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Earth Kitchen

Undisputedly contemporary in appearance this kitchen has some seriously understated presence.  The unorthodox use of polished brass and textured stone allows this kitchen to transcend the ages and exude some basic, primeval qualities!
The stone is just beautiful with an almost fluid texture that could be compared to shifting weather patterns above the earth.  This fluidity is matched by the strength and earthy power of engineered brass which caresses the stone in a reassuring embrace!
Great Design!  Fantastic Materials!

The Kitchen is Not Enough!

The Mogul is guessing that the ceiling has just separated to allow the fashionable, boxed extraction system to descend!!
Is this the perfect kitchen, for the perfect concrete bunker, for the perfect James Bond villain?

Functional Kitchen

The Mogul loves how the ovens have been left sitting on the worktop as though the fitting team has removed them from the packaging and forgotten to actually fit them.
The design looks brilliant but you have to question the amount of preparation space available within this design.  Remember; function is the foundation for kitchen design and there appears to be an intimate relationship developing between the cleaning and cooking zones here with a limited amount of space available to the right hand side of the hob. 
It could also be argued that the absent minded fitter should have placed the ovens closer to the end of the worktop giving the end user more, unbroken preparation space.  However, The Mogul would concede that by doing this the design would become less aesthetically appealing, so top marks to that aesthetically astute fitter!!  The end user might eat out a lot!
However this design does consider function as the designers have used a Blum Syncromotion Corner Drawer to utilise the full depth of the corner unit. 
Are commercially driven aesthetics now taking precedence over function?  The Mogul will let you be the judge!

A Test Kitchen!

What do you see here?  Is this a kitchen, a piece of art or is this the blatant exposure of functional kitchen zones?  Each independent zone has a relationship to the other and can be universally configured to the meet the requirements of any individual. 
This kitchen is a test, a means of establishing what is important to you!  Would you choose this kitchen because it is art or dismiss it because it is unconventional? 
The answer you choose will have been determined long before the question was asked by considering how you were raised as a child and the social environment in which you now live. 
Who said that kitchen design wasn’t interesting!

High Horse!

When products work well you can take them for granted not noticing their efficiency or the level of convenience they offer.  However, if a problem arises it can become an iconic irritation in your life.  A dread that plays on your mind; a regret that can destroy your decision making confidence! 
Imagine this scenario, you get up every morning for work, get dressed, have your breakfast and go outside only to find that your car won’t start!  Would you begin to regret buying it!   Probably!  And each morning, even after you have had it fixed you would still question its reliability and your own ability to make purchasing decisions!  So imagine how irritating it would be to find that even before you make it to your un-reliable car, your kitchen decides to let you down as well!
Every kitchen design, no matter how artistic and aesthetically pleasing should have a natural flow, an unspoken pattern that assists the user.  The positioning of the sink and hob tops in this design means that the user must walk around the island every time they want to use the ovens or collect produce from the consumables zone.  An island should create an opportunity to assist functionality but in this instance it has become an obstacle! 
Bad functional design will soon become an unbelievable frustration soon after the social joy of having a new kitchen has faded.  It is so important to invest in good kitchen design because it has the ability to enhance your life….and if you have invested in good design…you probably haven’t even noticed!

Kitchen Design Evolution! A New Beginning!

The search is on for a contemporary kitchen that will evolve past the flat expanses of uniform glossy panels; and that is why kitchen designers at the leading edge of the industry are now exploring angular definitions.  Contemporary kitchen design is mutating and the process is beginning to deliver the next generation of kitchens.
These new designs are loosely built upon the flat linear lines that made contemporary kitchen design such an unstoppable commercial freight train, but now designers are adding some subtle punctuation to their designs.
The use of depth, height and colour variation allows the popular linear appearance to stay, but it is now re-energised to create a completely new look.  Higher cabinetry sections become functional pods whilst lower sections blend more easily into a living space.  Key functional elements can appear less obvious because the viewer is distracted by aesthetical variations within the design. 
By becoming more intensely scrutinised, kitchen designers are now beginning to deliver a product that is respected for its complexity and quite simply, its design!   

Cool Contemporary Elegance

There is some very cool contemporary elegance on display here.  A kitchen that just oozes superior style and that has avoided being clearly categorised! 
The designers have resisted the urge to create a clear boundary between the kitchen and the open plan living space by not including an island.  Placing a long island in the foreground with the tall units, appliances and shelving behind, would have created a more condensed and potentially more efficient working environment; but as it sits the island becomes a peninsula and the working environment is extremely open!  This open access feel presents a different approach, diluting the appearance of the kitchen and allowing the open plan space to gel.  Traditional room definition has been removed, being replaced with a free flowing, social environment; in many ways achieving this can be seen as the Holy Grail of contemporary kitchen design! 
However the Mogul would question several design features.  Firstly the housing provided for the fridge…has this been left bigger to provide the user with universal options?  Secondly, why have the ovens been placed so far away from the cooking zone (hob)?  Is it to accommodate the perfect aesthetic placement of the candelabra?  And lastly….How do you reach the top shelf?!  Stand on the worktop?

Life is Functional Art!

This kitchen may well give you chills, the kind of uneasy feeling you get when nervously waiting your turn, able to hear the whirring of the dentist’s drill through the door!  The sanitised nature of this design is prepped for carnage with physical comfort taking second place to artistic preference.
This kitchen is exposed and bare, an artistic and functional mannequin that is waiting to be dressed.  Natural materials and textures have been removed making the design appear cold and clinical.  But is the harshness of this design the very point, the reason it should be celebrated?
This kitchen may work for some, those who like to step beyond the norm, who feel that fashion and art should be functional, becoming integrated into everyday life.  But for many this design lacks the mass social acceptance and physical warmth that mainstream kitchen design offers.   
However, The Mogul feels that this kitchen is a showcase, a shining example of how kitchen design has become much more than the physical facilitator of basic human need.  Kitchen design now delivers on many levels with fashion and art becoming seamlessly integrated into the best designs.

Narnia Kitchen

This design embraces openness, showcasing a willingness to share its inner most contents through the medium of open shelves, while at the same time having the ability to harbour a secret indulgence in a Narnia concealing corner larder!
The island stands out as an artistic indulgence with the circular drum acting as a contrasting counter weight to the entire design and providing an interesting platform for culinary and social exchange.
The Mogul loves this design and can see influences from several quarters.  One being more dominant than the rest!!  The client!
Great Job!

Terminator Kitchen

Stainless steel is an alloy, a combination of metals that become fused together when exposed to high temperature.  The functional elements of this super hot design are so seamlessly integrated into the work surface and their fusion may well have taken place while the metal was in a liquid state.  But just as the T-1000 terminator was made from liquid metal this design shows some similar weaknesses!
Is it possible that this shining example if precision engineering has forgotten its functional obligations and that functionality has been compromised in order to achieve artistic perfection? 
The cooking and cleaning zones are the most dynamic functional elements of any kitchen but here we see that an important storage area has been replaced with fresh air with the user being required to travel away from this island hot zone to gather the non-consumable items needed for cooking.  And although not visible in the image is it possible that an exposed sink and waste system could compromise the free floating appearance of this design?
A kitchen is a diverse product which is influenced not only by its primary functional obligations but also the complexity of the human spirit.  Designs like this one look beyond the norm and allows kitchen design to rub shoulders with art and fashion.
Life is about compromise and personal love so why not express these sentiments in the next kitchen you own.