Why you should paint your nails white and ditch the grey

You don’t have to be a nail polish designer to design your nails to match your lifestyle. 

You can paint them as you like, and your friends and family will love them, too. 

There are several ways to achieve the look that is right for you, but here are a few simple ideas for choosing your nail polish to match.


Paint the outside with white nail polish: This is a great way to match the white of your nails.

The white paint will make your nails appear more natural and easy to clean. 


Choose a different color to highlight the nails: Use a different shade of nail polish or an all-white color. 

The colors of your choice will highlight the colors of the nails, creating a natural, organic look. 


Paint your nails with a metallic or shimmery color: It’s okay to use an all white color, but a metallic color can add a beautiful, metallic effect.

If you use glitter, make sure that it is glitter-free. 


Paint a simple design on your nails: This design can help make the nail look more natural.

You can paint the design to match you nail colors or create a new one. 


Paint over your nails and nail art: A nail art can be a beautiful way to show off your nails, or it can be an easy way to give your nails a little more personality. 


Paint to match shoes: Your shoes can be your best friend.

If you’re planning to do a little DIY, it can help to do some nail art to match those shoes. 


Create a new design to accent your nails or your shoes: You could try to make a design out of your favorite materials, or use a different design to add a touch of personality to your nails without any other design elements. 


Make a custom design out to your favorite shoe company: Create a custom nail art or design that you like to wear or wear it on your favorite pair of shoes.

You could paint over your own nail art and use the same design on them. 


Paint some of your nail art on a new color: If you want to paint your own designs on your nail nails, you can make some new designs for your nails using a different paint. 


Paint on some new design: The best way to get creative with your nail design is to paint on some of the design you’re working on.

You don and will look fabulous. 


Make an accent design: Make an accent nail design for your favorite band. 

This is another great way for a new look to come to life. 


Make something to make your eyes pop: Try making something to add to your eyes. 


Make some fun eye prints for your nail: Find some cute, fun, and creative designs to make you look different. 


Make your nails look like you’re having a great time: Add a sparkle to your design by adding some glitter. 


Paint and seal your nail designs: Get creative with these simple nail art tips to make them look more permanent and beautiful. 


Use a metallic nail polish and glitter to create a sparkly look: Using a metallic polish or glitter can add some personality to any design. 


Add a design to a design you already have: These designs can add interest and interest alone. 


Paint one of your design to make it pop and make your design pop: Just paint one of the designs to create the perfect effect. 


Make one of them to look like a character from a TV show: Make a design for yourself that you love, or make one for your friend to make something special for him or her. 


Paint something to look cute and cool on your foot: Paint something cute and fun to look cool on a foot or ankle. 


Add some fun to your designs with some glitter and glitter nail art designs: Try a glitter nail design or make a glitter glitter design.

This is a fun way to add some sparkle and personality to the design.


Make the design and nail designs match a certain shoe: Mix some fun colors and glitter in a nail design to create something cute. 


Create some fun design for a different shoe:You can create a design and design with a shoe for your next shoe. 


Paint glitter on a design that is meant to be worn: Just paint glitter nail polish on a nail that is intended to be wear. 


Create fun designs to fit a style or a look:You don’t need to spend much money on your designs to look fun on a shoe or dress. 


Create your own custom design