The future of logo design?

The future, it seems, of logo designs is the Internet, where it seems that most of the logos are made by people who don’t actually know what they’re doing.

A few logos have taken off, and some are being used for products like Apple’s iphone or Nike’s xtreme shoe, but others are just as bad.

The worst of them is the logo design The Dank Logo, a font that appears to have been created by a bunch of teenagers who just happen to have a bad sense of humour.

In January, the Dank logo was adopted by Google, and soon after the company pulled it from their website.

“We regret that this logo was chosen as a design for a project and do not condone its use or its associated images,” Google said in a statement at the time.

Google has since changed the logo, but the DANK logo is still on the site.

The logo design, however, has been adopted by Microsoft, who have since released a redesign of their logo, replacing it with a simpler logo that shows a dog.

The worst logos I’ve seen are not logos at all.

They’re just awful memes.

They look awful and don’t have anything to do with any actual logo.

The best logo design is a simple, straightforward one that’s based on a good idea.

The logo is designed to be used by anyone, but that’s not what people think of it when they think of logo art.

It’s a logo that people can do without even realizing it.

It just looks like a font, but it has no logo, no font, no colour, no shape, no text, no name, no logo.

You don’t see logos in the supermarket or the supermarket checkout.

The DANK Logo is the worst logo I’ve ever seen.

It doesn’t have a name or a font.

It has no shape.

It hasn’t been designed to appear like a logo.

It looks like the font “dank” has been drawn on a piece of paper.

The word “dANK” is a common online shorthand for the word “bad”, but that word has no actual meaning.

Dank is a word that is often used by trolls to describe someone, and the word itself is a term of abuse for any online person.

It was created as an online insult in 2012 by a man named Andrew “daddydankin” Dankin, a self-proclaimed “bad” person who made fun of people online for making fun of him.

He created the term in response to the infamous “Dank memes” which have become an Internet phenomenon.

In June 2012, the term “dang memes” was created by the same person.

They are basically memes of Dank memes that are also memes of people making fun the meme, and are therefore both terrible and hilarious.

The term Dank, as we know it today, has come to be associated with the internet troll community, and this meme has come up again in the context of a political campaign.

The term has been used to mock people for making jokes about people, or even people’s families.

It is also used to refer to people who are considered “dinkers” who are unable to handle being ridiculed online.

One example of this type of meme is the meme of the Danks “DANK T-shirt”, which was designed to mock the Republican Party, and to promote their use of the term DANK in reference to the GOP.

In October, the meme was used to launch an online campaign to attack the Republican National Committee.

I hate being a Dank meme, I hate being mocked and I hate getting my name attached to a meme that doesn’t exist.

This is why I hate memes.

It seems to be a common misconception that the DINK logo is associated with bad internet trolling.

In fact, it’s not even the worst of the bad logos.

Some of the worst logos have been designed by designers who actually have some sense of what they are doing, like the “Dinkie” logo for the Nike Air Force 1, which has been designed for an athlete who plays for the New York Giants.

There are also some logos that are simply awful, like Microsoft’s xbox logo, which was created for a game called Xbox Live Arcade, and was used by the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, and now, the Xbox One version of Destiny, and more.

The Xbox logo was created using Microsoft’s new logo tool, which allows developers to create logos that look more like the Microsoft Windows operating system.

So far, Microsoft has only released the Xbox logo for its Xbox One console, and Microsoft has never released an Xbox logo that looks anything like the Xbox Logo for Windows.

The Microsoft logo, for the most part, is simply awful.

Microsoft’s Xbox logo, created using the Xbox app, looks like nothing more than a logo for Microsoft’s Xbox, with no logo or font whatsoever.