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Visual Experiment Kitchen

When reinventing kitchen design you have to be prepared to accept a little criticism, after all, we always fear what we don’t know and question what is unfamiliar.  So your knee jerk reaction to this design might be to think that it is too white, too clinical, to jumbled and too abstract!  Oh yea…and there isn’t enough worktop!
However, The Mogul believes that this is an exceptional attempt to re-pour the mould, offering a visual experiment that uses light and shadow to animate the design.  The appearance of this kitchen will change throughout the day as natural light arch’s across the space and imagine what would happen if you integrated some coloured lighting. 
There is a real disrespect for symmetry here with the design flaunting affection for multi layered height and depth; and by appreciating asymmetry the designer has created some interestingly, functional niches! 
This is not the kitchen your Mother had, but introduce the smell of freshly baked buns and some intimate, personal conversations and this piece of abstract functional art will evoke the same securities as the kitchen you remember as a child!
Kitchen Design is changing!

Ceiling Kitchen

Here is an interesting idea; why not have your kitchen integrated into the ceiling.  This design by David Oelschlägel + Henrike Louisa Binder from Germany utilizes the space above head height as storage.  
The bucket lights have been designed to have storage space included, useful for small consumable and non-consumable items that would normally be stored in base units.  Once you have finished using the bucket to retrieve the required items you simply pull it down a few centimeters and it goes back up to its original position.
This idea is certainly more concept than mainstream but it does highlight the fact that there is a lot of un-used space above head height, normally allocated for lighting fixtures.  In the future, if living space becomes more limited we may have to consider using this space in a transforming fashion in order to make our living environments more comfortable.  However, there is also the possibility that doing this will create a claustrophobic environment that will discourage a sense of calm and well being within those who occupy the environment.
The Mogul encourages all things new!

Pale into Insignificance!

This design is striking because it has potential to pale into insignificance.  There is a deliberate lack of contrast in this image that dissolves some of the best features so much that they are in danger of not being noticed at all.
The kitchen itself is striking, creating an unusual blend of crisp linear lines and softer geometry.  The kitchen doors are thick and wide with a polished lacquer finish which gives the design a contemporary edge, but this edge has been blunted by the introduction of a scooped, raised panel profile which is reminiscent of a more traditional door shape.  Add to this some quadrant posts a curved breakfast bar area and splash back and the blended look is complete.  The Contemporary Classic style is emphasised further by the kitchen being framed with classical architecture and resting on a beautiful herring bone floor!
If you look really closely you will see some really nice lighting above the island!  More contrast may be required though to make these features shine!

Monolithic Functionality

The palate here is crisp and futuristic delivering an immediate visual experience.   There is presence to this design with sharp stainless steel edges contrasting strongly against the surroundings. 
The cabinetry backdrop is absorbed by the architecture and the resulting solidarity of colour gives the monolithic functionality even greater authority.
Duel islands are certainly trending at the moment and this is a fine example of what can be achieved! 
The Mogul loves the spiral staircase!!

The Elephant and the Daisy!

Okay there is allowing the kitchen to be absorbed into the surrounding architecture and there is losing the opportunity to actually have a kitchen!  This idea is forward thinking but it could be seen as a little naive! 
The idea of the kitchen transformer is one that has been explored by lots of designers in many different ways but this particular creation lacks soul.  The Mogul can appreciate how this design could be considered to be a piece of contemporary art but feels it might be stretching it a little to actually describe this design as a commercially viable kitchen. 
Seeing the outline of the kitchen on the wall would eventually irritate The Mogul….if the kitchen is going to disappear into the wall it would be nice not to have such a strong reminder of its presence.  The Mogul would even argue that having an island in the centre of the room with transforming elements and subtle lighting may be less obvious than this kitchen, which while in the standby position gives away its position like an elephant hiding behind a daisy!
There is also the little issue of creating the architectural void into which the kitchen will slide!
It is great to see individual designers trying to come up with new ways of expressing kitchen design and although The Mogul has voiced an opinion, concepts can be fine tuned and become revolutionary.

Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum Kitchen!

This simplistic design is futuristically inspired to the point that it has been given its own protective force field.  This buffering layer wraps itself around the functional core like a piece of Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum, adding huge aesthetic interest to the design and even providing tasty voids and shelves that could be practically optimised and even individually personalised.
There is pod like feeling to this kitchen because the functional segments are independent, detached from each other, being characterised by soft curved edges.  The outer wrap amplifies the soft edges further by capturing all of the independent elements together, making them whole and visually united.
This design is also crying out for some atmospheric back lighting, a colour changing element that allows for mood reactions and human control.  The spacing between the outer wrapping element and the functional core would be more intensely showcased if the space between could glow red and then blue and then yellow…a dimmer would also be good – providing ultimate control!
A simple but brilliant design!

The Orb!

The Mogul is unsure about this design!  From a positive standpoint you have to see this as a bold and deliberate attempt to make kitchen design progressive, more artistic and generally more interesting.  The abstract breakfast bar shape casts a futuristic shadow against the compact and relatively neutral kitchen. 
This significant design feature displays integrated lighting; surface orbs of various sizes which add a quirky interest to the concept.  All of this is brilliant and should be highly commended but is it possible that this fantastic feature and its particular placement could become a functional obstruction to the cabinetry placed above and below.  The Mogul will let you decide if a balance between artistic expression and function has been achieved!

Hell hath no fury like a kitchen designer scorned!

If you doubt the power and influence of modern kitchen design then The Mogul will be forced to unleash an implement of persuasion! 
This powerful design comes complete with medieval racking to tenderise the flesh of the unconverted and has optional surgical lighting to closely examine the impact of kitchen purification!  It even comes complete with Braille cabinetry which could reveal powerful three dimensional secrets of the true origins and unseen future of modern kitchen design! 
This kitchen by Alfredo Haberli for Schiffini throws the book at unbelievers, those who have cast a shadow upon the discipline of kitchen design!  Be warned!  Hell hath no fury like a kitchen designer scorned!

Beyond Primary Use!

You are either using your kitchen or you’re not!  This simple fact is now playing a big part in kitchen design with morphing concepts being developed every day, allowing the kitchen to cater for our every whim and expectation.
Some transformations are spectacular, outrageously automated, creating talking points and social envy while others can be created by gently introducing mood lighting and atmosphere.
No matter what your budget or style it is important to think about how your kitchen will interact with you and your family when you are not actually using it to prepare meals.  Will this important functional space promote a sense of calm, will it provide an opportunity for informal conversation and will it exude the essence of your own personal style?
Functionality lays the foundations for kitchen design but the layers and options beyond primary use are endless!

See the light!

We all demand a little luxury from time to time, the ability to switch off from the daily grind and experience an indulgence of pleasure, gratifying all five of our senses and allowing us to feel revitalised and refreshed. 
In the field of kitchen design there is mounting pressure on designers to create not just a functional space that caters for every requirement, but to create a breathtaking, interactive experience for the user. 
Modern luxury kitchens must have a Zen like quality, the ability to promote calm and offer mood setting control to the fortunate owner.  There is no better way of doing this than to integrate some lighting into the design.
Design Republic came up with this design which has all the quality hallmarks that can make the mouth water without the smell of food!  This design embraces interactive LED lighting in a powerful way and in some of the images the impact almost appears overpowering, allowing the kitchen to transform into a nightclub!  But isn’t this what we all want?  A controllable, adaptable space, which can be a kitchen by day and a social hub by night?!
Owning such an example of functional sensory extravagance can bring with it (comes in a separate box) a quiet satisfaction that you have something different!  There is the opportunity to wallow in the social adoration that will be bestowed upon you by friends and family as you demonstrate how the new kitchen works.  And in a kitchen like this you will find that the owner will not choose to demonstrate their new fan assisted oven, this will present an opportunity for a lighting show!
Kitchen design is all about identifying needs and challenging the norm.  This design is exceptional for loads of different reasons but it is a shame that many designers never ever get to meet clients with deep enough pockets to release their imaginations like this!
Great Job!