New Jersey lawmakers to vote on new henna law

NEW JERSEY — New Jersey legislators will vote Wednesday on a bill that would make it legal to buy and use henna tattoos on the state.

The measure, House Bill 876, would allow customers to buy “a limited number of henna-like tattoos” at a tattoo parlor and a nail salon, and would prohibit the sale of the products to minors.

The bill, which has yet to be referred to the Senate, is one of several bills that have been proposed to prohibit the tattooing of minors.

It would also require a tattoo artist to be licensed and require a parent or guardian to sign a consent form before tattooing on a minor.

Other bills to ban the use of hennas have also been introduced, and the bill that passed the House would prohibit tattooing the name of a member of the state legislature, a person who is registered to vote and the state’s chief executive.

A bill proposed in the Assembly last year that would have outlawed the use and sale of hennas passed out of committee last week and will now go to the Assembly for consideration.