Why is the ‘Star Wars’ movie’s interior still so cool?

Posted September 07, 2018 09:14:48The movie’s set decor is so original and fun, we could spend an entire day talking about it.

But, there’s one thing that really stands out to us: The interior design.

We all love a good Star Wars interior design, and that’s the way they’ve designed the interior of the Millennium Falcon.

And it’s even more impressive that they did this by using the same materials as the film’s sets.

This is the first time that a Star Wars movie interior has been created using the Millennium Tower, which is one of the biggest and most iconic Star Wars sets.

The Millennium Tower’s interior was designed with the film in mind, but they also wanted the Millennium Gate and Stormtrooper armor to be recognizable.

Here’s what the Millennium Dome looks like from the outside, with the Millennium Bridge and Storms of the Sith as the windows:The Millennium Dome is so cool and beautiful.

The walls are dark and beautiful, and the ceiling is so low.

You can see the Star Wars Millennium Falcon in the background, which makes this interior feel a lot more real.

The Millennium Bridge looks like the Millennium City in the film.

The Empire is fighting over the throne room and the Millennium dome is where Darth Vader resides.

But you also get the feeling that this is a different place from the original trilogy, because the Empire is wearing Imperial armor and helmets.

We also see the Stormtroopers on the bridge and the Imperial Star Destroyer.

Here are some photos of the Star Destroyer interior from the film, which was created by Peter Jackson:In the movie, Stormtroppers are actually in the Millennium Temple.

In this interior, we see the stormtroopers from the Temple’s main chamber, but the Millennium Arena is where the Millennium Stormtroop squadrons operate.

The Stormtroops are wearing dark armor and shields, and they’re also carrying assault rifles.

We’re not sure what the Empire would look like in the arena.

We’d love to see them with their full Imperial garb, but we think that would look too cool.

We also love the detail of the Storms that the Empire uses in the movie.

There are some amazing details on Stormtropper helmets and Storm troopers, and even a Stormtroopy arm.

The Stormtroopedes have a lot of personality.

We love the Storm Troopers, who are so awesome, and then the Storm troopers have this super badass look.

We can’t believe that the StormTroopers are wearing Stormtrover armor, because they are so badass.

We think the Storm droppers look so cool.

This interior was created for the film by Peter David and the StarWars.com team.

This interior is part of the “The Star Wars Story” series.

The rest of the interior designs are available in the Star wars set, which includes the Millennium Equestrian Arena, the Stormy Wall, and Storm Troop Headquarters.