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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Backdrop Kitchen

The kitchen has truly become the backdrop to our home lives!  A functionally adaptable and socially welcoming space!

Pink Panther in Cologne

Smile Guys…you’ve been Mogulled!!

Absolutely fantastic kitchen by Brigitte Kitchens…Love the colour…soft but very hedonistic!!

A Magnetic Vortex of Design Influence

The power of kitchen design has lain dormant, entombed in an architectural catacomb that has restricted its development and regurgitated a legacy of design submissiveness!
Recently released the kitchen is beginning to wreak its revenge, absorbing its surroundings and rendering furniture and accessories obsolete!  This magnetic vortex of design influence is helping to reshape how we live and how home life is designed.
If you think that your living space is missing something it most likely is!  A kitchen!

Lady Gaga Kitchen

Every maestro needs a stage and The Mogul feels that this one is set for a flamboyant entrance; a fusion of functional expressionism that satisfies artistic and musical tendencies!
The islands of this design can double up as functional podiums designed to invite extravagant gastronomic indulgence and becoming the perfect hedonistic preparation zone for the previous night’s meat dress!  Every client is different and their individual requirements are built upon personal tendencies and idiosyncrasies.  If Lady Gaga decided to tenderize her meat dress she may not require a mallet, instead she may choose to climb up onto the third island (the piano) to gyrate and grind the meat into a pliable submission!  This unique preference is why the kitchen designer has specified the piano!  Watch you don’t slip!
Music and fashion is art but so too is kitchen design and this kitchen does present an opportunity for Lady Gaga to add another string to her wonderfully outrageous bow!  There is potential for this artiste to get her “teeth” into kitchen art.

Hybrid Kitchen

Here we see another example of a classic contemporary kitchen.  Symmetrical clean lines, a handless appearance, stainless steel worktops and some free hung cabinetry all give this particular design a contemporary appearance.  Using mirrored plinths also help to create the illusion that the island and tall units are floating; having this type of determined detachment from the surrounding architecture could also be perceived as a modern design trend.
However, the door profile used and the integration of natural timber allow this design to straddle between descriptive classifications.  The doors used display a 45degree mitre at the point where the rail and stile meet and it could be argued that by having this joint set at an angle as opposed to being straight compromises the contemporary edge of this kitchen!  Oh and are those quadrant posts on the corners of the island?!  Enough said……this is a hybrid!

Making the Most of Your Garage Workbench

Storage is always in short supply whether it be in the kitchen, bedrooms or garage. We all think we could use more storage space for our items. One area that is often overlooked is the garage workbench. We put storage under beds but do not really give workbench storage ideas a whole lot of consideration.


That is unfortunate. The garage is often one of the smallest and more cramped parts of a home. Think about it, most of us park our cars in our garages. That does not leave a lot of room for a work area where we can work on our hobby projects like woodworking or sculpting.


We need a place to store our tools or other useful items. Why not make the most of the workbench and store these things in there. It makes perfect sense. For most hobbyists, there is a workbench in the garage and a need to store items that are needed to pursue that hobby. This is even more crucial if more than one person in a family likes to do arts or crafts.


The bottom line is these work benches can be used for more than something to sit on but something to put things in.

Bohemian Kitchen Design

So you fancy yourself as a kitchen designer, an empathetic translator of human functional need!  Or maybe you would like to be considered an artist, a visual and sensory interpreter of the human soul.  Or should you just reject main stream capitalist society, embrace Mother Earth and become an eco warrior?!
Recycling old cabinetry or using waste packaging such as wooden crates may allow you do solve this professional descriptive dilemma!

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Living, Breathing Kitchen!

For years kitchen design has been guilty of exaggerating scale, with the kitchen becoming the long suffering victim of an intensive and functionally random infestation of cabinetry. 
But the misguided trend of fitting as many kitchen cabinets into an architecturally oppressive space has been replaced.   Now open plan architectural environments have become dominated by large monolithic islands.
The Moby Dick kitchen is no exception, flaunting impressively elongated linear styling which has only been interrupted by the introduction of an unusual sink feature.  A feature which could be seen to sympathetically resemble the natural breathing aperture of a Sperm whale!
The Mogul is unsure about this feature as it may draw specific attention to the cleaning zone, which on occasion may not be so clean.  It could be argued that in an open plan environment it may be more prudent to optionally camouflage this particular area.

Eclectic Kitchen by Bulthaup

Take the Bulthaup b3 system and sprinkle a little eclectic, functional animation and you will get “Shifting Concepts”.  This idea encourages individuals, designers, artists and architects to get involved in the design process and evolve what Bulthaup claim is the perfect product. 
The Mogul imagines that this concept delivers the bespoke, made from scratch feeling to a modular based system, enhancing the experience for both users and designers and making the process of kitchen design more personal and introverted!  Top marks there!
Bulthaup appear to dress the b3 in a way that transforms it into an art installation, adding an extra layer and allowing the concept to become un-architecturally defined. 
Don’t underestimate Bulthaup, their kitchens are fantastic; but there really isn’t anything new here.  The Mogul and many other designers including Johnny Grey have been promoting the human element of kitchen design for years, encouraging an understanding of how humans relate to their own personal space; the psychological connection to inanimate objects and the development of human memory paths that effectively shape who we are. 
We already know that introducing holistic elements into kitchen design along with personal artistic preferences can open the door to “Next Level Kitchen Design”!  So is this concept just a heavily funded marketing campaign?  The Mogul wonders! 
But one thing however must be said.  Promoting artistically stimulating, humanly sympathetic design must be encouraged…so for that The Mogul salutes you!