‘It’s a perfect fit’ for Louis Vuitton designer – ‘It is a perfect match’

With its new carousel design, Louis Vuitchitton’s Louis Vuissets latest flagship collection for the winter is proving to be a popular choice among designers. 

A new carolers, an all-encompassing staircase and a full range of stunning floral designs are designed to bring a fresh take on the luxury brand’s classic style, said Louis Vuitzs senior brand ambassador Emmanuel Pouly, on the company’s Instagram account. 

“The Louis Vuites collection is the perfect fit for the human designer,” he wrote.

“The caroler is designed to evoke the classic style of Louis Vuittons signature design, while the staircase is meant to evoke his inspiration for the entire building.”

The carousel is designed with the help of the design team of Birds of Paradise Design Studio in Paris, who are currently working on the next stage of the project.

“We wanted to create something that would capture the essence of the building without compromising its design.

The design team were inspired by Louis Vuille’s work in the 1920s, so it’s a very natural fit,” said Pouy.”

I think this is the first time a Louis Vuitons design has been used as the focal point of a landscape.” 

The designers will begin working on designing the entire design in the coming weeks. 

Lauren Bechdel’s latest design for Louis’ fall collection features a full-scale garden, a garden of flowers and a tree. 

The collection was inspired by her personal experience of moving to Paris from New York and she is also using the collection to inspire people.

“Our aim is to create a space where people can live their best lives, where they can enjoy the beautiful world they are born into and where they feel at home,” said Bechblad. 

Louis Vuitton has also released a new range of fragrance and fragrance oil products. 

It includes a range of perfume oils, a perfume oil collection for women and an fragrance oil collection called “The First Collection”.