How to choose a Fawn design

Fawn designs are not the norm in the NFL.

And the fact that they are not required in the rules or in any of the team’s uniforms is a sign that the NFL is not in the business of protecting them.

There is, however, one exception: in the AFC.

In the AFC, teams are allowed to have one fawn design on the sidelines.

This is because the NFL has a rule that says teams must have one of its own design.

So if a team wants to have a fawn on the sideline of their game, it can.

This means that the Fawn Design is the only official team-specific design that is allowed on the field.

The rest of the field is designated for other official team logos and the team colors.

But that is not all.

If a team has two fawn designs on the same field, they must have both designs on one sideline.

If the team chooses to have only one design on each sideline, they can have a second design on one of them and the third on the other.

This makes it so the fawn logo and the other team logo will be visible from the sidelines of the game.

The fawn team colors are determined by the teams’ official fawn colors, which are based on the league’s official color scheme.

In the case of the Ravens, the fown colors are green, white, and blue.

If a team chooses the alternate fawn color blue, the team will have to make it known to the officials who are watching the game that they have decided to use a fown design.

If two teams are playing in the same division and have two frown designs on a sideline, the officials can decide which fawn is used.

If it is a funder design, the opposing team will get to choose one of the funder designs, which will be used.

If the teams play in the Super Bowl, the official fown color will be the official team color of the teams.

This allows teams to use different fawns on the opposing teams sideline in the championship game.

This rule is also in place for Super Bowl 50, which is scheduled for Jan. 3 in Santa Clara, Calif.

The rules allow for fawn to be used in games between teams that have the same team colors, so it is possible for a team to have two different fown designs.

The Fawns of the NFL are a special kind of design.

In a way, they are a cross between the logo and team colors that is created by the NFL in partnership with a design agency called The Fawn Group.

The fawn’s design is meant to be a reference to the Fennel family, a Native American tribe from Wyoming, where the team is based.

It has also been designed to represent the fauna and flora that live in the area.