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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Epic Functional Battles

It is interesting to see how the stainless steel worktop is set lower here, plunging into the cabinetry and creating real aesthetical impact.  However, The Mogul must question having the hob positioned at this lower level for several reasons! 
Firstly, having the hob set at this height may increase the danger of small children accessing the potentially dangerous cooking zone. 
Secondly, by lowering the hob you may have to drop the extraction system in order to achieve the optimum performance.  For an individual of average height this may impede the view of the cooking zone.  There is also the possibility that your head may come into contact with the fan when trying to observe the cooking area….especially the back rings!! 
Finally, The Mogul asks if the functionality has been compromised by having the stainless steel worktop embed itself into the cabinetry?  Does the unification for these two elements mean that a drawer, positioned within a hot functional zone gets replaced with a dummy panel?  It looks that way?
The compromise between functionality and aesthetics can be a personal one with the best kitchens being tailored to be client specific.  Enjoy your epic functional battles!


Is this kitchen art or did someone leave the window open? 
The kitchen is primarily a functional product but it does occupy a very personal space and could be seen as the functional theatre for life’s little dramas.  So why not express yourself!! 

Notice how the handle recess follows the worktop down the side of the base unit…subtle touches like this can really make a design!
Love it!

Origami Kitchen

Way back in September 2010 The Mogul featured Karim Rashid’s Origami kitchen .  This design explores how 3D door profiles can create a fascinating visual illusion which disguises the primary functional role of the kitchen. 
Functional kitchen art is fast becoming a new, trendy medium for artists and designers who do not normally operate within the KBB sector.  Their freedom of expression and unharnessed enthusiasm is changing the evolutionary path of kitchen design.
Kitchen design is changing and The Mogul loves it!!
Image courtesy of

Ceiling Kitchen

Here is an interesting idea; why not have your kitchen integrated into the ceiling.  This design by David Oelschlägel + Henrike Louisa Binder from Germany utilizes the space above head height as storage.  
The bucket lights have been designed to have storage space included, useful for small consumable and non-consumable items that would normally be stored in base units.  Once you have finished using the bucket to retrieve the required items you simply pull it down a few centimeters and it goes back up to its original position.
This idea is certainly more concept than mainstream but it does highlight the fact that there is a lot of un-used space above head height, normally allocated for lighting fixtures.  In the future, if living space becomes more limited we may have to consider using this space in a transforming fashion in order to make our living environments more comfortable.  However, there is also the possibility that doing this will create a claustrophobic environment that will discourage a sense of calm and well being within those who occupy the environment.
The Mogul encourages all things new!

Fashion Show Kitchen

This is a fantastic image with lots of drama.  The triple depth island is fantastically indulgent and presents the user with lots of preparation space.  It is only fitting that this island which has an elevated skyline backdrop mixed with some flamboyant fiery elements has been given a rather dramatic runway. 
The runway stretches out towards the living area, feeling for a human connection and inviting sociability.  Having the seated area centred on the island in this way allows both of its sides to be used by guests and draws focus to the main stage of culinary performance. 
However, although this is a beautiful kitchen with lots of preparation space, any chef worth their salt may find their performance dampened by having the cooking and cleaning zones positioned on opposite sides of the stage!  Performing gastronomic precision under the pressure of time, for a runway of hungry guests requires a little functional planning.  The scale of the island mixed with the polar positioning of two key functional elements may cause the chef to sweat a little, especially if that fire is stoked!!
If the cook faints from heat and physical exhaustion and the guests go hungry you could always hire this space out as a quirky fashion show venue, eating out with the proceeds!

Sitting Pretty

This design is good but relatively unremarkable!  However the subtle introduction of vibrant colour makes you take a second look!  And when you look more closely you notice that this kitchen is actually an understated transformer. 
The back panel of the peninsula has been cleverly designed to provide a trendy seating arrangement for unannounced guests or snacking family members.  This consideration adds the necessary social element to the design without the stools becoming spatially intrusive when not in use!  It is also wonderful to see how the citrus orange colour sits with the wenge veneer!  Great!
Not sure if those stools look that comfy though, or if they would look just as nice or even be intact after the obligatory house warming party! 

The Matrix

This design is so clean and fresh; it is not over designed and radiates an air of quiet sophistication that requires appreciation. 
The architecture and decor are permitted to envelop the units along the back wall which have been embroidered with a delicate but mathematically precise matrix.  The similarity of colour used here fuses all of the design disciplines together allowing the contrasting island to stand out as a significant feature.
The island looks natural, man-made, as though it has been crafted by hands who appreciate traditional woodworking techniques.  But the lines here show that this island has been spawned from a mind with contemporary vision and an appreciation of the purity of simple forms.
The Mogul approves.

Sanitised Butchery

If you are struggling with the complexity of kitchen design then why not stop to consider that simplicity is “a style savour”.
The ideas illustrated here are showing signs of becoming really popular and mainstream, with designers choosing to use the physical shape of an appliance or other obscure functional elements as part of the design story.  It is like contemporary art for kitchens!  Actually…picture this.  Take this design and place it in the Tate Gallery, call it “Sanitised Butchery” and you will find people nominating it for the Turner Prize!  That is how close kitchen design actually is to art!
There are no written rules; let us celebrate that someone was inspired enough to design that stainless steel plumbing kit and let us use that idea to enhance a simple design.  Fascinating!

Kitchen Island

The Mogul loves this image because it is challenging!  The linear lines of contemporary kitchen design and mainstream commercial colours have been abandoned; instead there is a celebration of individual taste that embraces colour and form!
Is this an example of how functional kitchen art expresses an island and can this one individual style indulgence define the entire kitchen, the architecture and the people who use the space?
The answer you are looking for is yes!