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Monthly Archives: December 2015

IMM Living Kitchen in Cologne

This design by Störmer Küchen is on display at the Living Kitchen show in Cologne right now.  It is interesting to see how the boundaries between kitchen and living space have become blurred!  This idea is going to be increasingly popular in the coming years as kitchens are now the functional backdrop to our home lives.
Love the use of LED lighting to the underside of the worktop and the wall units also look great!  Check out the asymmetrical nature of design which is made more orderly by the linear matrix of the doors and drawers….. another trend for 2011!
More from Cologne coming soon!

Terminator Tap by Brizo

In the beginning we needed to cook; now we need a kitchen that is self aware! And we are well on the way to getting one!

Electric doors and drawers are now a standard design feature in Europe with many cool contemporary designs breaking free from the shackles that define the kitchen as an inanimate object. Welcome to the world of “kitchen consciousness”!

This range of incredibly stylish taps (faucets) by Brizo has been integrated with SmartTouch technology, the next step on the journey to kitchen voice recognition!

Cool, fashionable, technologically advanced and super functional – top marks Brizo!

Downing Street Kitchen

Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country!  These words may have been from an iconic American President who was struck down before his time but they could also be used as a patriotic call to all British kitchen designers to step up to the plate and create a masterpiece of functional craftsmanship that is deemed worthy of resting in the hallowed architecture of 10 Downing Street!
So David and Sam wanted a new kitchen!  Well in Monday’s Daily Telegraph Christopher Hope reports of an official row over the installation of a new kitchen in the Prime Minister’s residence!  Apparently officials have refused to reveal the cost of the installation which was described as “large and modern” and also exceeded Downing Street’s annual maintenance allowance!  Well the Mogul is guessing that if this kitchen has been described as being modern it is probably not British?!!!  German?  Italian….oh… but sold by a British company!
So who is worthy of answering the call for a truly British kitchen, are there any British kitchen designers or manufacturers fit for the Job?  In a country that excels in the fields of architecture, fashion and design and that is innately proud of its design heritage…you would imagine that the choices would be many!  But with so many British kitchen designers becoming indoctrinated by the products, ideas and design principles from other parts of Europe, choosing to “Buy in” instead of manufacturing, you might find it difficult to find a designer or company who is capable of creating a truly British kitchen.  Would this kitchen of Britishness have Austrian drawer runners concealed beneath the English Oak dovetails?!  The Mogul wonders!  It could also be argued that only the best products from all over the world should be sanctioned by the chosen British designer to be worthy of this particular installation!
The Mogul doesn’t know who installed the kitchen or where it came from…but after undertaking the job of your life the company or designer in question may have been sworn to the official secrets act! 
Watch out for the New Years honours list for further information!
Here is The Moguls Suggestion for contemporary living Mr C!

Sanitised Butchery 2

Stainless steel always looks efficient and clinical, the type of finish you go with if you are going to work your kitchen hard.  There is no space for wimpy wood veneers here as this kitchen exists to make things happen!However, an interesting side effect of stainless steel is that it is extremely beautiful.  The reflective qualities allow light to be catapulted in every direction making the material interesting and attractive.
The freestanding legs used on this island gives the impression that NASA had drawn the blueprints for the concept.  If NASA were designing a lunar module they wouldn’t use wenge veneer or high gloss, foil wrapped panels!  Back to the drawing board boys!!

Ying Yang Concept!

This design by MVK Italia shows the power of a simple linear type design.   There is no fuss here and the kitchen is not “over designed”!  The design displays affection for asymmetry and the unbalanced nature of the door matrix morph the kitchen into a minimal art form.
Form and function sit beautifully together and the monotone colours are effectively brightened though the use of stainless steel. 
If you look at this image long enough you can see that the wall units are counter balanced by the stainless steel peninsula in the foreground with the heavy side of each element mirrored with the lighter side of the other creating a ying yang effect!

Designer Kitchen

It was only going to be a matter of time until The Mogul decided to comment on one of Philippe Starck’s creations for Warendorf.  The Mogul’s initial reaction was to dismiss the range as a grotesque celebration of ego, an example of the industry bowing to the power of one individual, and embracing the control of a celebrity designer.  And yes, this range is guilty of putting Starck on a pedestal, enabling him to loom over other less celebrated designers who create change and industry drive on a daily basis, and are using more humble budgets to do so. 
But you do have to appreciate Starck’s skill as a designer.  There is real depth to this design and he is obviously a keen observer of the industry, either that or he is able to take advice well!  His range could be described as a selection of “unfitted kitchen pods with a flamboyant sprinkling of eccentric”!  Aesthetically there is a drive to be unusual, a blatant effort to be “designer”; and this element of the concept certainly ticks all the right boxes for many. 
The exclusive looking trumpet legs work brilliantly adding design flair and hiding the island services in a dignified way.  The appliances can be hidden behind doors, aesthetically neutering the functionality of the kitchen and allowing it to become the centre piece of any home.  Special motors have even been included that dissipate residual heat from the ovens so that the door can be closed immediately after use. 
One thing The Mogul is unsure about though is what happens to the tall “oven modesty” door whilst the ovens are actually being used, does it protrude into the room causing an obstruction or does it neatly slide into a pocket only to be pulled out when cooking is finished?  If this design is pocket-less it could easily loss points on the functionality front and the number one rule of kitchen design will have been broken.
Overall though this is a great design and it shows why Starck is still seen to be at the top of the professional design ladder.

Indianapolis Water Softener: Safe and Healthy

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Water Softener, Softening Your Life

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Stealth Bomber

The seamless angular lines and un-conformist approach give this design an art house feel; blurring its functional identity and allowing it to slip under the radar just like a stealth bomber.

Things You Need to Know Before You Turn Your Den into a Man Cave

You know you want a man cave. Ever since you watched the Man Show back in the day you were envious and you just wanted a place where you could read your Maxim magazine in peace while drinking beer at any hour of the day. This whole idea of the man cave has really put women’s right back a few generations but that shouldn’t stop you from wanting one and enjoying it. After all, you’re a man, right? You’re the big man in the house and you work 50-60 hours a week to provide everything for your family so what’s wrong with having a little you time? See what we’re saying? If you actually say that kind of stuff that you’re a miserable scum and should not really be allowed freedom to move about the country.


But the point is, if you want a man cave, you have to make sure of a few things.  You need to have the awesomest, most state of the art TV.  You can’t get by with a little 62″ TV, it’s important that you have at least a 70″ TV and make sure it has 3D capabilities.  Also, you’ll want to get at least 6 pairs of the 3D glasses because you don’t’ want to run out of them when the gang is over.  That’s not fair to the losers of your group who will no doubt be forced to sacrifice their glasses for someone cooler to see through them.  So make sure your TV situation is the maximum awesome it can be.




Also, you’ll want to make the cave or the room as nice as possible.  Don’t just set up shop any old place in the house – you’ll want to dedicate an actual nice are for it.  If this means refinishing the basement, so be it.  In fact, that’s a great place for a man cave, because of its extra cave-like quality.  So if it’s time to redo the basement, you can head to thediyoutlet.comand get many of the things you need, like the tools for redoing the drywall, and for sanding, and for leveling.  In fact, you should just head to right now because there are probably thousands of tools on there that you need not only for this man cave idea but for other facets of your man life.



Then of course the most important thing in the man cave is your keg-er-a-tor because frankly a man cave without one seems more like a ladies’ den.  Do you want your man cave to actually be a ladies den?  Didn’t think so.  You need to get a really nice one and make sure there’s always a good beer on tap.  Maybe even two.  Because why not – go big or go upstairs and help your wife with the laundry folding.  You have to have lots of beer to bring your friends over and it’ll be fun to get wasted all the time.