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Closet Kitchen

Imagine that you have never seen or used a kitchen before, imagine that the kitchen design rule book has been thrown out the window and you now have an opportunity to design a kitchen that functions well and looks beautiful.  Would you create something like this?

This design has all the influence of new age kitchen design and illustrates perfectly how the kitchen is now the focal point of our home lives.  The modern kitchen has “come out” of its architectural closet and now enjoys prancing around our home demanding our adoration. 
The modern kitchen is no longer classified as an ineffective series of air filled boxes covering every possible inch of wall space; kitchens are now smaller, detached from the floor, asymmetrically balanced and designed with finesse and artistic flair.  There is now great attention to hidden detail which gives the kitchen confidence to subtly dominate our living space.  
This design is brilliant and The Mogul would be happy with all of the elements seen here being included on page one of the new kitchen design manual.  The question is….where does kitchen design go from here?  The Mogul is not telling you yet!

The Mogul Passes Judgment on the Kevin McCloud Debate!

Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud has angered the kitchen industry by openly criticising the relative value of furniture at different ends of the market saying it’s all the same!  In his book “43 Principles of Home” he says:  “Frankly, the best made kitchens in the world are still ‘carcassed out’ using orientated strand board, chipboard or plywood. Structurally, there’s a negligible difference in quality between the £5,000 kitchen and its £50,000 equivalent.”  Below you will read The Mogul’s thoughts on this issue: (source KBB Review)
“The Kevin McCloud debate is a positive process for the kitchen industry because it is making us take a serious look at ourselves!  We all know how the cost of materials and overheads can vary, and that these factors will cause serious product price differences; but what value is given to the intellectual property of the designer?

This debate overlaps with the ongoing issue of kitchen and bathroom design quality in the UK and charging for it accordingly.   This healthy debate has started a process whereby the true value of any kitchen should be evaluated at its source; with the intellectual input and skill of the designer.

The kitchen and bathroom industry has historically fumbled with the notion that there is a value to good design and designers being rewarded for their efforts!  Skilled bespoke kitchen designers can look at each project as a piece of functional art so surely this should be given a higher value than a mass produced product sold from a pre-manufactured check list!

It’s not just about being a celebrity designer either, as there are thousands of unseen designers working in this country, putting their heart and soul into every project and not being rewarded for it!  If something is designed well, it will work well for longer and give the user greater satisfaction and value for money, even if the product was a little more expensive to begin with!!”

Oh yea, one last point!  Top marks to McCloud’s marketing people who have pulled off a master stroke here by enrolling the entire KBB Industry as spin doctors for his new book! What do they say; any publicity is good publicity!!  
To see the full debate please visit the KBB Review website

Please feel free to give The Mogul your throughts.

Kitchen Specimen

It is argued that the kitchen has become the focal point of the home, the ultimate functional and architectural style influencer, the provider of family sustenance and the catalyst for human interaction. 
It could be imagined that this mantle of responsibility needs an imposing kitchen superstructure in order to dominate the space and the humans who live within it.  But sometimes small and understated can be equally as powerful as carefully chosen words spoken softly. 
The focus of this design is not its size but instead the quality, precision and focus of the design.  If this design had been manufactured in a different material it would not have had the same presence.  Using stainless steel gives this kitchen all the industrial authority of a precision tool and it modest size only makes the onlooker more curious about its potential!
The gravity defying cantilever provides a social twist to the design and adds the appropriate amount of aesthetical contrast. 
This petite kitchen which is beautifully perched in an understated pose would certainly have its functional limitations if you were keen on  throwing dinner parties but if you were well prepared it could still do the job. 
This is a truly beautiful kitchen specimen but The Mogul can’t help feeling that the casters, however functional, detract from the design, giving this residential kitchen a hospital catering feel!

Kitchen – A Design Parasite

In the beginning we created fire; harnessing a seemly uncontrollable element that had the power to transform our primeval diet and stimulate basic sociability. 
The pace of kitchen evolution has been driven by a human desire to do things better, quicker and more efficiently, that is why the modern kitchen has become a console of communication built upon a foundation of function.  This concept by Toncelli illustrates the power and influence of modern kitchen design.  
If we simply wore clothes there would be no fashion, if we had stayed at home there would be no cars and if the kitchen was just for cooking we wouldn’t have designs like this!  Featuring an impressive interactive, translucent worktop complete with Samsung tablet technology this design redefines kitchen function by fusing cutting edge interactive technology with primary functionality. 
The kitchen is evolving into a design parasite, absorbing furniture, technology and architecture in a way which could make these elements surplus to requirement.  But will the integration of interactive consoles of communication within the kitchen environment lead to a reduction in the type of one to one communication required to make our society work and which ultimately helped to shape our primitive fireside society at the beginning of time?!   Only time will tell!

High speed aerodynamic kitchen design!

Lately there have been many parallels drawn between the automotive and kitchen industry as both of the products created are functional, aspirational, driven by fashion and provide an immediate insight into the owners personal style choices and social position.  But the type of car you drive does not normally influence the architectural design of the garage it sits in; the same can be said of the modern kitchen. 
This design showcases how, like the car, the kitchen is totally independent from the surrounding architecture, becoming a functional and artistic centre piece to the modern home.  And it is obvious by looking at this concept that kitchen designers are now exploring some of the more fluid forms and shapes usually introduced to aid high speed aerodynamics….possibly to keep up with the pace of modern life!
Lovely job!!

Intergalactic Kitchen Design

Resembling a lunar landing module this compact kitchen will allow any would-be astronaut to enjoy the pleasures of home cooking while exploring the far reaches of the galaxy.
No matter what the aesthetics, architectural or planetary backdrop, if you introduce some human animation and some gastronomic aromas you’ve got yourself a homely kitchen!!

Animated Design

If space is tight you might want to consider something like this as the “hub of your home”.  This futuristic kitchen transformer offers function, sociability and style in equal measure.  The texture and colours of this progressive concept give it a soft appearance, almost foam like!  Very child friendly!
This is yet another example of how the kitchen has become detached and removed from the surrounding architecture.  The kitchen can now be defined as an island. 
Traditionally the kitchen was imprisoned in the corner of a room, but now, with the help of forward thinking members of the design community clients are learning to celebrate the beauty of this important functional furniture!  The modern kitchen is now placed centre stage in our domestic drama! 
Having the main player transform at the whim of its user only adds to the experience, offering animation and giving the design the required wow factor!
The Mogul Approves!

Architectural Kitchen Designer

Historically the kitchen played second fiddle to the architecture with kitchen designers finding their avenues of self expression restricted by steel and concrete.  But increasingly the kitchen designer is being invited into the limelight by the architect and the client and providing architectural definition within their designs. 
This kitchen illustrates the point perfectly as the bulk framing around this design showcase how future architects may only be required to present the client with a cavernous space so that the “newly appreciated” kitchen designer can work a little magic, giving the client a highly versatile piece of functional artwork.   Having internal structures created in this way also means that the inner space is more flexible and more easily adaptable to the changing personal and demographical circumstances within the home over the years to come.
We are entering the age of multi-discipline respect and communication, the age of the architectural kitchen designer.