How to make your nails look awesome with a DIY nail art tutorial

Nails are not just for the nail artist, they’re also great for decorating, and you can do that too with these DIY nail design tutorials. 

Here are a few nail designs that will look amazing on any nail art piece, from simple manicure to embellishments. 


Frosted nails from the tutorial 2. 

Mens and women’s manicure from the 3. 

Gorgeous nails from the DIY nail tutorial 4. 

Easy nail designs from the nail art 5. 

Simple manicure from the nail design tutorial 6. 

Lilac and purple nails from the nail art  7. 

Makeup tutorial from the  Nail Art tutorial 8. 

Cherry and black nails from DIY nail inspiration 9. 

Bubble and glitter nails from The Nail Art 10. 

Rose gold nail design from The Nail Artist 11. 

Teal and gold nail designs 12. 

Modern nail and  brass nicks from  The Nock Artist 13. 

Black nail designs  from The Lulu blog 14. 

Dress up nails from The Nails Design blog 15. 

Glitter nails and nail art from Nails and Design  16. 

Nailed and leather nips from Nails and Design blog