What is the Carolina Design Collection?

By Carol D’AntonioPublished April 18, 2018 at 05:02:11A collection of stylish, functional and practical designs inspired by the styles of the ’60s and ’70s.

The collection has featured men’s and women’s styles including denim, trousers and denim jackets, as well as womens clothing.

Carolina Design CollectionCarolinaDesign CollectionMens Designer jeansCarolina Designer shoesCarolina Fashion CollectionMen’s Designer jeansThe new collection includes men’s, women’s and casual styles inspired by a wide range of vintage and modern trends including denim jackets and denim pants, plus the latest designs in the design world.

Caroline and Paul have been producing the collection since 1995, and in the process they’ve become synonymous with quality clothing for both men and women.

“The collection is really about the way we dress, it’s about the styles we like, it reflects our personality, it gives us that personal touch,” Paul said.

“There are so many different styles, it is a huge collection of styles, so we can’t pick one style that we like.”

The collection features a range of styles that can be worn at any age, from casual to tailored and tailored to casual.

“We really like the casual look.

It’s a classic look.

We’ve got jeans and trousers that are a little more formal, so that’s our classic style,” Mr D’Aantonio said.

Paul said they’ve been fortunate enough to be able to create a collection that’s both functional and stylish, which is something he said the public wanted more from fashion.

“It’s something that is very unique to Carolina Design, it brings together very different elements of the style, so it’s a very different kind of collection,” he said.

In addition to the collection, the couple have been selling some of their work online, including some of the most popular designs in women’s fashion, such as the “femme-cut” shorts, which were first made famous in the 1970s.

“I think that there’s so much to be said about women’s clothes, particularly for men.

And we have a lot of them that we think are pretty good.

We think they’re a little bit of a rarity in terms of how much they’re selling,” Paul added.

The couple has also been selling the work they create to various online stores including Tidal, where the collection has been available for a couple of weeks.

Carol said they had hoped to launch the collection on a smaller scale, but they are now able to sell it on the larger scale, with their online shop currently having over 2,000 customers, and they have been able to grow the business significantly.

“As the internet and the internet has come and gone, it has really given us a lot more freedom, because now we can do so much more.

We have more things we can sell,” Paul explained.”

When we started, we were in the black market.

It was difficult for us, but we are now in a very profitable business, and that has given us an amazing amount of freedom.”

Paul said it’s been a pleasure working with the couple to develop the Carolina Collection, and the couple will continue to work together with others who are also creating innovative, timeless clothing designs.