The new design for the U.S. Embassy’s bathrooms

By By David R. Bowerman and Alex SivakCNN.comSeptember 25, 2018– (The Washington Times)The U.K. and France are among a few countries that are preparing to start using a toilet design that has been hailed as the future of modern design.

The United States is a little more cautious about the direction of its toilets.

The United Nations said it has given a green light to use toilet designs from China and Japan that are expected to be used by many countries by the middle of next year.

The U, Japan and China have said they would start using them this year, although it is unclear whether the nations are in the same race to see who will have the best toilets.

The new designs are expected by some governments to reduce the number of people sitting or standing in bathrooms.

They will also improve the hygiene of restrooms, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and disinfection of toilets and other facilities.

The World Health Organization has said the design of a bathroom can also help prevent infectious diseases.

The design of toilets in some countries is already changing, with some countries including China and India using “floating toilets” that are designed to take up less space.

The U.N. says toilet designs in China and the U, which together make up more than 50% of the global population, should be used more frequently.

The International Organization for Standardization has said a toilet that can be used without using a single roll of toilet paper or sanitary napkins should be considered the “gold standard” of toilet designs.

China has said it will soon adopt the new designs.

It is unclear when the designs will be used.

A Chinese official told reporters last month that toilets could start being used by the end of this year.

But there have been concerns about safety.

A Chinese newspaper reported that China’s water and sewer authorities had stopped using the new toilets in the southern city of Wuhan, which is home to the world’s largest urban sewer system.

In the U., the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is conducting a study on the safety of the new toilet designs, according to the U-S.

Agency for International Development.

An EPA spokeswoman told CNN in a statement the agency is working with other countries to evaluate the potential for public health benefits.

U.S.-China relations have been strained by China’s treatment of dissidents and its claims of building a new city in the South China Sea.

China and the United States have had diplomatic relations since 1945.

But they have clashed in recent years over China’s claims in the region and the use of U.s. military aircraft.

The water and sanitation problems in Wuhang and other cities in China’s Fujian province, home to Wuhuan, are expected as the first of several public health tests of the toilet designs to be done in China.

In an earlier report, the EPA said it planned to begin a pilot program in December to evaluate whether the new models could reduce waterborne disease.

The agency also said it would begin testing the new “floated” toilets in January 2019.