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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Cool Contemporary Elegance

There is some very cool contemporary elegance on display here.  A kitchen that just oozes superior style and that has avoided being clearly categorised! 
The designers have resisted the urge to create a clear boundary between the kitchen and the open plan living space by not including an island.  Placing a long island in the foreground with the tall units, appliances and shelving behind, would have created a more condensed and potentially more efficient working environment; but as it sits the island becomes a peninsula and the working environment is extremely open!  This open access feel presents a different approach, diluting the appearance of the kitchen and allowing the open plan space to gel.  Traditional room definition has been removed, being replaced with a free flowing, social environment; in many ways achieving this can be seen as the Holy Grail of contemporary kitchen design! 
However the Mogul would question several design features.  Firstly the housing provided for the fridge…has this been left bigger to provide the user with universal options?  Secondly, why have the ovens been placed so far away from the cooking zone (hob)?  Is it to accommodate the perfect aesthetic placement of the candelabra?  And lastly….How do you reach the top shelf?!  Stand on the worktop?

Life is Functional Art!

This kitchen may well give you chills, the kind of uneasy feeling you get when nervously waiting your turn, able to hear the whirring of the dentist’s drill through the door!  The sanitised nature of this design is prepped for carnage with physical comfort taking second place to artistic preference.
This kitchen is exposed and bare, an artistic and functional mannequin that is waiting to be dressed.  Natural materials and textures have been removed making the design appear cold and clinical.  But is the harshness of this design the very point, the reason it should be celebrated?
This kitchen may work for some, those who like to step beyond the norm, who feel that fashion and art should be functional, becoming integrated into everyday life.  But for many this design lacks the mass social acceptance and physical warmth that mainstream kitchen design offers.   
However, The Mogul feels that this kitchen is a showcase, a shining example of how kitchen design has become much more than the physical facilitator of basic human need.  Kitchen design now delivers on many levels with fashion and art becoming seamlessly integrated into the best designs.

Narnia Kitchen

This design embraces openness, showcasing a willingness to share its inner most contents through the medium of open shelves, while at the same time having the ability to harbour a secret indulgence in a Narnia concealing corner larder!
The island stands out as an artistic indulgence with the circular drum acting as a contrasting counter weight to the entire design and providing an interesting platform for culinary and social exchange.
The Mogul loves this design and can see influences from several quarters.  One being more dominant than the rest!!  The client!
Great Job!

Terminator Kitchen

Stainless steel is an alloy, a combination of metals that become fused together when exposed to high temperature.  The functional elements of this super hot design are so seamlessly integrated into the work surface and their fusion may well have taken place while the metal was in a liquid state.  But just as the T-1000 terminator was made from liquid metal this design shows some similar weaknesses!
Is it possible that this shining example if precision engineering has forgotten its functional obligations and that functionality has been compromised in order to achieve artistic perfection? 
The cooking and cleaning zones are the most dynamic functional elements of any kitchen but here we see that an important storage area has been replaced with fresh air with the user being required to travel away from this island hot zone to gather the non-consumable items needed for cooking.  And although not visible in the image is it possible that an exposed sink and waste system could compromise the free floating appearance of this design?
A kitchen is a diverse product which is influenced not only by its primary functional obligations but also the complexity of the human spirit.  Designs like this one look beyond the norm and allows kitchen design to rub shoulders with art and fashion.
Life is about compromise and personal love so why not express these sentiments in the next kitchen you own.

White Kitchen – It’s a class thing!

White kitchens have a funny way of indicating what type of person you are.  Looking at this image most people will initially think that this space is beautiful, portraying an iconic lifestyle that is closer to the runways of Milan than the houses “normal“ people live in!  Some people will run with this initial thought without any further need to question it, with a quiet aspiration driving their ambitions to own a kitchen like this.  Others however will then begin to think of reasons not to like it; with property resale, upkeep and lifestyle being cited as reasons not to buy….oh yea and possibly price.
The Mogul feels that these simple observations into the physiological processes of the kitchen buyer indicate that kitchen design is a fashionable statement of class and social status!  Maybe this is one of the reasons why contemporary kitchen design is not available to everyone…only those who can afford it! 
However, clever design and use of materials can make this type of kitchen affordable, you just need to hire a good kitchen designer!

Transforming kitchen puzzle

Three cubes, one kitchen and an endless amount of contemporary style!  This concept was developed as an adaptable solution for compact apartment living! 
Made up of three 800mm x 800mm x 1000mm cubes this transforming kitchen puzzle allows the user to create the kitchen that they need, when they need it.  Each element can be used independently or they can be combined to create a full kitchen.  Each element has wheels which allow the cubes to be moved around with ease.
 Finished in Macassar, Corian and goldleaf this kitchen has the potential to replace an intoxicated game of Twister when dinner is finished!  But would the owner really want to clear up, wash up, stack away the dishes and then pack up the kitchen cubes!  In a society that loves convenience The Mogul assumes that an automated version must now be in development!!

When is the Time to Replace Your Old Bathtub?

Screenshot_5If you have spent a lot for your bathtub at home, you definitely want to use it over a long period of time. However, there are instances in which replacement is inevitable. You just need to know when to do it since replacement might be a more economical choice after all.

Constant repair

When your bathtub needs constant repair, then it has to go. There is no problem if you have it repaired just once a year or every two years. However, if the problem seems to persist every month or two, then something is wrong. It would not be economical if you kept on repairing it and spending more money. When you have it replaced, you will spend a lot less. It might be another expensive investment, but you have to think long term. Besides, you can use this new tub over a longer period of time. Hence, it will still be worth the cost.


When you first bought your tub, you might have thought of using it alone. If you now have a partner or your family with you, then the tub must grow bigger. You can’t fit in a small circular tub anymore. You might have to go for a much bigger tub. If you want a tub for you and your partner, then a double-ended bathtub might work for you.

Bathroom expansion

Traditionally, the most common type of tub is an alcove tub. This is the type that is mounted on the surface of the wall. However, if there is a need for you to renovate the bathroom or to extend it, then you might have to knock down the wall. Instead of using another alcove tub, you can go for a freestanding tub instead. Otherwise, if you don’t have to buy a new one and you wish to renovate your bathroom, you just have to move the old tub around.

Redecorating the bathroom

If you want your bathroom to look better, then you should try and make everything uniform. For instance, if you want a certain bathroom colour theme, then everything has to match or coordinate. If you want the colour to be uniform, make sure all accessories and other items complement the main colour. If this will affect the bathtub, then it will have to go. Besides, if you have been using it for a long time, then you won’t regret the decision.

Feeling positive

The idea of buying a new tub might freak you out. It means another expense. You might recall the amount that you spent buying your old tub. The only way for you to ensure that everything goes right this time is to look for the right brand. If you stick with items like the Carron status bath you will never go wrong; this option is proven to be of good quality and durable. There are a lot of options in the Carron status bath range. You just have to check out what fits your needs best.

Image: SiraAnamwong at

VIRILE – You know you want one!

They say that size isn’t everything but you can’t help but be impressed with the size of this little gem!  This is a virile display of functional beauty that embraces nature by using Bianco Perlino Marble to the maximum effect! 
The linear nature of the design emphasises the natural beauty of the stone doors, profiles and end panels.  The matching worktop penetrates deeply across the man made smoothness presenting an un-nerving edge to the design, reminding the onlooker that this kitchen began its life by being violently removed from the earth!
In this case bigger is certainly better!