When JOE BERNSTEIN wants to take control of the club, he has to start by being a good owner

Joe BERNstein wants to make his own squad and his own coach, which is why he is the man in charge of the Juventus Football Club.

He is the owner, the president and the president of Juve.

The Italian club’s chief executive, Antonio Conte, has said he wants to see more control of all the club’s business.

But for BERNstein, that is no longer enough.

He wants to be the owner.

He said he is “very happy” to take charge of his own club.

“I am very happy to take over Juventus Football.

It is a club that will continue to grow,” he said.”

But I am not a club owner.

I am the President.

I need to have my own team and the coach, the manager, the people and everything else.”

I am not the owner but I am a President.

And that is the way I want to operate.

The club is very important to me.

The President and CEOBenedetti said he wanted to take a very long-term view.

“There is a big gap, a huge gap, between our ambitions and our capacity,” he added.

“We want to have a team, to win trophies and to win the Champions League.

That is the dream for us.

But we have to take our destiny into our own hands.”

It’s not the first time BERNStein has talked about his ambitions to be in charge.

The former Real Madrid and Inter president has previously said he would like to be a major shareholder in Juventus if the club is to have success.

Juventus have struggled financially this season, spending €60m in the summer transfer window, and BERNSTEVENS new owners are trying to do the same.

Conte has said the club will not be a “cash cow” for the next four years, but that the financial situation must improve if Juventus wants to stay in Serie A.

“It is not a financial problem, it is a philosophical problem.

I want the club to grow.

But if you think about the way the team is performing, the way we are spending, the players we have, then I can see the need to be better,” Conte said last month.

The team is on course for a sixth-placed finish, and the Bianconeri are expected to be able to reach the quarter-finals of the Champions’ League next season.

The Bianconeros are currently eighth in Serie B, three points behind leaders Juventus.

But they are still two points behind second-placed Juventus in the table, while they are just three points off the pace of fourth-placed Napoli.

Juve are one of four Serie A clubs in the top three, with the other two holders Juventus and Udinese.

Conte’s side have won seven of their last 10 matches.