Tech startup swing design hires top talent from tech industry to design a new swing design

Tech startup Swing Design has hired some of the world’s top designers to help its design team make the design of the swing in its new design contest, Recode has learned.

The startup’s design team, which includes designers from the U.K. and Italy, was chosen to design the swing, a lightweight and flexible structure that is a “game changer for people walking around.”

The design team also includes a team of design engineers, who are responsible for making sure the design fits a variety of different body types, from young kids to older adults.

The company’s design is being developed with the aim of creating an inclusive, healthy, sustainable and affordable environment for its customers.

The company says the design can be customized to fit any height, from kids to grown-ups, and is designed to encourage flexibility and flexibility of movement.

“We’re really excited about this new opportunity,” said Swing Design CEO Simon Hix.

“There’s an incredible demand for our products in the community and we’re seeing incredible growth in our customers’ engagement with the products.

We’re also working with designers around the world to create products that are more inclusive.”

The contest is open to design teams from the world over, with the top 100 entries chosen for the Swing Design Design Contest, the company said in a press release.

The top 10 entries from the contest will also be featured on the Swing Designer website.

In addition to designing the swing’s body and the swinging system, Swing Design also created a custom website for the contest, which will include an interactive tutorial, as well as an infographic that shows the company’s progress.

Swing Design is also partnering with the Ulladulla Foundation, which provides free medical care for those living with disabilities.