How to get rid of annoying banners in Chrome?

Chrome will have you wondering what to do with those annoying banners you see in the browser.

The good news is that Google has some great tricks up its sleeve to help you remove them and the best of all, they work without any extra plugins.


Uninstall Chrome extensions The Chrome Extensions list is a handy place to start if you’re on Chrome OS.

You can find all the extensions you need on the Extensions page.

It’s also worth checking out our guide to getting rid of extensions on Chrome.2.

Disable extensions by default You can disable extensions by doing so in the Extensions menu.

Click the Uninstall extension link at the top of the list and the extensions will be removed.3.

Remove extensions by manually deleting themOnce you’ve manually deleted an extension, you can go ahead and remove it.

The Chrome Extension Manager will ask you for permission to delete the extension.

Select Yes and then click OK.

You’ll then be asked to click OK to remove the extension from Chrome.4.

Clear CacheWhen Chrome removes an extension from the Chrome Extensions menu, it will clear the cache of that extension.

Once it’s gone, the extension is no longer visible in the extensions menu.