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United Colours of Rhythmic Asymmetrical Cabinetry!

The Mogul thinks this is great!  There is relative safety in this design as it is developed around tried and tested materials and incorporates some popular 2011 design trends, like the split level worktop and asymmetry.
However the coloured units set in a rhythmic pattern on the left hand wall add warmth to the design drawing our eye towards the “Benetton Factor”.  It is almost as though the artist creating this picture had some vibrant paint accidently drip from their brush and in doing so they have created something unique!
Kitchens should be functional but they should also be fun!

More from IMM Cologne

A nice little white number by Nobilia.  Love the etched glass and symmetrical design….with an asymmetrical twist on the base units! 

Contemporary Temperature.

This design presents the eye with a vision of contemporary elegance, a reminder that it is okay to mix materials and door profiles in order create the correct contemporary temperature.  Some of us still get chills at the thought of contemporary kitchen design, remaining steadfast in the belief that natural materials are best, more wholesome and heart-warming. 
By introducing soft pastel colours and mixing high gloss white and oak shaker doors this design refuses to be categorised as classical or contemporary.  There is a great balance here offering a reassuring longevity to the design while still presenting a socially acceptable amount of kitchen fashion.  The white lacquered doors provide a trendy backdrop to the functional space and do not overpower the aesthetics.
The Mogul particularly loves how the tall units provide the design with depth, wrapping the corner with stylish storage space while remaining introverted and unobtrusive against the classical architecture. 

That’s SICK!

This kitchen is compact and trendy conjuring up thoughts of hedonistic luxury and causing those with a soft spot for design to salivate with tactile anticipation. 
The rich timber doors have been lovingly trimmed with stainless steel and the design is off set and brilliantly asymmetrical.   Using the machined splash back as a token balancer underneath the wall unit is great and creates the perfect spot for a decanter full of port!  The elevated hobs also give the slender stainless steel worktop a third dimension.
The Mogul feels that this kitchen would be well suited to a hip London club, the kind of place that attracts affluent, upwardly mobile clientele, the kind of people who would call this kitchen “sick” by way of a street cred complement!
This kitchen is cool….this kitchen is SICK!


There is only one event on the international design calendar that can deliver unparalleled excitement and anticipation to those who choose to comment on design.  Since rolling out in early 2011 this event has snowballed into a colossus of inspiration for designers, writers and anyone else for that matter who thinks that design is important and who cherish the vitality of new ideas and the freedom of subjective expression.  This event is called BLOGTOUR!!

Past events have brought together the best design and lifestyle bloggers from across the globe and dispatched them to key venues and events on both sides of the Atlantic, but it was the most recent destination for Blogtour that caught The Moguls eye. 

The Living Kitchen takes place in Cologne Germany and attracts some of the biggest names and brands in the kitchen industry including the likes of Miele, Axor and Blanco and provides a unique platform for companies like Du Verre Hardware who labour artisan skills and individuality into each and every one of their hand made products.  IMM in Cologne is a must for anyone interested in kitchen design and it is therefore exciting to see that Modenus has deemed it worthy of Blogtour!

The Mogul understands that Modenus has assembled a formidable field of international design and lifestyle commentators to cover this show but has decided to keep a special eye on all things Blogtour. The Mogul will ensure that nothing is missed and that every juicy morsel of kitchen design inspiration is savoured and devoured in the only way The Mogul knows how!!

Watch your back bloggers as The Mogul is shadowing you!!!

Earth Kitchen

Undisputedly contemporary in appearance this kitchen has some seriously understated presence.  The unorthodox use of polished brass and textured stone allows this kitchen to transcend the ages and exude some basic, primeval qualities!
The stone is just beautiful with an almost fluid texture that could be compared to shifting weather patterns above the earth.  This fluidity is matched by the strength and earthy power of engineered brass which caresses the stone in a reassuring embrace!
Great Design!  Fantastic Materials!

The Kitchen is Not Enough!

The Mogul is guessing that the ceiling has just separated to allow the fashionable, boxed extraction system to descend!!
Is this the perfect kitchen, for the perfect concrete bunker, for the perfect James Bond villain?

Functional Kitchen

The Mogul loves how the ovens have been left sitting on the worktop as though the fitting team has removed them from the packaging and forgotten to actually fit them.
The design looks brilliant but you have to question the amount of preparation space available within this design.  Remember; function is the foundation for kitchen design and there appears to be an intimate relationship developing between the cleaning and cooking zones here with a limited amount of space available to the right hand side of the hob. 
It could also be argued that the absent minded fitter should have placed the ovens closer to the end of the worktop giving the end user more, unbroken preparation space.  However, The Mogul would concede that by doing this the design would become less aesthetically appealing, so top marks to that aesthetically astute fitter!!  The end user might eat out a lot!
However this design does consider function as the designers have used a Blum Syncromotion Corner Drawer to utilise the full depth of the corner unit. 
Are commercially driven aesthetics now taking precedence over function?  The Mogul will let you be the judge!

Visual Experiment Kitchen

When reinventing kitchen design you have to be prepared to accept a little criticism, after all, we always fear what we don’t know and question what is unfamiliar.  So your knee jerk reaction to this design might be to think that it is too white, too clinical, to jumbled and too abstract!  Oh yea…and there isn’t enough worktop!
However, The Mogul believes that this is an exceptional attempt to re-pour the mould, offering a visual experiment that uses light and shadow to animate the design.  The appearance of this kitchen will change throughout the day as natural light arch’s across the space and imagine what would happen if you integrated some coloured lighting. 
There is a real disrespect for symmetry here with the design flaunting affection for multi layered height and depth; and by appreciating asymmetry the designer has created some interestingly, functional niches! 
This is not the kitchen your Mother had, but introduce the smell of freshly baked buns and some intimate, personal conversations and this piece of abstract functional art will evoke the same securities as the kitchen you remember as a child!
Kitchen Design is changing!

The Kitchen – A Divine Architectural Intervention!

Can you define where the kitchen stops and the architecture begins?  This design uses a seamless embrace to create a contemporary architectural unity that is disguised amid pastel colours and warming textures! 
The sequencing of layers creates drama within the design right from plinth to ceiling level allowing the designers to explore texture, colour, form and light to maximum effect.
The scale of the room is impressive and The Mogul is convinced that the brief suggested that the entire house should become the kitchen reducing the need or desire to visit any other room. 
The architecture has been absorbed by the kitchen and has been granted a vital role in delivering the Holy Grail of kitchen design;  A kitchen that is both contemporary and safe, providing a wow for now and design longevity into the future.
This design also displays a trend for 2012!  Polished chrome detailing mixed with wood veneer and paint! 
Hats off here because this kitchen is divine!!