How do you create a Christmas nail design?

A lot of people do nail designs with a nail file or a palette of designs, but that’s not the right approach.

Instead, we’ve created this step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own Christmas nail designs.

Step 1: Design your nailsStep 2: Cut your nails to sizeStep 3: Cut out your designsStep 4: Add nail polish to your designsIf you’ve made it this far, you’ve done the hard work.

Here are the step-bys-step instructions on how you can create your very own Christmas nails.

Step 5: Add nails to your designStep 6: Cut the nail file to sizeYour nails are going to look something like this:Step 7: Cut a piece of paper to make your designsThe idea is to have as much room for the nail designs as possible, but keep them in place by having the paper cut out.

You can also cut your nails out of a box or any other thin piece of cardboard, but be careful to keep them away from the edges of the design.

If you want to keep your designs organized, you can also add a little ribbon to the paper and leave them there.

Step 8: Cut and add nail polishStep 9: Add the nail polishTo add nail polishes, you’ll need a sharp, thin, flexible, plastic object.

You could use any kind of nail polish you want.

Make sure to find a plastic bottle with a wide mouth, so it won’t spill.

Step 10: Create your designThe nail file is the perfect place to start.

Here’s a list of different file sizes you could use to create different designs:1.2mm: This file is 2.8mm wide and 2.5mm tall, so you can make a variety of designs with this file.1.6mm: Another file with a slightly smaller diameter, this file is 4.2 mm wide and 4.4 mm tall.

It can be used to make designs with sizes ranging from 2.7mm to 3.5 mm wide.1mm: The most popular file size, this is the most versatile and flexible file to use, it has a maximum of 3.8 mm wide in diameter and 3.9 mm tall in height.1 mm: The least popular file, this has a diameter of 2.4mm and is best suited for making a 3.4- to 3-inch wide design.1/8″ : This file has a thickness of 1/8 of an inch, so a 1/16-inch nail file would be a great size for a 3- to 4-inch square design.

This file can be cut to create smaller designs, as shown below.1-inch: This is a 2.2-inch file.

It’s best suited to creating small designs that can fit into a 3/4-inch circle, such as a 5/8-inch or 1-inch round.1 1/2″: This is the second most popular nail file size.

It has a 4- to 6-inch diameter, and is suitable for creating designs that are 3/8 to 1-in.


The files above are very simple to make, so make sure to have a strong hand.

To create your designs, simply start with a file of the right size.

Then, cut the design in a straight line, leaving a small gap between each piece of your design.

Step 11: Apply your designNow you can apply your design to the nail files and start adding nail polish.

You’ll want to avoid applying too much nail polish at once, as you’ll have too much excess space between your designs.

Apply your nail polish as you would any other nail file, so that the designs are not too large.

When your designs are dry, you’re done!

Here are a few other tips you might want to know about nail files: