Trump: Trump’s $100 million ‘biggest gift’ to US is his ‘bigest gift’

President Donald Trump has been named the “biggest” gift to the US by President Donald J. Trump, who has declared that the “America First” billionaire is “the greatest gift of all time.”

Speaking at the White House in a televised address on Tuesday, Trump said his gift will include “big changes” for the country.

“President Trump’s gift is big changes.

And I’m very proud to say, he is the greatest gift to our country,” Trump said.

“He’s the man who is bringing the greatest job creation, the greatest wealth creation and the greatest opportunity for our country.”

The President also said he would “make history” by spending $100 billion for “historic infrastructure projects,” including the US$10 billion project to repair and revitalize the nation’s aging infrastructure.

“That is a huge amount of money and it will be a major source of pride for us,” Trump told the White