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Monthly Archives: October 2015 - 2. page

Level Kitchen

The Mogul has always stated that kitchen design can be expressed though an artistic play with functional shapes, but here we see this belief taken literally.
The design has a layered and asymmetrical appearance and the mix of textures and materials works really well.  High level open shelves provide a blank canvas for the personalisation of this design with their high level placement allowing the functional hot zone to become unpolluted with personal artefacts. 
The introduction of extra tall oven housings provides a connection between the open shelves and the functional elements within the design.  Breaking the shelves in this way also emphasises the asymmetrical styling and quietly expresses this kitchens functional dominance which supersedes aesthetical and personal dressing.
The design reaches beyond the norm by introducing a unique visual hook, a breakfast bar that plays tricks with your eyes and prompts you to ask the questions; how?  Why? And where can I get one!
Love it!