A post-apocalyptic design inspired by The Walking Dead

In order to create the design for the post-Apocalypse kitchen island, designers were asked to combine elements of design from the classic kitchen island series with a contemporary design.

The design team’s primary aim was to make the island look as modern as possible, but still feel as inviting and inviting as possible. 

They found inspiration from the modern designs that have been around for a long time in order to get the look and feel of the island. 

For example, the island has a classic design with a modern design and a classic-ish design with an modern design. 

The main focus of the design was on maintaining the familiar look and feeling of the original kitchen island and incorporating the modern elements of the kitchen island that make the series feel fresh.

The kitchen island is one of the many elements of an environment that will have a role in the game.

It will be an area that is part of the game world and the main way you interact with it. 

“The kitchen is where the story of the series takes place, but there are also elements that are tied into the environment, so we had to try and keep them all in there,” says designer Scott O’Brien. 

A traditional kitchen island can be very relaxing, but a kitchen island designed in this way will also have an active life-cycle, meaning it will be used for cooking and drinking. 

 “We want the kitchen to be an interesting place where you can explore, which means there are a lot of things to do and things to look for, so there will be a lot to explore and discover, and we’re definitely going to explore that,” O’Brian adds. 

An example of a traditional kitchen.

Image credit: The Walking HomeThe island has the appearance of a standard kitchen, but its main focus is on keeping it simple. 

There are four small rooms with a number of chairs on them, with a table, cupboard and a sink. 

Each room has a sink, a toilet and a small table, but they’re all in the same place and connected to one another. 

Toilet facilities are the main focus.

Image Credit: The Witcher 3: Wild HuntThe kitchen has a simple layout. 

Image credit “There are actually four different kitchens in the world, so it’s like there are four different living spaces,” Obródek says. 

However, when designing for the kitchen, the team also wanted to create a more complex environment. 

When the team was working on the kitchen islands in The Witcher 2, they had a lot more detail put into the kitchen design.

“We’re going to have a large amount of objects in the kitchen and we wanted to make sure that it was an area where we could be creative with it,” Obreldek explains. 

In addition to having a large kitchen, there are two small rooms in the island that contain a sink and toilet. 

This was also the idea behind the “small toilet” area on the island design, which was designed with a focus on using a simple sink.

The team also took inspiration from a classic Japanese dish. 

Designer Obrodek explains that the Japanese dish, the yakisoba, is one that the team is always trying to emulate.

“There are all sorts of dishes that we’ve seen from Japan, but I think that we have the most classic dishes in the series, so I wanted to mimic that,” he says.

“I wanted to bring that Japanese feel to the kitchen.”

The kitchen in The Walking Season.

Image source “When we were doing the kitchen we thought about a dish that you could make in your kitchen, so for example, you could go to a restaurant and have a meal in your own kitchen and make that dish yourself, but you could also make it in a restaurant, which we felt was the perfect way to bring it to the table,” OBrodek says, adding that it will also be very easy to make and eat. 

At first glance, it might seem like an easy thing to do, but it was actually quite challenging, Obrødek explains, and it was something that had to be done in a really meticulous way. 

It was not a very popular dish in Japan, so the team went through a lot researching and came up with a recipe that they thought would work well. 

One thing they wanted to keep in mind was that there are certain ingredients that we would need to use to make it, such as rice flour, flour of wheat and salt. 

Obrøedek says that the chefs were also careful to avoid using anything that would affect the taste or smell of the food. 

You can read more about how The Witcher Kitchen was developed on the official The Witcher website. 

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