‘Happy Island’ designer says it’s all about the design

The Australian Financial Report reports the designer behind ‘Happy Isle’, a nail polish designed for children and teens, is on the hunt for a new client.

The Happy Island design studio is located in Canberra, Australia.

They have been working with local and international brands to create nail polish for the last three years, and their latest nail design is a new addition to the line-up.

The design is called ‘Honeymoon Nail Art’ and features a vibrant coral design with a shiny metallic base, with a white and pink shimmering finish.

The salon was created by ‘Happy Isles’ co-founder and founder, Lauren ‘Lea’ DeMello.

DeMello’s inspiration for the design came from the life she experienced as a child, and her desire to create a design that she could wear as a holiday ornament.

“I think the idea came to me as a little girl, and that was a very vivid image of my life and my parents,” she said.

“When I was younger, I had a lot of time to think about my holidays and where we would go and what would happen to me.

It just kind of stuck with me.

I was always thinking about it and I was thinking about what would I do to look my best.”‘

Happy Island’, a coral-inspired nail art salon, has been in development for over three years.

The designer says she wanted to create something that was playful and had a warm glow.

“It’s a lot about the colour palette, because I wanted to put a bit of a sparkle to it, a little sparkle,” DeMella said.”[It’s] sort of like a beachy coral-esque color.

It’s just a really colourful palette.

It can be used for any of your holidays.”

The salon also has a bright yellow and blue polish to compliment the coral, and an ‘I love you’ sign with a heart and the phrase “happy island” to mark the end of the nail art.

DeMeola says the salon will be able to create up to 150 designs a week.

“We will be selling them all for about $15 and we will be charging $20 a nail art,” she says.

“So it’s like a fun little hobby shop for kids.”‘

A new nail salon is just getting started’Nail salon owners, designers, and designers are eager to get involved with a new venture.

The Australian Craft Industry Association’s Australian Nail & Spa Association is looking to create more nail salon owners in Australia.

“A new salon is about to be opened up in Australia,” Australian Craft Association’s director of community engagement, Julie Smith, said.

Smith says the association is looking for people with experience in a local nail salon to take on the role of a salon manager.

“People who are passionate about their craft and are willing to do something with their nails,” she explains.

“Nail salons are really popular and are very affordable.

People are very happy to be in charge of their own businesses, so we are really excited about this opportunity.”

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