Which Design-A-Porter will be your next friend?

The design-a-porter, a small house and design-focused company that focuses on providing a wide variety of services to people seeking to live smaller, has raised $7 million from a team of early investors.

The startup, which was founded in May by former MIT grad students Andrew Leong and Jonathan Bailie, is developing its own brand of design tools, including a suite of online services, an app, a mobile app, and more.

Its product line includes the smaller-and-lighter Studio, as well as its flagship Studio Plus, which offers the option of a home studio, a studio apartment, a home office, a house studio, or an apartment that is a mix of both.

The company has been operating out of an office in Silicon Valley, where it also runs a small shop that sells online merchandise, including furniture, home decor, and furniture and accessories.

But the company says it is looking to expand to markets beyond its existing clients.

“The market for design-based services has exploded in the last decade and the number of businesses that are able to deliver a suite or a suite suite of products on a single platform has grown exponentially,” said Baili, a former MIT graduate who also works as a partner at the Draper Fisher Jurvetson Partner Group.

“What we want to do is take design-driven solutions that are already out there and add new features to them,” he said.

The company has already launched a suite that provides designers with a home designer and furniture designer.

The new offering will include a “design-agnostic” workspace that can include items from brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior, and will also include an online marketplace for the sale of furniture and home decor.

In addition to the Studio and Studio Plus offerings, the company is working on an app that will allow customers to purchase furniture directly from brands, such as Versace and Dolce & Gabbana.

The app will also allow customers who purchase from a design-agnosed online marketplace to make purchases through the app on a larger scale.

The platform will also provide a service for designers who are not currently connected to the Design A-Porre website, which is where clients can place orders for home-design services and furniture design services.

Baili said the company expects to add more design-centric products to its portfolio in the coming months.

The founders say they have received a lot of interest from clients looking to build a more flexible lifestyle, and hope to continue to expand the business to other markets.

“We’re working to provide more flexible and sustainable living for our customers, so we think the future is bright for the company,” Bailio said.

“We’re just focused on the future.”