Inside Google’s massive $50bn investment in AI: From robots to robots to bots

Google has announced a $50 billion investment into AI to develop artificial intelligence, which will help it better understand human and other species.

The move is a major shift in Google’s vision for AI, which has always been focused on being able to predict human behaviour.

The company has long been developing artificial intelligence that can do things like recognise objects in pictures or read human speech.

It has been focused in recent years on building a human-like assistant that can understand humans and learn from them.

Google said it would invest $2.3 billion over the next five years to build “a system that can automatically learn from and interact with human users”.

The move comes after a recent surge in the popularity of artificial intelligence.

The company says it has created over 2,000 AI-powered products since 2013, including its Watson system.

Google said it planned to have an AI system that could be deployed across more than 60% of its products, including Gmail, Maps, YouTube and Gmail.

The system will help the company make decisions that are better for users and improve its business and its user experience.

Google is also working to build a system that will be able to detect and respond to people’s actions and reactions, according to the company.

The AI system will be used to identify problems in users’ lives, including “the potential for deception”, and “the impact of their behaviour on others and their own behaviour”.

Google said in a statement that the system will “ensure a better and more accurate representation of the world”.

It will “help us better understand the nature of people, and help us to make decisions more effectively”.

The company said it has “an ongoing partnership with research institutions around the world to build on the AI revolution”.

It said it was creating a system called AlphaGo, which is a “highly-advanced version of a human player who has won more than a thousand games in a lifetime”.

AlphaGo has been training to win games against the world’s best players.

AlphaGo was able to win against world champion Lee Sedol at a recent tournament in the US.

AlphaGo’s AI system is not the first to be developed to help Google predict human behavior.

In April, Google announced it was developing “supercomputers that can learn from their training data”.

The machine is “the most advanced artificial intelligence system ever built”.

Google has also announced a new machine that will build on its AI system to build self-driving cars, drones and other products.

Google’s goal is to have autonomous cars on the road by 2025.