NHL hat designer troy Lee designs 2020 quarter designs

The NHL has given the hat designer a new look in 2020.

The NHL has announced the unveiling of a new NHL player hat design.

Troy Lee, head of NHL footwear and apparel, will be wearing a custom-made hat with a unique design in 2020 in the new season.

Lee said the hat design will be inspired by the iconic look of the 1960s.

Lee, who has a history of creating iconic hats for players and coaches, said he wanted to create a hat that represents a different era.

“I wanted to make a hat for an era that wasn’t really represented on the ice, but that has a lot of great memories,” Lee said.

“There’s a lot that’s really iconic about the 1960’s, and that’s what this hat represents.”

The hat will be designed by Lee with the help of the NHL’s creative director, Dan Rosenbaum, who said the team had been looking at hat designs for years.

Lee worked on NHL players’ iconic hats, including the iconic 1970s-era goalie mask.

In the past, the NHL has made hats for the likes of Mario Lemieux and Gordie Howe, who retired in the early 1990s.

The new hat design for the 2020-21 season will feature the NHL logo and the iconic “M” in red, black and white on the front.

The hat’s design will also feature the word “2020” on the back, along with the words “The NHL is a fan of hats and hockey is a passion for me.

It’s a passion that has grown over time and I wanted to share that with our fans.”

The NHL said the new design will debut in September.

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