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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Kitchen Therapy….whatever next???

The kitchen has become the backdrop to our home life, a reassuring companion that will imprint on our future memories.  What better way to give these memories a calming influence than to integrate a holistic powerhouse into the design.
Aquariums have the ability to fascinate humans in an extremely therapeutic way projecting positive energy and allowing us to enter a primary meditative state.  The medical profession has found that patients suffering from mental health problems and trauma can be calmed; entering a hypnotic state of consciousness by simply gazing into an aquarium. 
This design by Robert Timmons uses the aquarium to project colour and movement into the space.    The architecture becomes instantly animated with the viewer receiving a strong visual impact from the design.  You can almost forget that this space is defined by the term kitchen, it has become more than that, it is a space where you want to spend time, a space that re-energizes your soul! 
This is an example of “Next Level Kitchen Design”.   Here the designer considers not just the form and function of the kitchen but also the long term wellbeing of the people who occupy the space.
Aquarium kitchens!…..whatever will they think of next!!

Design Cartilage

This kitchen is like a functional thread, using its smooth curvature to stitch together polarised architectural styles.  The kitchen is being used like sophisticated design cartilage, preventing friction and using its irregular and undulating shape to soften the sharp distinction between architectural styles.    
This approach works well using contemporary cabinetry as the minimal nature of the design allows the period features to shine though without fear of being up-staged.  Likewise the understated detailing flows seamlessly into any minimally styled room.
Great job!!

M&M’s Kitchen

Confidence can be displayed in many ways and here we see a kitchen demand attention by nonchalantly commanding the space around it!! It is as though this kitchen has marched into the room, slammed the door and demanded that all the blue M&M’s be removed from the bowl!
This kitchen is a transformer; a shape shifting reflection of functional art where form disguises function and the manipulation of shape, colour and texture is used to define a way of life!!  You don’t own a kitchen like this unless you have some serious style confidence.
The defining feature is the launch pad table complete with solid rocket boosters hovering overhead!  This is a bold cross over statement and showcases how the modern kitchen can be everything to everyone, not only delivering on its primary functional requirement but also providing the modern family with a place to live, work and play!
Kitchen design has exploded out of its architectural incarceration and become a serious design influencer!
The Mogul approves!

Phoenix Plumber: 3 Good Ways of Fixing the Faucet

Is there a good way to fix a leaking faucet at your home? Phoenix Plumber is the one to get the job professionally finished. As a matter of fact, the pipelines at your home may be prone to leakage, corrosion, and broken. You may not notice the condition until bad incident happens. Surely, it is not to say that the potential incident should happen before you have the proper anticipation. For instance, the gaseous pipeline shall be in the right condition to avoid burning. In the same way, water leak may ruin the house construction.

For different needs, plumbing repair service is required. When you have time, you could fix the system by your own. Otherwise, the professional hand shall deliver the ideal job accomplishment for every home. The leakage or the damaged of the faucet in the kitchen area shall obstruct the cleaning of your cooking appliances. And, this will influence the task in the kitchen.

Good Ways to Fix the Leak Faucet at Home

The condition of your home should be reliably administered. You can find minor to major issues which you can handle by your own or let the pros to get the job accomplished. Surely, piping lines are important parts of delivering sufficient functions for individuals. You could enjoy the bathing time with hot and cold water. At the same time, the use of stove and heating system will be reliably represented by the gas line. As you really concern about your life, the administration of the plumbing system shall be reliably secured.

For the most part, you can find the following ideas of fixing the faucet at your home, among others:

  • It is essential to get various wrenches’ dimensions to open the faucet in the line. Preparation of the parts can be bought at local home depot.
  • It is important to turn off the stream of the water at the terminal joint. The stream of the water shall minimize the outburst of the water as you remove the damaged faucet.
  • The use of piping glue and tape is significant to avoid minor leakage at the joint. Take the step of fixing carefully.

The Way a Professional Assists Homeowners

Many homeowners have lacked of specific expertise in repairing the plumbing system at the house. The presence of professional is important which you can contact twenty four hours a day for a weak. By the responsive service, you can minimize the risk of not able to perform the expected duty.

Concrete Worktop

The Mogul is unsure about this design!  There is something special going on with the redesign of the traditional peninsula, the fact that this common feature has now become a free floating loop of pre-cast concrete certainly creates a talking point, making the design different and worthy of being noticed.  But The Mogul can’t help feeling that this design is cold and un-inviting. 
The images depict someone casually lounging on the lowered seating area which runs off the looped peninsula, but The Mogul would argue that the use of materials and the absence of some soft materials to rest against would leave this feature useless.  Ergonomically ineffective!
However it is important to understand the complexity of creating a feature like this.  The words; free floating, concrete and gravity usually don’t work that well in reality and certainly require a little dedicated management!

Functional Weakness

This design is refined and balanced showcasing a considered amount of asymmetrical styling and including the now mandatory open shelf space to allow it to be considered commercially on trend!
But no matter how beautiful or socially aspirational this kitchen appears to be it would still provoke some negative reactions every time the cook realised they had forgotten something from the consumables zone!
Sometimes it is important to remember that humans are not as efficient as they think they are; that is why creating a functional methodology for each and every kitchen design is essential.  Allowing the kitchen itself to interrupt workflow patterns and functional efficiency can weaken the strength of a design and it can only be left to personal judgement to ascertain if the aesthetics are powerful enough to forgive this potential functional weakness!

Facts about PEX: The Increasing Values of the Property

What could you take to improve the quality of home plumbing system? Possibly, Facts about PEX shall guide you to take the necessary actions. Every homeowner has specific projection toward the house. The installation of plumbing system may cover gas, water, and sewage. It is essential to get reliable pipes for the channels. There is expectation to reduce the amount of potential leakages during the term of the property. By the point, you are securing the individuals from potential risks of burning, building damage, and related incidents. The point of security is necessary for life saving.

Before you are getting the project, repiping professional tips could save you a lot. As you should see, old galvanized steel may experience deterioration which is affected by humid environment. Under this point, replacement is required. On the hand of professional, the replacement project can be reliably conducted. In the same way, the use of PEX pipes can be effective especially for specific areas which are prone to natural disaster.

Facts about PEX, the Key Benefits

Buying reliable products is necessary for different individuals. You could take your hand off through the application of reliable materials at your property.

you could find out the values of the product installed at your property system. Indeed, individuals should be directed to concentrate on available choices for specific purposes. As you have reliable plumbing administration, you are reducing the maintenance costs you allocate during your lifetime. And, this is effective method for your future asset.

For the most part, shall deliver the subsequent advantages for every individual homeowner, among others:

  • There are three different pipes which you can apply at your facility. These may include PEX-A, PEX-B, and PEX-C. Every type has definite function for specific purpose. Gathering the specific data about the functions shall be essential.
  • The use of environmentally safe materials should positively contribute to natural atmosphere. At this point, you are minimizing the pollution level caused by the use of applications installed at your home and building.
  • The flexibility level of the pipes could be advantageous. It implies the application in diverse situations and land types. The contour of the land is influential in the aspect of sustainability to deliver the right substance, either solution or gas.
  • The expectation on longer period of use is higher in today’s world. You could compare the durability of PEX and copper piping. This is a good point to reduce your financial allocation on maintenance and re-installation.


PEX and Your Plumbing System

Individual homeowners are directed to have the perfect plumbing system. You can ensure the installation of pipes at the facility has met the required standards. Perhaps, re-piping professional tips shall help you to gain effective result. In the same way, the previous installation has not considered the durability of the pipe materials like galvanized steel or copper. As you get the info, you can reconstruct the system to keep your environment safe. Surely, reliable piping shall guarantee the plumbing channel and irrigation duct at your facility.

Biological interpretation of light

Chromatics is the science of colour which tries to understand the subjective interpretation of visible light.  The ability of the human eye to distinguish colors is based upon the varying sensitivity of different cells in the retina to light of different wavelengths.  It can therefore be said that colour preferences are not based solely on acquired taste but that these personal inclinations are influenced by genetics!
The modern kitchen has become an influential melting pot of ideas that encompass cultural attitudes to art and design.  The kitchen has become a functional mannequin that can be dressed in cheap, colourful or expensive clothes fitting the client preferences perfectly and influencing architecture and interior design!
How do you see your kitchen?  Functional workspace, or a biological, socially influenced interpretation of light?

As Cold as Ice!

This glass worktop is a real statement piece and it is simply beautiful!  It is actually so cool it could be ice.  The Mogul approves! 

Hierarchy of Influence

The kitchen pales into insignificance awaiting functional resuscitation within a sanitised architectural space.
We see the kitchens functionality diluted and absorbed into the architecture with only the island presenting influence upon the space.
Both kitchen and architecture are submitting to the imposing influence of nature.  Possibly a little human animation required here?!