What’s your favorite nail art trend?

By now, we’re used to seeing nail art on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media outlets.

But what about nail art done with marble?

Well, it looks really good!

This is why I’m super excited to share this awesome marble nail art tutorial. 

When I first saw the video, I was so excited to try it. 

But before I start, let me explain what marble nails are. 

A nail polish can be used as an accent, as a subtle or bold accent.

And marble nails come in a variety of styles. 

There are some simple, like the Marble Nail, a matte marble nail with a matte finish.

And then there are more intricate, like Marquee, a black marble nail, that can be a bold or subtle accent. 

And this nail art video will take you on a marble nail journey. 

I really love the look of this nail in the video. 

The marbles are a nice contrast and a little bright.

And the contrast in the colors and the marble accent is so nice. 

My favorite nail artist is Gemma Armentrout , and she is one of my favorite designers in the world. 

Here are some of her amazing creations. 

She has an Instagram page with instagrams and videos of her manicures and manicures, and she’s a great nail artist too. 

This is a great manicure for her and I really love it.

I am so grateful to Gemma for making this manicure. 

Another nail artist who I love is Samantha Haines.

She’s a super talented and talented nail artist and has beautiful nails. 

Her nail art is really gorgeous, and her video is amazing too.

If you’re looking for nail art to nail on, I really hope you check out Samantha’s nails! 

And finally, my favorite nail artists are Bella Swan, Ella M. Davis, and Liza Verdon. 

Their nails are gorgeous, I love them all, and I have to say, they nail on my nails the same way. 

Betsy Vinson also nails nails beautifully on her nails.

So, this is what I love about this video: Bridgette Rauch nails beautifully. 

You can see blessed Martha, a lovely black marble manicure with a matte finish, and then Marvin Garcia nails with a subtle black marble accent.

You can see that Martha’s nails are really subtle and elegant. 

Now that I’ve watched the video and the nail art tutorials, what do you think?

Is this nail polish a nail art craze? 

Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Posted 3 years Ago