How to Use Your DIY Purple Nail Designs to Get the Most Out of Your Kids’ Cool Shirt Design

The DIY purple nail design trend is exploding, with more and more baby boomers and moms choosing to experiment with purple nail patterns on their shirts. 

The trends are so popular, they’re being seen by parents who want to give their children something fun to wear while they’re shopping, or even in their office.

And it’s easy to get started, too.

Here are some of our favorite purple nail inspiration ideas. 

For our kids, we’ve taken some of the coolest purple nail ideas and adapted them for the busy, busy life. 


Purple Lace Dress (Holly Babbitt, H&M)This cute purple dress features a bright blue lace bodice, with a purple lace neckline and a purple belt with a green floral lace trim. 

If you want to go purple, you need to make it the color of your choice, but the lace can be customized. 


Purple Tights (Kimberly C. Taylor, Walmart)These cute purple tights are perfect for babies with special needs, but can also be worn for the weekend. 


Purple Baby Blanket (Mara Delgado, Urban Outfitters)Baby Blankets are one of the easiest ways to wear purple nail polish, with these cute baby blankets. 


Purple Shower Shoes (Sarah Lee, Macy’s) The purple shower shoes are perfect when your baby is rocking a purple t-shirt. 


Purple Crayon Pencils (Pinky and The Brain, Pinky)These are a great way to make a purple crayon nail art and nail polish design. 


Purple Sweater (Erika and The Lizzies, H&amp:M)The Purple Sweaters are perfect to wear as a baby outfit for the evening. 


Purple Sticker Bag (Kirsty L. Taylor)Baby stickers are a new trend, and these purple stickers are the perfect gift for the new baby. 


Purple Crochet Hook (Mama’s Little Crochet Shop)A cute, simple crochet hook can be used to create cute purple nail art. 


Purple Carrying Case (Kathy Babbits, Walmart)These purple carrying cases are perfect because you can carry them everywhere you go! 


Purple Umbrella (Laura Loomis, Lululemon)The purple umbrellas are perfect with purple nails, too, because you won’t need to worry about the umbrella getting wet. 


Purple Hairpin (Mia Lee, Dixie Chicks)This simple purple hairpin nail design can be a fun gift for your little one! 


Purple Swirly Sweater (Gina J. O’Connell, Bella Donna) These swirly purple sweaters are great for your baby, too! 


Purple Dental Plates (Lori L. Anderson, Garden of Eden)If you’re pregnant, or looking to make your own purple nail accessories, we highly recommend using this DIY purple dental plates design for the perfect baby outfit. 


Purple Handheld Plushies (Carrie and Friends, Amazon)The adorable purple hand held toy can be decorated with purple designs, too; the ones pictured here are a perfect addition to your baby’s wardrobe. 


Purple Ribbon (Katherine H. Lee, Target)If your baby doesn’t have a purple ribbon, this cute purple ribbon is a perfect way to add color to your outfit! 


Purple Towel (Alyssa L. Lueck, Target) A cute purple towel is perfect for baby’s hands. 


Purple Skirt (Sarah L. Lee and M.I.A., Target, Dillard’s)If it’s baby’s first day of school, it’s definitely a good idea to give this cute pink skirt a cute purple polish. 


Purple Shirt (Cindy and Nicki Cole, Elton John) If baby is starting on the playground, it can be hard to find something cute for them to wear.

This cute pink shirt will look great on any toddler. 


Purple Hoodie (Sue, Carnation) This cute pink hoodie will be a perfect accessory for baby! 


Purple Bag (Tia and The Roots, Nike) Baby will love this cute, purple bag! 


Purple Jewelry (Lauren A. DeBakey, Kohl’s)Baby jewelry can be just as fun as their everyday clothes! 


Purple Lipstick (Erika, Adidas) You can customize your baby