Mogul would have to question the inclusion of a social deflector shield on this island.  Making the cooking zone a secluded and private space is one thing but this design surely has its limitations.


It is always important to consider that the kitchen is not just for cooking….it is an expression of self identity and style to be enjoyed.  The “kitchen experience” can indulge all of the five senses creating a personal catalogue of memories associated with the space. 
Surely kitchen design must be more fully appreciated as a complicated translation of human nature and therefore gain more recognition as a functional art form…  This idea is pivotal to The Mogul’s evaluation of the Kevin McCloud debate about the kitchen industry.  More on that issue later!

Terminator Kitchen

This concept combines the warmth of wood and the strength of steel by using artisan techniques to entomb brushed pine veneer in liquefied metal.
The aesthetics are impressive with the shimmering finish exposing the beauty of nature, lusting after light with the onlooker being beckoned to experience a truly unique tactile sensation.

Contemporary Kitchen Design

You have to appreciate the aesthetical quality of this design.  It sits as a modern monument to contemporary style. 
The most striking and original element of this design is the slender white worktop which sits at a reassuringly ergonomic height, assisting in food preparation and cleaning. It is interesting, if not a little disappointing to see that the designers have used a big solid casing beneath the sink to conceal the wastes and offer some support to the wafer like work surface above.  The Mogul can imagine other ways of doing this!  It is also interesting to see that the cooking zone is set at a slightly lower level than the cleaning zone.
The layering of the surfaces here is great, giving the design an artistic presence and allowing the user to mix up the cooking experience.  Although not a fan of having so much worktop at a low level The Mogul appreciates that this area can still be used to accommodate large electrical appliances and non-consumable items used in food preparation.
This is a lovely design and only the client can decide if the functionality suits their needs.

Stainless Steel Kitchen

Tired of your old kitchen, frustrated by its functional and aesthetical inadequacies?  Then maybe you need a cloud with a silver lining, a knight in shining armour or a kitchen that is so mesmerizingly beautiful that you long to buff, polish, rub, shine and…oh yea…. use it!
Metal finishes can be seen as very clinical but this design surpasses expectation and allows the beauty of stainless steel to radiate into the room.  Using bang up to date kitchen design techniques this concept exploits super thin worktops; flush fitted appliances, free floating elements and a skewed appreciation of symmetry and certainly deserves a second glance!
The Mogul approves!

Counterweighted Equilibrium

This design teeters on a counterweighted equilibrium causing the viewer to question if this is kitchen or art! 
Functional performance is enhanced through levitation with storage being restricted to an ergonomically efficient hot zone.  Variance of height and depth are used to provide aesthetic interest and contrasting colours and patterns provide an avenue for artistic flair.
A text book example of contemporary kitchen design by Valcucine!  Love it!

Anthropometric Miscalculation

The aesthetic simplicity of this design helps to camouflage an impatient yearning to be noticed. 
The black, super sheen doors absorb their surroundings by reflection and blur the boundaries between kitchen and architecture.  Only the kitchen worktop provides definition presenting an angular anomaly that defies convection and provokes a slight tilting of the head!
This angular feature is thrust to the fore with the help of a basic monochrome colour scheme but it is the same choices of colour and finish that help to conceal an anthropometric miscalculation!
A slight gradient allows the base unit doors to lean against the wall.  It could be argued that having the units deeper at the bottom adds aesthetic interest and allows artistic flair to be satisfied but it may eventually be a pain, increasing functional reach distances and causing stresses on the lower back!

Ark of the Covenant Kitchen

The modern kitchen can no longer be described as being fitted!  It has become an important independent influence over its surroundings, becoming detached from architecture and a sea of interior design, the modern contemporary kitchen has actually become an island!
And why not!  The popularity of open plan living has allowed kitchen designers to explore their imagination and discover new ways of providing functional style solutions.  Designing a modern kitchen is like creating a freestanding, independent sculpture of function, a quietly imposing statement of personal style and taste.  When you are not restricted by the architecture you can create anything….you can play with shapes, colours and lighting  allowing the building to become the backdrop to your creation, a stage onto which you have poured your knowledge and expertise for your ever appreciative clients.
So the kitchen island now comes in all shapes and forms and this T-shaped design is certainly one that catches the eye.  It has all the required “jaw dropping” elements to impress guests.  The beautiful stainless steel central spine supports the gravity defying cabinetry and presents an inspiring work area that doubles up as a social hot-spot.  The chamfered worktop edge meets the cabinetry with sublime precision and the extractor looms overhead like rigging at a rock concert!  The stage is now set for the main event and a powerful performance by the chef!  And just like most touring rock bands this kitchen comes with an emblem, a logo that is powerful enough to be placed on the Ark of the Covenant, inspiring thousands of followers!
This is a fantastic kitchen!