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Biological interpretation of light

Chromatics is the science of colour which tries to understand the subjective interpretation of visible light.  The ability of the human eye to distinguish colors is based upon the varying sensitivity of different cells in the retina to light of different wavelengths.  It can therefore be said that colour preferences are not based solely on acquired taste but that these personal inclinations are influenced by genetics!
The modern kitchen has become an influential melting pot of ideas that encompass cultural attitudes to art and design.  The kitchen has become a functional mannequin that can be dressed in cheap, colourful or expensive clothes fitting the client preferences perfectly and influencing architecture and interior design!
How do you see your kitchen?  Functional workspace, or a biological, socially influenced interpretation of light?

Ark of the Covenant Kitchen

The modern kitchen can no longer be described as being fitted!  It has become an important independent influence over its surroundings, becoming detached from architecture and a sea of interior design, the modern contemporary kitchen has actually become an island!
And why not!  The popularity of open plan living has allowed kitchen designers to explore their imagination and discover new ways of providing functional style solutions.  Designing a modern kitchen is like creating a freestanding, independent sculpture of function, a quietly imposing statement of personal style and taste.  When you are not restricted by the architecture you can create anything….you can play with shapes, colours and lighting  allowing the building to become the backdrop to your creation, a stage onto which you have poured your knowledge and expertise for your ever appreciative clients.
So the kitchen island now comes in all shapes and forms and this T-shaped design is certainly one that catches the eye.  It has all the required “jaw dropping” elements to impress guests.  The beautiful stainless steel central spine supports the gravity defying cabinetry and presents an inspiring work area that doubles up as a social hot-spot.  The chamfered worktop edge meets the cabinetry with sublime precision and the extractor looms overhead like rigging at a rock concert!  The stage is now set for the main event and a powerful performance by the chef!  And just like most touring rock bands this kitchen comes with an emblem, a logo that is powerful enough to be placed on the Ark of the Covenant, inspiring thousands of followers!
This is a fantastic kitchen!

Pet Shop Boys Kitchen

The Mogul always appreciates something new and this concept certainly causes us to rethink things a little.
This compact and functional kitchen would be perfectly suited to the interior architecture of the Star ship Enterprise or would be the perfect functional prop on the abstract stage set at a Pet Shop Boys concert.  However just like Electropop this kitchen will not be universally accepted, instead it may find a limited following of open minded, artistically influenced individuals who may wear base ball caps and futuristic clothing!
Our approach to everything must change for this design to become main stream. 
Love it!

Earth, Wind and Fire Kitchen

Nature is an inspiration, an awe inspiring portfolio of design perfection which can exude a quiet influence over the refined disciplines of architecture, fashion and interior design. 
Powerful natural elements like wind and water can inspire designers to express themselves in an exceptional way, reaching beyond the norm and delivering something which can enrich the senses. 
The extended curve of this island design exudes the flexibility of canvas which arcs and moves with the wind.   The inviting and sensually smooth ebony curve reaches a refined climax by cutting though inherited design perceptions like a bow though the waves.
There is real beauty in this design and an understated appreciation of feminine charm! 
The Mogul loves this one.

Monochrome Master Piece

The Mogul thinks that this image is great.  The understated colour within the kitchen invites a dynamic interaction with the natural light coming from the long bank of glass doors, making the kitchen change its appearance at different times of the day. 
The kitchen has been seamlessly integrated into the architecture along the back wall and the overall room is given a vibrancy though the clever placement of colourful artwork!  Kitchen, nature and interior design are amplifiers for each other giving this space a great feel! 
Really nice Job!

Cigar Smoke and Bikinis!

Stepping from your Learjet onto the melting tarmac and moving towards your air conditioned limo you long to get settled in your high roller Vegas suite! 
The Mogul believes that this is a fitting introduction for this little gem!  A kitchen that oozes opulence and a style that is more in keeping with a 1970’s mobster movie!  You can almost visualise the flared trousers, big lapels and scantily clad hostesses moving through this space!  There is everything here to impress, exquisite wood veneers, stainless steel, high gloss lacquers and mirrored panels, everything except thick cigar smoke and brandy! 
The Mogul loves this modern “step back in time” design and particularly how the veneered walnut panels along the back wall drop at various heights to meet the arsenal of modern appliances.  This stepping feature is great and gives the design an extra layer.  Notice also how the kitchen moulds itself into the space with tall concave doors making that effortless transition from kitchen to wall panelling on either side of the party evoking coolers!!
The tall ceilings, stepped floors and dropped lighting all add to the WOW effect!  The Mogul approves as kitchen, architecture, lighting and interior design have merged to create a fantastic space!

Kitchen Garden

There is a little bit of everything in this design; seamless architectural integration, soothing holistic elements and an empathetic unity between interior and exterior design.
Coloured light is a powerful medium with the ability to sooth the soul, providing warmth to any design.  The reflective stainless steel overhang and white surfaces on the island allow the light to move around the room and provide a prelude to the fantastic exterior backdrop.  
The integration with the garden area is seamless and the breakfast bar acts as a visual runway leading onto an external garden path.   The sight lines are connected and so too is the carefully thought out lighting.
The Mogul loves this one!

Grow your own kitchen

Who said that kitchen design was simple!  Not only are the best designers considering functionality, interior design, architecture, technology, sociability and individual style preferences but they are also doing their bit for the planet and bringing the outdoors, indoors!
This kitchen comes complete with a versatile herb garden which can be removed if necessary.  The design uses state of the art LED technology to promote photosynthesis, encouraging the growth of your kitchen garden. 
It could be argued that this unique feature provides a holistic element to the design offering the ultimate personal satisfaction to green fingered clients and adding the colour and fragrances of nature into your own personal space.  That has to be good, with the successful garden encouraging a sense of achievement and calm! 

Future Proofed Kitchen

The drive towards the kitchens harmonious integration into our architectural living space continues!  This rendered design uses a monochrome palette to great effect giving the kitchen only enough definition to be noticed and offering continuity to the storage units within the living room.
Future dwellings may not be defined by rooms but instead by the amount of open space that the interior architect can play with.  The future kitchen designer will make the internal walls functional, integrating everything and utilizing ever inch of floor space.  Offering un-structural room definition encourages a future proofed, design fluid environment that can be easily changed or manipulated without the need for serious structural work.
The Mogul has said it before…Kitchen Design is Changing!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow!

This kitchen design is so incredibly powerful that it actually exudes its own blue aurora.  This is a triumph of kitchen influence as neither architecture nor interior design will ever be able to overpower the stature of this heavenly creation.
The Island is obviously the centre piece of the entire design and its unrestricted form flows outwardly from the sink area.  It is as though one single droplet of water has fallen from the tap and upon making contact with the island top has caused an undulating ripple effect which moves outwards and away from the functional epicentre of the design.  
It could be argued that this island design has been inspired by nature as the heavy set worktop reminds The Mogul of snow which has yet to succumb to the fluid, water like, softer geometry below.  The soft LED lighting bathing the floor and the ceiling also brings the end of the rainbow right into this architectural space.
There are many kitchen designers working today who have the artistic ability and functional vision to create a kitchen like this but it is clear that many of The Mogul’s readers never get to meet clients with deep enough pockets! 
This is an exceptional kitchen design and The Mogul is impressed!